Abyssinian Guinea pig (female)

Brief characteristics, which usually gets to be the Guinea pig rosette: a small cute animal, funny and playful.It took a little time to interest and love of the funny animals first appeared in Europe and later spread around the globe.

Guinea pig rosette — color red

For General descriptions of the species is 2 words: adorable and funny. The unusual structure of the wool arose as a result of gene mutations. Part of the hair is the growth changes direction and twisted into the funnel. The result is a rosette, which gave the Abyssinian their official name. It must be remembered that these rodents do not belong to the longhaired varieties.

Experienced owners and breeders particularly appreciated the formation of the sockets in the nose.

Given that Guinea pigs breed rosette relate to the exhibition types, has the exact standard that they must meet. The determining factor is the location of sockets and their quantity. Main parameters:

  • clean sinks must be even;
  • 4 are located at the rear of the body along the spine are also 4 main, shoulders should be symmetrical outlet;

    The location of the sockets on the back

  • combs sockets sure is smooth, without creases and kinks, have a vertical direction;
  • the coat is relatively rigid, in males this factor is more pronounced;
  • sideburns and collar must be clearly visible;
  • hair length is 3-3,5 cm;
  • the muzzle is blunt, the head triangular;
  • the torso is a square, compact;
  • narrow shoulders blurs the boundaries between head and body.
The determining factor of standard access points and their number

Basic recognised colours are divided into 2 groups:

  1. Self. Condition – the monotony. Valid colors: red, cream, black, white.
  2. Agouti. Correspond to the natural wild colouring.

There are also piebald and tortoise-shell Abyssinian cats.

The adult reaches a size of 28 cm Weight males can sometimes exceed 1 kg. The largest females weigh no more than 900 g.

Features of the breed.

The main feature of Guinea pigs Abyssinian breed lies in their character. They are friendliness and kindness. They tend not to bite the hosts and the domestication required a little time.

Abyssinian Guinea pig, black in color

Among the main advantages of pet are:

  • the possibility of detention for asthmatics and Allergy sufferers;
  • the ability to get along with children;
  • high development of mental abilities;
  • a strong immune defense.

Another amazing feature – the delicate ears. Animal can hear the master outside the apartment when he walks up the stairs. In this case, the pig starts to squeak happily.

Abyssinian Guinea pig coat color agouti

Additional properties of character and temperament:

  • love to sit on the hands of the owner and rumble with pleasure;
  • at special credibility licks fingers of man;
  • the fear of sudden sounds and movements: with a sudden change in the situation can begin the panic attack;
  • according to some owners, a favorite treat – cucumbers.

The advantages of the Abyssinians rank as good health. Visits to the vet can be reduced to a minimum if:

  • to follow the rules of care;
  • to take responsibility for the selection of feed;
  • to give your pet enough affection and time.

When these conditions are met, a pet lives 8 to 10 years.

To determine that the pet is just unhealthy: female pigs characteristic activity and restlessness, a constant interest in the new. If the animal stopped eating and never leaves the house, then the disease gets to the animal and should immediately contact the veterinary clinic.

Female Guinea pig the color of cream

Under natural conditions animals live in groups of 5-10 individuals. They tend to work together to build burrows and co-exist within the same territory. However, when the content in the home environment in rodents appears this behavioral feature, as pugnacity. Accordingly, it is strictly forbidden to settle in the same cage with 2 males.

If you desire to put together 2 different sexes, but adult rodents, they should be given time to get used to each other. The process takes not one month, not always resulted in success. Really well get along with each other individuals from the same litter that grew up together.

Guinea pigs sockets: price and terms of the purchase

Now for purebred Abyssinians often give animals defective for the location of outlets or color, as well as mestizos.
If you want to buy a purebred pig Outlet, you should contact a reliable kennels or breeders, better recommendations.

Animal without pedigree sold for $ 1000 and less. The breeders prices vary depending on the class of pig. Pet class, that is, individual, not intended for breeding, will cost 1000-1500 rubles. Pigs breed-class are more expensive, the price can go up to 2000 rubles.

Abyssinian Guinea pig care and maintenance

Abyssinians are considered undemanding Pets, however, a minimum set of procedures-care should be mandatory, otherwise, the pet may get sick, or his character will change for the worse.

Female Guinea pig tortoiseshell

The arrangement of the cells

Cage for a small rodent is required, however, it is important to pay attention to the length: the pig loves walking, so the front and rear wall must be at least 1 m. the Dwelling should be equipped with the necessary devices:

  • the house in which the animal is hiding, resting or keeps stocks;
  • drinker and feeder;
  • the manger for hay, can be attached to the outside of cells and inside;
  • toys a wheel and a ladder, which happily climb young individuals;
  • mineral stone grinding cutters.

On the bottom you need to fill chips, but it is better to use specialized pellets. The toilet is better to arrange in the corner, opposite the "dining room". General cleaning of the cells is recommended every week, and feeders and drinkers must be washed daily.

Abyssinian Guinea pig — colour Peguy


The basis of the diet is a special commercial feed with grass in summer and hay in winter. Also the menu need to include fruits and vegetables, guided by the preferences of their own pet and a list of approved products.

The body of Guinea pigs does not produce ascorbic acid. You must provide them with enough of the stuff with rose hips, parsley, sweet pepper.

Owners of Abyssinian Guinea pigs you should know that the Pets coat requires regular and thorough hoopoe. Once a week the skin should be wiped with a cloth soaked in plain water to remove dead hair and dirt. It is also necessary to brush the coat the special tool with soft work. Solid plastic and metal can damage the skin of the pet.

Babies Abyssinian Guinea pigs — color black and red self

But wool requires attention and claws. If in the wild they are erased during the run, in home pet has no such ability. You need to purchase special scissors. The ears should also be wiped clean. This will require a pure cotton swab and a drug with antibacterial properties, bought at a pet store.

Rosetted Guinea-pigs love walks but equally happy they get the opportunity to eat absolutely all the met items.

Important! If the pet walks around the apartment freely and without constant supervision, all electricity cables should be raised at the reach for their height. This will prevent accidental injury from electric current.

Owner reviews

Charm and unusual Abyssinians encourages owners to choose them as Pets. Most reviews owners favorable and full of positive emotions.

Catherine, 35 years. "In my understanding Abyssinians – best option to maintain the house. Had 2 days to my pretty accustomed not only to me but also to family members. Very hand, ready to sit for hours to be stroked. Cucumber soul – have a cucumber next to her and impossible not to share. We have a Syrian hamster breed lives –well, almost asleep in an embrace".

Sophia, 28 years. "I have a very sensitive sense of smell, so choosing the pet focused on the lack of "flavors". Abyssinians do not smell at all, and their sockets – sea charm. Our girl is sweet, quiet and calm. Eats well, especially the apples. It is enough to change the litter every 2 weeks. My son is a preschooler, just learning to look after Pets. So they have established a great relationship, or just had no bites, although a couple of times the child showed negligence."

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Abyssinian Guinea pig (female)
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