How to keep two Guinea pigs together, avoiding fights and conflicts

In nature animals of the family svincovyj live in colonies.The presence of companions is not mandatory, but the animal comfortable.

Our two Guinea pigs is not difficult. By their nature they are to the communications and two Pets more fun. Through active games animals move more, which positively affects their physical health and shape.

The choice of the pair

The owners concern is the likely fight of Guinea pigs. To prevent conflict between Pets easier, if the intention is to select suitable individuals. To buy a Guinea pig better trusted breeder. It is possible to obtain information on the nature of each animal and its position in the pack.

Important factors when choosing a mate for your pet:

In calves between relationships are easier than in adults. It is best to have two pups growing up together. In this case, the struggle for leadership is easier or not required at all. New tenant needs to be younger or equal in age to the permanent occupant.

If one or two individuals approaching the age of 3-5 months, familiarity is better to postpone. During this period, Guinea pigs master the role of the adult rodent and jealously defend its borders.

The inhabitant, which dominated the last pack will aggressively defend their positions and in a new place. The owner will not tolerate this, and rodents begin to clash. Therefore, to make another better to choose not ambitious individual.

Models of groups by gender

To have a heterosexual couple, if you do not plan dilution is not necessary. During cohabitation, the animals experience stress. The female does not like the persistent attention of the male, and he was constantly being rejected. Uncontrolled mating Deplete the body of the girl. Keep males and females together is possible only if the male is neutered.

Two Guinea pigs female is easier to converge in the same area. The struggle for the terrain between the girls rarely ends with injuries. Such a pair is optimal for the novice breeder.

Guinea pigs get along with girls better than boys

The boys are jealously defend their territory. Between them could spark competition for the lady. Two males don't live well together. They always require vigilance, even friendly rodents can suddenly start a fight. To make friends with two males only if they do not smell females.

To maintain order in the group you want to provide pet toys and entertainment, plenty of hay, food and space. Cage for a pair of Guinea pigs should be no less than a meter in length.

Relations in the pack of three or more animals are developing the same pattern. Among the three can occur tacit conspiracy of two against the third pigs. Therefore, it is optimal to group the animals in a colony of 4-5 individuals.

The rules of entering

The new tenant must spend two weeks in a separate cage to make sure the rodents are healthy. After quarantine, you can introduce Guinea pigs to each other. Before you attempt to make sure that both rodent fed and are in good spirits. To introduce Guinea pigs is better on neutral territory.

The site of the first meeting should be:

  • new to both rodents, are not marked odor;
  • protected high side, or located closer to the floor;
  • spacious to allow enough room for chase and escape.
  • equipped through shelters for passive individuals.

For the species not peculiar to competition for food, so long as the animals are introduced, you can try to defuse the situation with delicacy. If the procedure needs to be vigilant, because encounter may arise for the attention of the owner, or just out of principle.

When shares in the group, the novice is recommended to RUB the back sawdust from the total cells. Sensing the familiar scent of the pack will take the guest loyal.

After several meetings on neutral territory, if pigs are calm, you can unseat them in the same cage. Before that, it should wash thoroughly and change the position of accessories. For each individual, need to install a separate feeder and drinker in different parts of the cell. The room will look unusual for both pigs, which will allow rodents to equal to settle in the territory.

Actions during the fight

Guinea pigs are fighting fiercely and can hurt each other and the owner. While exploring and settling the person should prepare a towel in case you have to separate the rodents. Bare hands to intervene, you should not aggressive animals react to humans.

Two Guinea pigs are sensitive to each other. At the first meeting everyone should sniff friend, so rodents are introduced.

The sound of teeth, tousled hair, pursuit and persecution to stop you should not. Pigs determine the hierarchy of the pair. Until the animals figure out who is more important, they will not be able to find a common language.

In the early Dating pigs need to establish a hierarchy

If the rodents began to fight:

  • you knock loudly near the cells to a sharp sound distracted animal;
  • helps to sprinkle the tangle with a spray bottle with warm water;
  • to separate manually, through a thick cloth, or coarse gloves.

After the conflict, the pigs should settle for a few weeks on different premises. Attempts to make friends with Pets will have to start over. After meeting on neutral territory is recommended to put the rodents through the bars next to each other. This will allow the animals to get used to the presence of the neighbor safe.

Video: about a pair and a single the contents of Guinea pigs

How to keep two Guinea pigs together, avoiding fights and conflicts
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