Why do Guinea pigs grind my teeth

For proper maintenance of a pet owner must obtain information about his health, mood, state.In nature, a rodent such actions deters the enemy, warns of a possible attack.

When Guinea pigs establish a hierarchy he grind their teeth trying to scare the opponent

If such aggressive behavior is directed by the master himself, a person should not continue the dialogue – the pet may even bite him.

Often knock teeth is accompanied by a soft beeping. This translates as a message about the discomfort. Strong arms of a man too Intrusive communication, dislike of a neighbor can cause aggression, which the rodent reports.

Sometimes the tooth tapping against a background of whistling, which means not a warning, and the beginning of the war. In this case, it is not necessary to try to smooth over the hostility and leave it alone or remove the irritating object.

If the pig snaps his teeth and shaking – she's frightened of something, anxious. Cause this condition may be a new item in the cage: toy, drinking bottle, house. Change of ownership causes fear, excitement. The unknown is stressful for the rodent.

But this behavior is typical and in that case, if the animal is frozen or cold.

Important! Do not confuse the tapping and gnashing of teeth. Rodent squeaks jaws when he had vermin.

How should a man react if a rodent chattering teeth

The manifestation of concern on the part of a Guinea pig, you should check if there are drafts, not disturbing or too loud and sharp sounds, do not irritate smells prying predators.

If the aggression is mumps spread over a longer period, so the reason for this behavior is more stable:

  • tight cell;
  • nasty neighbor (opponent).
If the dog does not like the new neighbor from tapping teeth to fight not far away

But most of the aggression raise unfamiliar objects, people, animals. Therefore it is not "happy" pet immediately after buying a new toy, a drinking bottle, not tested treat.

Familiarity with all the new must happen gradually. You first need to put the new subject in the neighborhood, but at a distance that the animal could see and understand that it is safe.

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Video: Guinea pig chattering teeth

Why do Guinea pigs grind my teeth
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