Can a Guinea pig grapes and raisins

Grapes – sweet high calorie fruit that tastes like home to many rodents.So, a day is sufficient to enter in the menu of the pet is not more than one fetus. After removing from the pulp all the bones, which are harmful to the digestive tract of the animal.

Fresh product has not allowed a Guinea pig having:

  • pronounced weight;
  • problems with digestion;
  • diseases of the excretory system.
Grape juice has a tonic and tonic effect


Allowed to offer Guinea pigs raisins, but a maximum of one thing per day. Preference it is recommended to only give the raw chemicals product obtained from white varieties of the fruit.

Important! Dried fruits give the animal a few times a week, 1 berry per day.

Overfeeding Pets fruits with lots of sugar leads to intestinal upset and thirst, and eventually to disorders of the kidney and obesity.

About how much and how often you can feed your pet with strawberries and cherries read our articles "Can Guinea pigs eat cherries?" and "Can a Guinea pig strawberries".

Video: the grapes in the diet of Guinea pigs

Can a Guinea pig grapes and raisins
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