And how much sleep Guinea pigs

For the first time by purchasing "overseas" a miracle, a novice owner is faced with lots of unusual habits and characteristicsof caregiving.In this case, pig can take the following postures:

  • sitting with open eyes – this dream is similar to a sensitive dreamer, favorite something on your mind;
  • lying on the back;
  • on the belly, with outstretched legs;
  • on his side, pulling the limb towards the body or pulling them along the body.

An important feature Guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open. Sometimes it scares novice owners, though this factor is a protective mechanism that is conserved genetically from the moment of dwelling in nature. Sleeping Guinea pigs, which have an adjacent eyelids – a rather rare phenomenon. Rest with the eyes closed indicates a higher degree of trust and love for his master and full of confidence in their own security.

Completely relax the pig can only be provided full trust to the owner

In the case where the posture of the animal causes the owner concern, it is important for him to carefully observe and unnatural position of a pet often speaks about injuries or ailments.

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What time rodents go to sleep

"Overseas" rodents are considered to be active animals, and a peak of bedstone comes to day. The daily routine of the pet match the host mode. The day – time for business, games and entertainment, night – rest period.

However, the specifics of the dream animal is that and at night it can arrange a noisy party or to drink water. Therefore, it is recommended to install the cage so that the pet didn't Wake the owner at night.

The owner should also be responsive to the holiday favorite. If a Guinea pig is asleep, and man is not, should be to move as carefully as possible and to produce noise – Guinea-pig wakes up from the slightest noise.

The Guinea pig a very light sleeper, the slightest sound she wakes up

These rodents are very pedantic, they are comfortable to live in conditions of your schedule. Sometimes it shifts, and the pig is not sleeping at night. This situation is easily corrected by changing the time of feeding, but to make changes slowly and gradually – animals are hard to tolerate change.

The duration of sleep

In vivo in the Guinea pig a lot of enemies, so even with protection in the form of large males and hiding in burrows. They are constantly ready to repel an attack. This behavioral trait has been preserved and domesticated animal. Therefore, their sleep is very specific and may cause confusion to novice owners.

IMPORTANT! Once in the new house, a rodent may forgo sleep for several days, until after the period of adaptation. Being cowardly by nature, animals are slaughtered in the far corner of the cage or pre-prepared cabin, but sleep does not allow.

Relax Guinea pigs begin only after gaining confidence in their own security. The total duration of sleep in the animal, is only 4-6 hours a day. Moreover, they are crushed for several times. During the night several times the animal goes to sleep, the maximum period of single stay – 15 minutes.

Guinea pig gentle and loves to sleep on soft

After waking up pigs fall asleep again immediately. Some time they do their own thing: eat food, drink water, and the most active can begin to play.

The conditions for a comfortable stay

Given the broken and light sleep for a good rest of the pig must ensure the maximum comfort of your home. Sleeping animals on the litter in the cage, sometimes hiding in the play tunnel or special houses. Such equipment cage provides an extra sense of security.

Pet, you need to create a comfortable environment for sleep: gamachu, beds, bedding and houses

It is also important that the owner:

  • picked a place for the dwelling away from the noise of the instruments, drafts and direct sunlight;
  • supported room temperature in the range 18-23 degrees;
  • purchased for pet spacious apartment: minimum standards – 30x40 with 50 cm height and above;
  • cleaned the cage several times a week;
  • paid pet maximum free time.

In such circumstances, the animal will feel really at home and able to relax fully, not trying every second to escape from danger.

Why Guinea pigs do not blink

The popular belief that the rodents don't blink wrong. Like all mammals, Guinea pigs need to moisturize the eye, or increases the risk of blindness. However, animals do it so fast and rare that the human eye does not have time to capture the moment.

If long and closely observe the pet, you can still see a barely noticeable movement for centuries, when the animals quickly open and close them. But most catch a fraction of a second per blink, it is almost impossible.

Empties Guinea pig to sleep

Unlike other rodents Guinea pigs tend not to hibernate. The natural habitat of the animals is a warm country, so the need for a long time to hide from the cold nature is not inherent.

The only thing that can be noted by the host in winter, is less mobility and desire to keep warm under the condition of low room temperature.

Uncharacteristically long sleep pet may indicate the development of the disease. This behavior is the reason for the visit to the vet.

And how much sleep Guinea pigs
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