Can Guinea pigs give radishes

At first glance it may seem that feed the Guinea pigs is quite simple, because the animal eats the most fruits and vegetables.It's not the best food for the rodent data. In their diet it should be present in minimum quantity.

The ban on the feeding of this vegetable for Guinea pigs, above all, justified by the fact that the radish includes many essential oils that can cause irritation to mucous membranes and respiratory tract.

Moreover, the radishes often leads to swelling of the animal. This may cause the animal pain, diarrhoea.

Can Guinea pigs the tops from the radishes

Casting radishes will be much more useful than the root. They do not contain so many essential oils so well digested. Also in the tops has lots of useful vitamin C, so regular use leaves a positive appear on the pet's health.

The tops of radishes are rich in vitamin C

Remember! Rodents love to eat the leaves of radishes, but if during this time the animal demonstrates a change in behavior or poor bowel movement, this vegetable is immediately removed from the menu and replace it with regular food for the pet.

There are the following recommendations for proper feeding tops radish:

  • in food you can only add a fresh, newly plucked leaves;
  • use wilted or damaged leaves should not be;
  • add the tops to the menu is no more than once a week. The rest of the time the animal needs to eat his regular food;
  • immediately after feeding the remains of the tops is better to fully clean;
  • the daily rate is 15 g.

What can replace the radish

Guinea pigs should be fed carefully selected products. Usually you can use already prepared dry food developed for diet. Only during pregnancy pet, you can additionally mix the vitamin products in the menu.

Food Guinea pigs should be varied

For a change, or main meals are Guinea pigs allowed to give the following products:

Moreover, radishes you can substitute turnips or radishes. They are rich in fluorine, vitamin C and calcium. To introduce these vegetables to the menu animal need small portions. It is best to give turnip and radish are not more often than once a month.

You should know that to give Guinea pigs sluggish or tainted vegetables harmful. It is better to give a small portion, but fresh food. Also it is important to describe the diet for a dog to its menu every day present new products.

Should know! Should not be given to animals cold foods, as it is them the animal may be a problem with digestion.

Like most rodents, Guinea pigs do not tolerate starvation, so their tendency to constant food intake is not uncommon. In spite of this shouldn't go on about the pet and abuse feed. Better to give him a balanced diet with vegetables and fruits.

Can Guinea pigs give radishes
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