Why do Guinea pigs lick hands

The owners are charming animals often notice that the pet, appearing on the hands, starts to lick her fingers.Therefore, it is recommended to wash hands thoroughly before contact with animals.

Guinea pig licks hands when he wants to convey to the owner that she needed something

When it is necessary to change conditions of detention

In some cases, if the pet licks hands, it means that he's not comfortable or something is missing.

The lack of salt in stone cells

Human skin has a salty taste, and the rodent gets the lack of salt by licking the palm and fingers.


Animal can inform and stress or fear. Loud noise and sharp sound can scare the animal, which entails licking the owner. Also he can show that he does not like how or where his stroke. Last option is – rodent wants to go back in the cage to eat or go to the toilet.

It is necessary to consider the surrounding factors in situations where the Guinea pig you've been paying attention in this way. Add the salt stone, to evaluate the likelihood of stress. Eating these causes are eliminated, it remains simply to enjoy a favorite.

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Video: Guinea pig licks the hand of the hostess

Why do Guinea pigs lick hands
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