Black and black-and-white Guinea pig

Black Guinea pig with a coat of coal-black colour, which not a single colored dot, attracts admiring glances as breeders and fans of these lovely animals.

Animals with black coat color

Guinea pig with a plain fur dark color always stand out among other canines.Black color is evenly distributed throughout the body.

Guinea pig breed American Teddy

Skinny and Baldwin

These rocks are characterized by the absence of wool. However, this circumstance does not prevent them to be black in color.

Guinea pig breeds skinny


Peruvian Guinea pig , black in color — a real "rocker". Fervently dangling tuft and slightly scruffy styled hair betrays a mischievous look.

The Peruvian Guinea pig breed


These Pets coat similar to wool llama breed alpacas. They look like Peruvian Guinea pigs only with curly hair.

Guinea pig breeds of alpacas


The Abyssinian is representative of a rough-coated Guinea pigs. Thanks to the many outlets looks very attractive. Black color is quite common.

Guinea pig Abyssinian breed


A real "Queen" among breeds longhaired representatives.

Guinea pig breed sheltie


Coronet very close to the sheltie breed. They are distinguished by the presence of rosette (crown) on the head.

Guinea pig breed, the coronet


Merino is in turn close to coronatum only have curly hair.

Guinea pig breeds Merino

Black and white Guinea pig

In black and white color version of these two shades beautifully on the body of rodents and may be in the form of alternating strips, and in the form of inclusions and blemishes.


The animals alternated dark and white color, where every hue has clear boundaries and is not intertwined with each other. As a rule, black painted upper region of the head and the back of the animal's body.

Guinea pig Dutch breed


Scattered over the body dark spots to create the background is bright and beautiful and unique pattern.

Guinea pigs color forty


Patrons Pets with white color combined with dark head and the same patches all over the body.

Guinea pig color Dalmatian


This is a new and very rare breed. It is characteristic of these rodents – completely black color and a narrow white stripe on the back in the form of a belt.

Guinea pig breeds Galloway

It's fun!

In South America, where these animals, black Guinea pigs were afraid and ordered them magical properties.
In some tribes of the Incas, who bred these animals for sacrificial rituals and as a source of meat, rodents with darker fur was considered the epitome of evil and they were killed immediately after birth.

But the shamans used the little black animals in his magical rituals, believing that they are able to absorb the evil energy, and to heal diseases. Wizards "wipe" the Guinea pig, the whole body of the sick person to transfer the disease on the rodent. After the ritual the animals were destined for a sad fate: the shaman killed the pig and its innards were predicting the recovery of the patient.

Such barbaric treatment of dark rodents has led to the fact that this color is extremely rare among these animals and breeders put a lot of effort to keep the population of black Guinea pigs.

Black and black-and-white Guinea pig
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