Can Guinea pigs give citrus?

To health home rodent is safe from the owner, you need to follow a number of recommendations and conditions.Can Guinea pigs oranges? And do Guinea pigs tangerines?

Citrus is a rare treat

The power of Pets can be divided into main food and a treat. As treats small animal can get a small piece of Mandarin or orange. But there are some limitations. If the female is in the process of feeding kids, that is citrus is prohibited.

Also the product is excluded under these problems:

  • any allergic reactions;
  • problems with the skin and the coat;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Any deficiencies in the body of the animal to give citrus is not worth it. If you have not offered your pet to eat an unfamiliar fruit, you don't have to do it during any move, in any case, it's stress. It is not known how will react to a rodent.

Guinea pigs can be oranges or tangerines, but it is better without skins

Young pigs can not feed citrus fruits – this can be done only after the pet moved to adult food and the digestive system have adapted to various food.

If, after the animal ate a treat and he was having diarrhea, you can make a light decoction of chamomile. The tool normalizes digestion, helps get rid of diarrhea.

Lemon Guinea pigs is not recommended. In the opinion of many breeders, it the animal may appear ulcers of the mucosa. This comes from large amounts of acid in the fruit.

How much to give a treat

Since this is not the main feed, and a rare treat, there will be just one of the slices. Often give Guinea pigs citrus fruits should not be. A couple times a week at most. Otherwise there may be undesirable consequences in the form of allergies and digestive disorders.

It should be noted that the skin of a tangerine or orange is better to restrict since it may cause poisoning — often sellers processing of the fruit variety of harmful chemicals.

A good substitute for citrus fruits Guinea pigs can be a briar

In General, any citrus is not the best treats for a pet, despite the fact that animals eat them willingly. If you want to make up for the lack of vitamin C, the rodent better to give a dry dogrose berries is a real storehouse of various nutrients including vitamin C.

Also many owners are concerned with the question whether it is possible to treat pigs exotic fruits read about it in our article "Can Guinea pigs give pineapple, kiwi, mango and avocado?".

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Can Guinea pigs give citrus?
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