Who is better: a decorative rabbit or a Guinea pig?

One of the best ways to teach a child to care for someone, or to teach him to take responsibility – to take home an animal.The table demonstrates the difference between animals.

The comparison criterion Decorative rabbit Guinea pigs
Life expectancy Typically 8-12 years

Lives 5 to 8 years

Food The plant food
Diet Pellets sold in pet stores and vegetable shops Require several kinds of food, there are diet restrictions
Behavior Aggression is absent, unable to scare kids Different calm personality, in the first days shy
Co owner Able to demonstrate a positive attitude Gentle to the owners know the name, able to sit for hours on the hands
The need for attention Not require constant attention Social animals in isolation require attention
Veterinary control Frequent vaccination is not required, however, not all clinics work with rabbits, susceptible to cold Not required to be vaccinated, susceptible to disease
The uncontrolled movement around the house Necessary to maintain physical activity, harm to furniture and decor can be poisoned ornamental plants Requires regular walking outside of the cage, you can limit the enclosures
"Lovemost" Baby you can't always catch the rabbit to play Don't have a high dexterity or "cruising" speed
Toilet Accustom to the toilet, but hands can not control urination Hard accustomed or not accustomed to the toilet
The smell Can give a bad odor Do not have their own odor
Training Lend themselves but poorly Know the name, do a simple command
Noise In most cases, are quiet She is loud, sounds nice ear
Dimensions Larger Guinea pigs You can easily put it in the hands of a preschooler
Housing Requires regular and thorough cleaning
Reproduction In the presence of heterosexual couples fast and regular

Who will be the best pet a child?

Deciding who is better to have a home, you should pay attention to the character of a son or daughter. Guinea pig more easy to care for, so if a pupil or preschooler is willing to spend on the animal a couple of hours a day, and the rest go about their business, then the clear choice – "overseas" pig.

Guinea pig more passive animal than a rabbit, loves to sit on your hands

When a child needed a friend he is willing to give all his attention, and the parents support him and help to care for that also unites the family, then buying a Bunny can be a great way. An added bonus is the exotic pet will be of interest to friends of the owner and allow him to build new social relations.

The rabbit is bigger than Guinea pigs and more

Sometimes pondering whom to choose future owners rely on such parameter as "mind." But you must understand that every animal is different and may demonstrate unexpected skills, therefore, the criterion of "smarter" is not always justified.

Opinion about the possibility of living together rabbits and pigs ambivalent. In some literature you can find information about the safe cohabitation of the two species, however, experienced breeders recommend dividing animal cells: rabbits can harm their innocent neighbors.

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Who is better: a decorative rabbit or a Guinea pig?
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Have no experience with Guinea pigs,but the dwarf rabbit lives with us 5 years. Gave my son in 9 years and now he continues to love. Does not bite,allows themselves to be stroked,accustomed to the tray,the guys can knock paws,better keep in the bedroom. Very beautiful,pleasure to watch him.