Popcorning in Guinea pigs

Features rodents manage to surprise even the most experienced breeders and newcomers come to a screeching halt, trying to figure out why a Guinea pig jumps, twitches and shakes his head.

Faced with such behavior, inexperienced owners are horrified, I suspect rabies and other incurable diseases.

Understand what constitutes the behavior of the animal and whether there are good reasons for panic.


Crazy jumps in the cage – not a cause for concern, and cause for joy.After the expansion of the rodents quickly calm down and fall into deep sleep to regenerate spent force.

After the rush of power comes a deep sleep

The causes of crazy races

In an attempt to unravel why the pet jumps up, performing thrilling stunts, remember recent events, please the pig:

  • receiving treats or a new portion of hay with a fragrant scent;
  • the opportunity to walk outside the usual conditions and other amenities, depending on the characteristics of the particular animal.

IMPORTANT! Popcorning in Guinea pigs is contagious! If the "seizures" began one animal, it will soon catch up and the rest. Don't worry, because the happy hormone prolongs life.

If none of these actions were not committed, then think about the convenience of content pet. Cramped, devoid of extra space for your games, literally crushes the animal, depriving him of the opportunity to stretch your legs. Over time, the lack of activity leads to races in one place.

Try to change the house into a large living space containing tunnels, a wheel and other toys.

Similar cases requiring medical diagnosis

Please note that the actions performed by popcorning similar to the symptoms of some diseases:

  1. Blood-sucking parasites (ticks, fleas). If the animal scratches on all items in the cell, and its coat loses its usual Shine and begins to fall, consult the vet. Infection with larvae may occur via hay.
  2. Helminth infestation. A sharp mass loss and the appearance of specks in the stool is a warning signs of helminthiasis. To see eggs or adults is not difficult, so be sure to check the stool of the pet.
  3. Diseases of the teeth. If the pig runs around and tries to gnaw at the bars – it means she has problems with the cutters. Be sure to take the pet to the clinic to rule out problems with the stones or abnormal growth of the root of the teeth.

Video: popcorning in Guinea pigs


Funny somersaults performed small Pets in a state of joyful euphoria to ensure the quality of life of a beloved animal. Periodic performance is the best demonstration of happiness, proving the care of the owner.

For the safety of the Guinea pig, examine her status at the time of next outburst, and make sure she's all right, eliminating disturbing symptoms.

Popcorning in Guinea pigs
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