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How to choose the best food for Guinea pigs to power your small pet was useful and balanced? After all, not every owner knows how to choose the composition of the grain mixture or has the ability to independently prepare high-quality hay for the furry rodent.It is composed of grains, dried fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds;

  • kibble. Is made from the same grains, seeds, dried fruits and dried vegetables, but comes in the form of pellets;
  • bessonovoy food. Contains only high-quality dry hay;
  • food-a treat. It contained slices of dried fruit and nuts.
  • Granulated feed for Guinea pigs

    Important: the main, bessonovoy and kibble can be used for the daily feeding of the animals. But the treat consisting of raisins, dried pineapple, melon, banana and apricot it's better to allow Pets in a limited number and no more than twice a week.

    Finished feed: most popular brands

    On the shelves of pet shops with a wide assortment of industrial feed for Guinea pigs, which differ not only by the contents of the package, but the price. But, judging by responses of owners of small rodents, only a few manufacturers produce really high-quality and balanced diet that meets all the needs of animals.

    Among the most popular brands include:

    • Versel-Laga;
    • JR Farm;
    • Vitakraft;
    • Beaphar;
    • Lolo Pets;
    • Mealberry;
    • Fiory;
    • Zooworld.

    Each brand that produces dry food for Guinea pigs, adheres to its own formula and the proportions of the basic and additional ingredients. And when choosing the products of a particular brand, the owner must carefully review the composition of the finished power supply and test it for the presence of preservatives and flavorings.

    The best staple food for Guinea pigs

    The basis of this diet is grain, but as additional elements added herbal granules, slices of dried fruits and vegetables, seeds and vitamins.

    Litttle One from Mealberry

    Pretty good food, according to many owners of Guinea pigs. It consists of wheat, barley and oats, herbal granules, dried carrots, sunflower seeds, locust beans and extruded cereals Lupin. Food is enriched with vitamins C, A and D.

    Food Litttle One

    Advantages of feed that it has no dyes and food additives to enhance the taste, love to eat even the most fastidious animals. The main drawback of this food is its fat and calorie content.

    Menu Vital from the company Vitakraft

    Food Menu Vital

    Contains oats and barley, pellets, dried alfalfa, vegetable fat, fiber, extract of Yucca and dried vegetables. Of the advantages of the feed it is possible to note a balanced composition and content of vitamin C. the disadvantages include high cost and availability of dyes.

    JR Farm food Classik

    In the composition of food from JR Farm cereals legumes and cereals, dried plants (clover, parsley, alfalfa, yarrow), pieces of dried vegetables, ascorbic acid, and germinated barley.

    The pros of feed a low content of cereal grains and balanced composition. Among the shortcomings note the presence of preservatives.

    JR Farm food Classik

    Animals from the manufacturer zooworld

    Feed The Animals

    This grain mixture containing barley and wheat, dried berries and vegetables, vegetable seeds, pellets, dried meadow herbs, vitamins and minerals. The advantages include a varied composition and the attractive price of food. Minus mixes in a large number of grains and that not all components are eaten by rodents.

    The best food in pellets

    For production of nutritious pellets using grains, herbs, seeds, vegetables and fruits, supplementing them useful vitamin and mineral complex.

    XstraVital from the company Beaphar

    Food XstraVital

    The composition of granules of wheat and oats, rolled peas, vegetable protein, vegetable extract, Echinacea, vitamins a and C, yeast and soybean oil. A plus nutrition is a balanced composition and high content of vegetable components. Of the minuses can be noted the high cost and availability of dyes.

    Cavia Complete trade mark Versel-Laga

    For the manufacture of pellets seeds garden and meadow plants (dill, clover, plantain, celery), dried herbs, vegetables, fruits and fiber. Contains minerals, vitamins and herbal extracts.

    Food Cavia Complete

    The advantages of the feed in the complete absence of grains and the fact that the aromatic pellets are eaten by small animals without a trace. The disadvantages include the fact that this food is quite rare on the shelves of pet stores.

    Micropills Guinea Pigs produced by the company Fiory

    Food Micropills Guinea Pigs

    The composition of granules of dried extracts of grass (clover, plantain, alfalfa, burdock, mint), yeast, extracts of fennel and Yucca, minerals and vitamins. The advantage of the power that it contains no cereals and is made solely of plant components. Among the disadvantages say high price.

    The best bessonovoy food

    The feed includes dried hay stems and leaves, like a garden, and meadow plants.

    Hay brand Vitakraft

    Most owners agree that the best food for Guinea pigs this category are made of the brand Vitakraft and Lolo Pets.

    Dried hay in packages from these producers is always high quality and fresh, smells good and really like their furry Pets.

    Hay brand Lolo Pets

    Top 8 of prepared feeds for Guinea pigs

    The following table lists the most popular food that you choose for your Pets most owners.

    Place in the ranking The feed title Dignity Disadvantages Orientirovana cost
    1 Cavia Complete A lot of fiber and natural ingredients The high price 1000-1300 rubles
    2 Litttle One No dyes or preservatives High calorie 300 rubles
    3 Menu Vital Nutritious and balanced Contain food colorings 400 rubles
    4 XstraVital Contains botanicals and vitamins The high cost 500 rubles
    5 JR Farm Classik Low content of cereals Some dyes 300 rubles
    6 Lolo Pets High quality and nice smelling hay Not sold in all pet stores 400 rubles
    7 Microllips Guinea Pigs Natural herbal blend Not always in the presence of 400 rubles
    8 Animals Contains a variety of components Low cost and high content of grain 100 rubles

    Important: the first position in the ranking of the best fodder is not an indication that this food will have to taste Guinea pig. If the animal leaves more than half of the food untouched, so he doesn't like some ingredients, so it is advisable to offer the pet products from another manufacturer.

    The choice of food is of importance and requires the owner responsible. Because the quality of food depends on the health and Wellness of your small pet.

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    Browse the best feeds for Guinea pigs
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