Can I have a Guinea pig and cat in same house

Many people give birth at home for two or more pet.For all of your Pets important peaceful atmosphere in the family when they get along well with each other, or at least are neutral to each other. Therefore, before simultaneously start a home rodent and cat, you should pay attention to some features of their coexistence.

Is it possible to keep together a cat and a Guinea pig

The ideal situation is to live with a cat and Guinea pigs – the simultaneous purchase of their calves. In this case, there is every chance that the kitten and Guinea pig become friends, and the competition between them will not arise.

An ideal variant — purchase of pigs and a cat at the same time

In case You have decided to have a rodent with a home to an adult cat, the main actions that should be undertaken in such a situation are:

  1. First try to put the cage with the rodent out of reach for the cat room, give the Guinea pig to adapt to a new place.
  2. If there is a separate room, then place a cage with a rodent in a remote place for a cat. Otherwise there is a high probability that the old pet will be regularly scaring the new guest focus and jumps that will cause stress in rodents.
  3. If access to the room with the cage open for the cat, try not to open once again the cage of a Guinea pig and not let her walk freely throughout the room. Even with the friendly attitude of the cat can hurt a small animal while playing with it.
  4. When buying cells check the distance between the bars to make sure that the cat's paw wouldn't fit between them.
  5. Daily give both Pets equal time and attention, not to give them a reason to be jealous.
  6. Try even with a friendly against a representative of the cat family to the rodent not to leave them alone the first time, as the latter is able to move very quickly on the floor, thereby causing the interest and even the thrill of the hunt, and little predator.

If You buy adult Guinea pig, it is likely that the cat will not take her as prey and potential toys. But leave them alone for a long time is not necessary in order to avoid unpleasant consequences to the rodent.

Important! Provide each pet with a private space for rest and food, for which they do not have to fight.

Can a cat eat a Guinea pig

To find out whether cats eat Guinea pigs, it is important to understand that each animal has its own psychological features:

  • by nature cats are predators, for which rodents are the natural prey;
  • rodents occupy the lowest link in the food chain and fight the predators they do not know, although have very sharp incisors. The aggression they display in the form of whistling and intimidating postures in relation to their species. So the males repel other males from his group of females;
  • if the cat came in the house first, then she finds herself the mistress of the house. Everyone who comes into her possession, is automatically perceived as prey or a competitor.

Based on these features, we can assume that little Guinea pig adult cat it may be treated as prey. Especially if the pig is still small. But much also depends on the nature of the cat: whether it is active and energetic, as often takes your hunting skills. Breeders note that Pets purebred representatives of the cat, brought up in urban environments, much more lazy and phlegmatic than their street counterparts.

Try to carefully introduce Pets between them, holding them near me or on his knees. For a start, let them sniff each other.

Important! If one of the Pets is not ready for introduction and is showing signs of anxiety, don't force to do it. Over time, they will understand when they are ready to meet you.

Don't worry if when you first meet your pet paw try is easy to touch a Guinea pig. So he checks the guest, how that is aggressive. It should be wary in case the cat tries to grab the rodent by the scruff and drag. Then You have to walk both Pets separately.

So the cat tries to check the pig aggressiveness

If he shows his hunting instincts at the sight of the animal, trying to jump closer to the cage, to put his paws between the bars and catch it, you can apply water repellents. Take a spray bottle with water and when the manifestation of the cat's aggression towards the new tenant, lightly sprinkle his face with water.

Guinea pig and cat: possible friendship

Speaking about the joint content of such different animals as the Guinea pig and cat in same house, first you need to pay special attention to the individual characteristics of the cat's temperament. Peaceful coexistence is possible if the cat has a gentle and calm disposition without a developed instinct of the hunter. Such animals easily tolerate the company of a rodent, even allowing him to crawl on its own or showing curiosity at first, in the future, simply ignore it.

Cases are known when the cat took the rodent for a kitten and showed maternal interest in him, licking him, feeding and carrying with them the collar.

Such relationships are rare, most peace-loving members of the cat after meeting with Guinea pigs quickly lose interest in it and even sleep on the rodent cage. If the hunter instinct of the animal is developed badly, it will immediately see the rodent potential victim and would start to attack him.

Most cats quickly lose interest in the Guinea pig

How to make a cat and a Guinea pig

  • first, by purchasing a Guinea pig, isolate it from the cat and let her get comfortable. Later fill feed the cat and ask him to meet your new neighbour. Put him in a room with rodent and quietly talking, put both on your knees. Stroking Pets and watch their behavior. When frightened, some of them immediately interrupt the meeting and reschedule another attempt to discover the next day;
  • if the cat is willing to peacefully communicate with the rodent, the first meeting will be peaceful. In other cases, don't rush the animals, stretching the process of recognizing each other for days and even weeks;
  • if the Pets used to the smell and presence of each other, and the cat calmly accepts the new neighbor, let the little animal to run freely around the room. Give your whiskered pet to observe a moving animal from his lap. If while walking rodent cat snuggled down and pulled his ears back, be sure to intervene and prevent the attack on the pig;
  • identify each animal to its feeding place, it is not necessary to feed them in one place;

Important! The cage should be located away from places of rest and feeding cats in the place where the cat can't reach it.

  • always carefully lock the cage for reliable latch. Cats are smart animals, able to cope with a simple catch or hook;
  • did not deprive the old pet's attention with the appearance in the same apartment with him new animal. It is the lack of attention the owner often hurts the animal, it quickly calculates the culprit of the situation and often tries to eliminate it;
  • play outdoor games with the cat, give him the maximum to spend energy. Then the free games time it will be easy to rest without spending your strength trying to hunt for a new guest;
  • if the cat was obviously hunting skills do not scold and don't punish him. Try to distract him from the rodent, show your attitude, making it clear to the cat that it remains your favorite;
  • no matter how friendly a cat shouldn't be left alone Pets.


Thus, wondering whether friends cat and Guinea pig at home, you should pay attention to the character of a cat, determined at the level of genetics. So, outdoor cats always show stronger hunting instincts towards smaller animals in the house. While thoroughbred "flat" cats are more passive and friendly to other family members. An important role is also played by the individual characteristics of the cat, about which knows very well attentive host. He should gently and carefully to acquaint pet with the new pet and to explain to him that a Guinea pig isn't his prey or toy, and the same family.

If you decide to purchase Guinea pigs suggest to read the information in our articles "How to choose a Guinea pig" and "Cost Guinea pigs"

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Can I have a Guinea pig and cat in same house
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Lives at home the fourth year of cat, picked up a kitten on the street. Six months ago I had to take the adult Guinea pig. Because the cells no pig lives under the table and moved around the room without restriction. Relationship in the army — the cat-the grandfather and the pig-fish. If a cat is in a good mood, maybe the pig to lick the ears, and if not — maybe a paw to the face or the ass or the head. But without the claws. When I give the pig food, the cat will inquire about, and suddenly something delicious past it will blow over?? By the way, cat's and svinkina bowls nearby. The pig is not particularly steamed about the cats, because there is always somewhere to slip away. I do not know what thoughts the rodent, the cat pig is an inferior stage of evolution. The pig mobile, rummaged everywhere, weighs 0.9 kg. I Think the cat her to spit from a high tower, because of serious sanctions from the cat was never. But I think if it was two males, the situation would be more complicated.