Hay for Guinea pigs

Menu is based on "overseas" pigs is not only granulated commercial feed, but hay dried grass, which is especially necessary in the winter.Part should get a few useful herbs.

Timothy is part of the best hay for Guinea pigs

For pregnant females and calves to do of the workpiece on the basis of alfalfa and legumes. This is due to the rich content of calcium and vegetable protein. Adult specimens of this diet is not suitable.

How to make hay: recommendations

Collect grass to the maximum distance from roads, places, Pets, and industrial complexes. The perfect place – a lawn and a meadow far from the slopes or deep in the woods. The slightest suspicion that the plant is poisonous, requires a waiver.

Grass should be lush, bright green color.

Ready collection at home must scald with boiling water and podvyalit to destroy possible bacteria and parasites. Dry it in a room or on the balcony. The substrate – a clean cloth or white paper. Newspapers should avoid printing ink toxic to animals. To keep the workpiece must in the bag of tissues for oxygen and eliminating mold.

It is easy to self-produce hay for Guinea pigs

In cases when the season of the workpiece has passed and the owner did not have time to collect the right plants, you should buy a ready-made hay. The choice you have it is necessary to rely on the appearance of high-quality dry herb.

How to give Guinea pigs hay

Hay provides full functionality of the intestinal tract and, along with stones, helps in home sew constantly growing incisors. Accordingly, Siennica needs to be constantly full, and the rodent comes up to her out of necessity. To replenish the manger to regularly replace the long underlying product fresh.

Why is a Guinea pig not eating hay: how to be

The reasons for refusal of dry grass, maybe a few:

  • the animal is not like a ready-made collection;
  • at harvesting, the owner did not take into account the preferences of the pet;
  • Siennica is located in the wrong place or the design prevents enjoy dry grass.
Siennica should stand in a convenient location

If the cat stopped eating hay or originally from it turns out there are following ways to solve:

  • to adjust the composition of the product;
  • to arrange dried grass in the cage;
  • to make attractive toys on the basis of hay;
  • mix this kind of food is allowed with succulent plants.

Until the problem is solved, it is necessary to enrich the diet of pet, garden greens or tops of root crops, and purchase of feed in granules with a high content of fibers and fiber.

Complete disregard for this part of the menu is dangerous because of possible problems with teeth and digestive system, so it is important to understand the tastes of the pet, and pick up the collection, which she will eat with pleasure.

Also you can harvest your own sprigs of trees for Guinea pigs. About what branches can be given, and what is not, read our article "What are the branches you can give Guinea pigs".

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Hay for Guinea pigs
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