What are the branches you can give Guinea pigs

Guinea pig eats only plant foods: fruits, cereals, fresh grass.They contain necessary pet of biologically active substances. Eating such food together with bark helps the pet to whittle down teeth and improve digestion.

What to choose?

Give the Guinea pig is not all kinds of branches, as many plants contain in their composition of CYANOGEN glycosides and essential oils that provoke a strong poisoning of the animal.

List of fresh branches, the presence of which in the animal is unacceptable:

  • citrus (lemon, Mandarin, orange);
  • with stone fruits (apricot, plum, cherry, sweet cherry);
  • conifers (thuja, cypress, pine);
  • horse chestnut.

Important! If the raw materials are taken from these types of plants will be dried for six months and more, they are allowed to eat the animal.

Cute rodents can eat the branches of trees of all kinds:

  • willow;
  • birch;
  • ash;
  • alder;
  • Rowan;
  • Apple;
  • pear;
  • lime.

The animal got from them the maximum nutrients, botanicals offer a fresh, pre-washed of the dust and dirt.

Sticks and leaves of trees a Guinea pig can eat without restrictions

Do the leaves?

Young branches to fall covered with leaves that allows to include in their menu favorite for spring and summer time. The leaves of the trees – juicy and flavorful, so they will be a useful and tasty addition to the diet of the rodent.

With herbs, you can pamper pet twigs of those plants which are allowed in the diet of the animal. Also permitted to offer animal birch (with the kidneys), willow, lime, maple leaves. These components of the diet offer rodent without restriction, that is put in a cage, not controlling how much raw materials will eat a home favorite.

Harvesting vegetable raw materials for rodent, you need to choose only healthy trees, located far away from the roadway and industrial facilities. Before you give a sprig of greens to the animal, it needs to be washed and dried in the air. In the winter the owner is allowed to make a supply of vegetable food, washing and dry assembled blanks within a few months outdoors.

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What are the branches you can give Guinea pigs
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