The weight and size of Guinea pigs

The structure of the body decorative kawie different from the wild counterparts of width and roundness forms.The dynamics control parameters and comparison with the norm helps to monitor the health of the pet.

Periods of growing up

Conventionally, the life of the pig can be divided into 4 stages. Rules for weight and size can differ for different breeds, and on the dynamics of development common to all members of the species.

Life stages:

  • childhood 0-3 months;
  • youth — 3 months — 1.5 years;
  • maturity of 1.5 — 5.5 years;
  • age from 6 years.

For baby period is characterized by intensive growth. The average weight of a newborn kawii 50-140, the Effect on the parameters having the age of the mother, the conditions during pregnancy, the number of young in a litter. Generally larger than those animals that were born first of the litter.

The babies Guinea pigs are born quite large with fur and with open eyes

How much should weigh a certain pig in 2 weeks, you can determine doubling her weight on the first day.

By the fifth week, the growth of a Guinea pig reaches 19 inches. Age well suited for acquiring a pet. By this time, the animals are fully prepared for separation from the mother.

Puberty girls reach about 30 day boys to 70-in. Animals show interest in individuals of the opposite sex and physically able to reproduce. The body of rodents is still not fully developed, therefore, mating at such a young age is not recommended.

In youth the animal begins to show interest in the opposite sex. At 3 months the difference in body size between rodents of different sexes becomes pronounced. The weight can exceed indicators of the newborn Piglet 10 times.

The formation of the body ends in the 6th month. The animal is ready to performance of reproductive functions. The growth rate is reduced.

The male in weight and size larger than females

Rodent becomes an adult individual with 15 months. To achieve these kawii years growing up and gaining mass. An adult Guinea pig should weigh at least 700 grams.

The average lifespan of a Guinea pig is 6-8 years. With 4 years in the body begin age-related changes. To 6-year life of the Guinea pig may begin to lose weight. Disturbed reproductive function, problems arise with absorption of nutrients. Aging affects the appearance, the fur and mobility.

To what size grows Guinea pig

The table below shows the approximate dimensions of a healthy kavii, according to age. Comparing the parameters of the pet with the normal values should be considered with the specifics of his breed and individual characteristics.

The average table growth standards

Age The length of the body
about weeks 8-9,5 cm
2 weeks 10-12 cm
3 weeks 14-15 cm
5 weeks 16-20 cm
7 weeks 21-23 cm
1 year 24-25 cm
15 months 27-35 cm

The record sizes are rodents breed kui. These Guinea pigs grow to the size of 1.5-2 times the average body length 50 cm, weight about 4 kg.

The growth of the adult stops at 1.5 years of life. By this age, weighs the Guinea pig of most species is less than 2 kg. Females are gaining 700-1200 g, and males 1000 — 1800 body Length does not exceed 35 cm.

Table of weights of Guinea pigs by months

Age Body weight (grams)
about weeks 50-120
0.5 month 90-180
1 month 145-240
1.5 months 200-300
2 months 350-400
3 months 500-700
6 months 650-800
1 year 800-1000
15 months 900-1500

The weight of an adult Guinea pig stable. Sudden changes of the parameters are alarming and require consultation with a veterinarian. Regular weighing and monitoring of growth dynamics can help to identify health problems of the pet on time.

Guinea pigs grow to 15 months, after this age, significant weight gain can be a sign of obesity. The problem usually occurs on the background of a sedentary lifestyle and imbalance in the diet.

Rapid weight loss may be caused by a lack of nutrients in the diet. The symptom is characteristic of several diseases. For some, weight loss is the only outward sign. To determine the cause would require a thorough inspection.

Observe the weight of a Guinea pig

Experienced breeders control the weight of young cattle to ensure that the development of the rodent takes place according to the norms.

Information about the parameters of the pet useful when a Guinea pig becomes an adult. The weighting is preferably carried out weekly.

For weighing pigs use kitchen scale

In order to know the weight of Guinea pigs do not need special devices. Scales for people aren't very accurate, better and easier to use the kitchen. Animals safely tolerate the procedure.

Accurate readings the instrument will show when the pet is fixed. During the weigh-in should be diverted caview treat, or petting.

A convenient algorithm for weighting:

  1. The pig is put in a container of suitable size.
  2. Place the bowl with the pet on the kitchen scales to record the weight.
  3. Removing the animal and to note the mass of the empty container.
  4. Subtract greater numbers from smaller.

Not to forget accurate figures you can make a special notebook — diary. The results of the measurements should be made along with dates. The data in the event of illness would be useful for the veterinarian, so it is advisable to take a notebook to the appointment.

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The weight and size of Guinea pigs
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