How to choose a Guinea pig

When choosing a family pet, the decision is often taken under the influence of emotions, but this approach can lead to negative consequences.This will help you determine which animal suits you the best and also to be more careful when choosing.

Where to buy

Choose a Guinea pig in the pet store. This option is more convenient and faster, the cost of the rodents in the store less, you also can immediately purchase all the necessary content. But keep in mind that not all support the right conditions, so high risk to buy a sick animal.

Purchase directly from a breeder is more reliable, but a pet will cost more. You also need to remember that there is a risk to meet the unscrupulous breeder. So before you buy, make sure of the good reputation of the seller, and to visit him to check as contained pigs at home.

Choose a Guinea pig from a breeder is better

IMPORTANT: the ads, you can also find on the free transfer of animals in good hands. So give young or adult pigs, which is no longer possible to contain. In this case, it is very difficult to verify the seller, so to have a pet so economical but risky method.

The choice of breed

The first question when choosing a Guinea pig — what breed is better to have? The answer will depend on the specifics of caring for a pet:

  • Shorthair — the most simple species: the smooth coat requires no additional care, and they are cheaper than others;
  • rosette — a decorative rock that has an original appearance due to protruding in different directions of hair;
  • longhair — the most spectacular pigs, wool which require the most complex care, regular combing and washing;
  • naked — devoid of the coat pigs have a very unusual appearance, but are not protected from the cold, so require special conditions of detention.
If you choose a long haired Guinea pig, her fur coat will have to care

In pet stores often offered several varieties to choose from, but to know the breed of the baby Guinea pigs in the absence of experience is difficult. A woolen blanket takes its final form in the age of several months, and the differences between close species not outwardly obvious. Therefore, when buying better to ask the seller to determine the breed.

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in the breed for costly exhibitions, can appeal only to the professional breeders. In this case, you can get a guarantee and properly execute all necessary documents.

If you choose a Guinea pig skinny, have to protect her from extremes of temperature

Who is better — a boy or a girl

Pigs distinguished by a high level of sociality, therefore, these rodents, it is desirable to contain the group. It can include opposite-sex individuals, but most contain a few pigs of the same sex, or give birth to only one rodent. So the question that often arises when buying a Guinea pig is a boy or a girl, whom to choose?

Males are bolder and more curious, they are active, contact, will therefore require more attention. This pet is best for the child, adults are not always able to find enough time to play and socialize with the animal. Also keep in mind that when the content in a same-sex couple males can fight and fight for power. Females are more cautious, less gregarious, so they are harder to tame, but they cause less anxiety to the owners.

It is better to choose two Guinea pigs so that the animals do not get bored

TIP: Better to have a heterosexual couple, and if the offspring is undesirable, the animal can be sterilized or contain in a cage with a wire divider.

Female or male

To determine gender, it is necessary to examine the area around the anus. To do this, carefully flip the pig, hold under the front legs. In animals of both sexes you will see a hole in the shape of the letter Y, but males above it will be seen swelling with a dot in the middle, above and beneath the skin can feel dense cushion — the inner part of the penis. Also on the sides of the anus grown males become visible testicles. But the younger the animal, the less pronounced sex differences, so when in doubt you should ask the help of the seller.

To determine the sex of a young Guinea pigs are difficult in adults sex characteristics are more pronounced


To know the age of the animal is very important, babies need breast milk to three weeks. Otherwise, they will not get a strong immune system, and their development may be compromised. Pet is better to take at the age of four to five weeks to two-three months. During this period, piglets begin an independent life and adapt to the surrounding conditions, so it is easier just to get used to a new home and tamed.

To determine age by size of the animal. Cubs up to two months fit on the palm of the person; adults reach a length of 25-30 cm and weigh about a kilogram. When buying grown-up pigs have to believe the words of the seller.

Appearance of rodents varies little until the last months of life, so it is impossible to determine how old the big pig, and how much longer she will live.

The approximate ratio of the size of a Guinea pig her age

IMPORTANT: Guinea pigs comes early puberty, so if you get females older than two months, she may be pregnant. Before buying at a pet store you should make sure that grown-up males and females are in different cells.


The most important factor that you need to look for when choosing a Guinea pig — its appearance, no signs of disease. A healthy animal should be cheerful, with shining eyes, beautiful hair, demonstrate a good appetite. Activity depends on the time of day, so it is best to look at the pig several times at different times of the day.

Before you purchase a rodent, ask the seller to show it to you, if possible, to independently inspect. Signs of a healthy animal the following:

  • the body is dense, strong, not lean and no excess weight loss;
  • completely missing the sharp, unpleasant odors;
  • on the skin there is no redness, scabbing, scratching, sores;
  • coat clean, thick, no bald spots and mats;
  • ears, eyes and nostrils clean, free of discharge;
  • around the anus there is no traces of faeces.
Healthy Guinea pigs smooth coat and cheerful

Should refrain from the purchase if the animal is lethargic, all the time lies, it is hard or hoarsely breathes, fur dirty and eyes sunken or watery. Any of these signs may indicate a cold or infection, from which the pig may not recover. Infestation by fleas or blasedale is not related to serious diseases and easily treated, but can say that the animals were kept in the wrong conditions.

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How to choose a Guinea pig
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