Can a Guinea pig to give the apricot, peach or nectarine?

Fruit as food or treats for rodents – the subject of controversy experienced owners and beginners doubt owners.The opinion is based on the content of toxic substances in the bones. Human dose invisible, but for a rodent of small size can be dangerous and cause serious illness.


However, some owners sometimes treat their Pets like fruits. Apricots recommended to offer:

  • 1 time per week;
  • in number of 2 pieces;
  • with removed bones;
  • dried or slightly dried.

When the decision to offer Guinea pigs peaches, it is also important to get rid of the bones. Thoroughly rinse the fruit with a special tool that removes the chemicals. After the first feeding should observe the behavior and reaction of the body to treat.

The nectarine is a subspecies of peach, caused by a mutation. Properties fruit similar to a fellow, therefore, to give a Guinea pig a nectarine should also be in miniscule amounts and less frequently.

Apricots can Guinea pigs in small quantities and pitted

Such limitations are associated not only with the presence of toxins. In fruits a lot of sugar. The excess glucose is harmful to rodents because of the tendency to obesity and the development of diabetes.

If the pet loves these treats, he doesn't need to deny small pleasures. However, on the shoulders of the owners rests the control over the amount of food and the health of the animal. In the absence of changes in condition, it is possible to offer a treat favorite with emotion to see how it absorbs.

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Video: two Guinea pigs eating a single apricot

Can a Guinea pig to give the apricot, peach or nectarine?
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