Cost Guinea pigs

Deciding to have this cute pet rodent as a companion, a man interested, how much is a Guinea pig.

Homeland kawii – it is another name for this rodent – think of Peru.In the middle zone of Eurasia these rodents can live only as Pets.

Important! You can't give Guinea pigs "freedom" — they will die without care in our climate.

Peruvian Guinea pig

What determines the price of Guinea pigs

The cost of Guinea pigs is influenced by such factors:

Because these parameters are Guinea pigs from 100 to 10,000 rubles apiece.

Moreover, in large cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg prices are higher than in the province.

By the way, males and females differ little in character. Therefore, the prices of boys and girls are equal.

How to choose suitable according to the nature of your pet with good health, read our article "How to choose a Guinea pig".

At what age is better to buy a Guinea pig

You can buy cheap baby rodent, who had not yet turned one month. Sellers offer kids at a price of 400 rubles and up to 1000.

A small animal quickly becomes accustomed to a new host. He is alive, moving with him fun to play.

But little pet requires more attention from the owner. It can develop disease, the more they are exposed to individuals who are early weaned from her mother. The optimal age at which it is recommended to purchase pet – 4-5 weeks.

Guinea pig breed Sheltie

Who cheaper to buy pet

The cheapest animals offer traders. They can even buy rodents at a small price, get a gift. This is due to the fact that some people before buying overestimated their capabilities. To care for a pet has become a burden. This sale is an attempt to get rid of the problems.

Individuals offer to purchase a pet from 650 to 1,500 rubles. Rare breeds of animals can be bought for 2500-3000.

But such acquisition is not always beneficial. It is unknown in what conditions contained a negligent animal owners. Often the pet, bought with it, and later found the disease, even cancer.

The pet shop will offer a price higher than that of private traders in the market. But here are the cons:

  • there is no guarantee that the animal is a purebred;
  • even if the breed is clearly seen, the presence of the rodent family tree and documents are missing;
  • sellers can't vouch for the health of animals;
  • while keeping the store keeping of animals does not always meet standards;
  • the present age of the rodent, the buyer is not specified, only approximate.

Rodents in the nursery of rare breeds sell expensive. But here the owner will tell us exactly how many animal weeks and days, who was his mother and father, what is the nature of the animal, give advice on content.

Animals of rare species and colors offered here at the price from 3000 to 10000 RUB.

Guinea pig Golden color

Rare breeds of Guinea pigs

Thanks to the work of breeders today there are a variety of these rodents. Thoroughbred pig will cost more than ordinary, which is often found in nature in areas of their habitat. And the less common breed, the cost of the animal will be higher.

In nature, pigs are commonly found short-haired, gray-brown color with a lighter belly.

But today there are also long-haired — with straight or curly hairs and bald.

The color of the animals is also extremely diverse.

The rarest breeds and colors of Guinea pigs, and therefore the most expensive today are:

  • abissini;
Abyssinian Guinea pig
  • tortoiseshell-podpolya;
Guinea pig tortoiseshell-podpalova color
  • podpolya;
  • Swiss;
Guinea pig breed Swiss Teddy
  • Teddy;
  • the texels;
  • otters;
  • crested;
  • Fox;
  • rejeki;
Guinea pig breed Regbak
  • harlequins;
Guinea pig color harlequin
Guinea pig coat color sable
  • magpies;
Guinea pig color forty
  • skinny (hairless);
  • verbalising;
  • the Baldwins (naked).

The prices fluctuate from 5000 to 10000 rubles. Some sellers are for individuals with a particularly interesting color please to 50000.

Description of rocks

Skinny is the most popular among the bare cave. A little bit of hair she is present on the muzzle and legs. Color skinny is different: gray, black, spotted.

Guinea pig breeds Skinny

The werewolf skinny is different because it has you can see the soft short fur. Only it grows randomly everywhere except in the abdomen.

Guinea pig breed Werewolf Skinny

Teddy's boasts a thick hair cover. Often it is curly, but not too long.

Guinea pig breeds Teddy

The texels had recently. Their compact body is densely overgrown with long curly hair.

Guinea pig breeds Texel

Crested is also a young breed that was developed recently. Interest in it is unique bundle of white fluff. For him, pigs of this breed called the white christedom.

Guinea pig breed Crested

Satin Peruvian cavia has long thick smooth wool that falls on the body sides from the middle of the back. It is called angoroj.

Peruvian Guinea pig color satin

Merino, texels a and coronate very similar to each other. They all have beautiful long wavy coat.

Guinea pig breeds Merino

Koronatov are distinguishable by sticking on the head with the socket made of wool resembling a crown.

Guinea pig breed, the coronet

English self has a large head with a Roman profile, ears large lepestkami. Standards color from pale self, gives to yellowness. Eyes kawii large enough with the original color.

Guinea pigs breeds English Self

Alpaca attracts beautiful curly long hair. Strands reach 12 inches in length. Furthermore in the animal, with age, grows a long black bangs and funny whiskers on his cheeks. Color in alpacas is surprisingly varied. They are red, black and white, brown. Often there are not only two tone, but the tri-color specimens.

Guinea pig breeds Alpaca

California pigs are born almost white. With age they have a different color. And for those individuals who are in cold areas, it is bright. And living in the warmth is usually a pale color close to white.

California is the Guinea pig

A summary table of prices

Breed Price in Russia, RUB. Price in Belarus, the Bel. RUB The price in Ukraine is UAH. Price in Kazakhstan tenge.
Normal 500-2000 15-40 50-200 2700-5000
Merino 1500-3000 45-100 400-550 3000-6000
Teddy 2000-3000 45-110 450-800 3500-6000
Self 1000-3000 30-90 200-600 2500-6000
Texel 1000-4000 30-120 200-800 2500-8000
Coronet 2000-5000 45-160 550-800 3500-12000
Sheltie 2000-4000 50-130 550-800 3500-11000
Skinny 2500-5000 80-150 400-1200 10000-15000
Fleece 1000-4000 30-100 400-500 2500-8000
Alpaca 2000-3500 45-110 200-350 4000-6000
Peruvian (Angora) 1500-3000 40-100 200-800 3000-6000
Gold 2000-3000 45-90 200-300 6000-8000
California 5000-25000 150-300 1800-2000 10000-15000

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Cost Guinea pigs
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