Can I give Guinea pig tavern

In the diet of Guinea pigs comes with a variety of allowed vegetables.Before feeding should be cut into raw slices, which pet will be comfortable there.

Guinea pigs can squash only in moderation, even if they love them

Needs to check that each new day rodent eating different vegetables and don't combine them. The zucchini is recommended to treat animals of 1 every 3-4 days. Important moderation of portions: even if fluffies eat the fruit with pleasure, we must not forget about the sugar and acid compounds.

These components cause Allergy and various forms of digestive disorders. Excess of sweet causes diabetes. For these reasons, feeding the pet should be linked to careful monitoring of his health, behavior. Any change of habits – the reason for the visit to the vet to check the health of the animal.

Recommended reading articles about whether or not to enter the radish in the diet of Guinea pigsand also what kind of cabbage and how often you can give your pet.

Video: Guinea pigs eat kabachek

Can I give Guinea pig tavern
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