Stink do Guinea pigs, the possible causes of odour

People who are enamored by the good looks of Guinea pigs and want to start a at home a friend becoming interested in the nuances of their content.Not will be the exception and Guinea pigs. But it is irrelevant to the stench. Healthy and well-groomed animal is almost no smell. This is due to nature, in natural conditions, a strong smell will give the rodent and attract the attention of a predator. In addition, these animals are quite clean, and able to independently care for their hair.

Sometimes, the pet you can see from the corners of the eyes highlight the color of milk. It's a secret garderoby glands, by which the animal cleans my skin.

Light discharge from the eyes of a Guinea pig — a natural phenomenon

Hygiene content

The smell of Guinea pigs and cells may appear due to neglect of regular cleaning of the habitat.

Delayed cleaning will not only stink, but also to the development of pet fungal and colds, the emergence of maggots. In observance of the cleanliness of the cage should smell fresh sawdust and hay.

The regularity of cleaning depends on several factors:

  • the size of the cells, very small pet to defecate literally under him;
  • the amount of the contained animals, more than them, so often have to clean;
  • the type of fillerdepends on the degree of moisture absorption and binding of odors.
In the cage will stink if many animals in a small space

Cleaning cells

The complete cleaning of the cage should be done about once a week. While fully changing the litter, clean the pan cell feeders and waterers. Wash suitable household or baby soap. 10% vinegar solution copes well with the removal of miasma and stains from urine. The use of potent cleaning agents based on chlorine are not recommended.

Very convenient a special spray for cleaning of cages sold in pet stores. It eliminates the smell of feces and safe for Pets. Enough to spray spray the pan and after a few minutes, wipe it clean with a dry cloth. Wash the pan after the spray is optional.

Important! Absorbent fillers for the cats from inorganic materials cannot be used, because pigs can eat and get health problems.

The filler suitable sawdust medium fraction had no flavor, chips, hay, corn or paper filler. Fine sawdust dust and cause sneezing. Some owners use reusable Mat PVC and fleece mats, which stack on top of filling. The Mat allows water to pass through, thanks to paws of little animals always remain dry.

You can use paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, but will have to change them more often. Another option – absorbent diaper. If on top of the diaper to put fleece or plastic Mat, then rodent won't be able to gut.

So Guinea pigs do not stink, it is necessary to regularly change the litter in the cage

In the daily care of the animal includes cleaning the remnants juicy and stale feed, wash the feeder and replace the litter.


The attentive owner will notice that the pet for the administration of natural needs prefers some one of the corners of their homes. In this place to make the process easier is to install a homemade or purchased in a pet shop toilet.

Optimally the filler it will suit pressed sawdust in the form of granules.

To get your animal fast reflexes, to the bathroom to put a little used litter with their excrement. To secure success after the stool in the right place, you should encourage the pet with something tasty.

The smell of rodent is not, if every day to change the litter in the litter tray and wash it with baking soda

The toilet pan should be removed daily by washing it with a solution of baking soda. Before putting in fresh litter, you can also pour a little baking soda on the bottom of the pan, to avoid odor.

Water treatment

Regular bathing pigs don't need, they take care of their coat themselves. To help in the care regular brushing with a toothbrush with soft bristles. Long-haired animals can be slightly trimmed to make it less dirty. But sometimes the need for bathing can occur, for example, on the recommendation of the vet, after some diseases, too polluted cage, especially Pets with long cover.

Ordinary human shampoo, soap, detergents or cleaning products are not suitable. For water treatment you should buy special shampoo for Guinea pigs.

Wash Pets once a month is not necessary. From frequent bathing washes off the natural fatty layer on the skin performs a protective function, can also occur bald patches.

Do not wash a Guinea pig, she's not that stinks

Bathe the animal in warm water, filling the basin with a little water. The procedure rodent accustom gradually. Avoid getting water in the ears. During the process of washing and after it is possible to treat pet a delicious treat.

Important! Wet pet can easily catch a cold, so after a bath you should wrap it in a warm towel, dry thoroughly and protect from drafts.

Other reasons can smell the Guinea pigs

As it turned out, if your pet smells the urine, it is more likely to clean his house. But what to do if maintenance of of unpleasant odor is still present? There are several reasons which are worth considering.


Feeding large amounts of cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, pears, radishes can cause diarrhea, bloating and a corresponding stench. Small portions of these products of digestion problems do not cause. From radishes to supply suitable plant, not a vegetable. Hay with the addition of coriander, mint, parsley or dandelion diversifies the diet of the Pets and will add a pleasant aroma in the cage.

So the Guinea pig does not stink, do not give her a lot of cabbage

Hormonal changes

Natural smell of males slightly stronger than females, during courtship. Childbirth females can temporarily cause slight peculiar smell.


If the cleanliness in the dwelling of your darling began to smell bad, you need to carefully inspect. The smell of rot appears when weeping eczema, pododermatitis. The cause of the stench can be other skin diseases, fungus, ear or subcutaneous mite and other diseases. You should not delay a visit to the veterinarian.

I hope what you have read will convince you in acquiring these wonderful Pets. Keep your Pets clean, take care of their health, and no one can tell you that Guinea pigs are smelly!

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Stink do Guinea pigs, the possible causes of odour
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