Can you give Guinea pigs dill and parsley

Herbivore Pets are fed only plant foods, but many of their owners want to diversify the diet of the animals, feeding them dill and parsley.Despite this, feed your pet fragrant and juicy twigs should moderate offering for 1 feeding 1-2 stalk. Dill Guinea pigs is not recommended to enter the menu during pregnancy and lactation. Contraindications also include gastrointestinal disorders.

Guinea pigs can be given dill in small amounts

Video: Guinea pigs eat fennel


Parsley Guinea pigs helps to enrich the body with these components:

  • vitamins a, C and PP;
  • mineral salts;
  • air.

To give Guinea pigs parsley can be in the form of root and stems with leaves.

You can't eat herbs, enriched with essential oils, females, hatching offspring, because the components of the product to provoke uterine contractions.

Parsley can be given Guinea pigs, but not during pregnancy

Herbivores create happy to eat fresh seafood the garden. In order not to harm the health of the animal, the owner must offer only those herbs that he cultivated on his own land.

Important! The harvest is sold in the shop or on the market may contain nitrates, which cause irreparable harm to a small child.

About how it affects the pet's health, herbs such as sorrel and dandelion, whether to introduce them in the diet, tell you the materials "Can I give Guinea pig flowers or leaves of the dandelion" and "Can Guinea pigs give sorrel".

Can you give Guinea pigs dill and parsley
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