Giant Guinea pigs kui — the world's largest

Kui is the biggest Guinea pig in the world.Its meat used in the food industry. In Europe the Guinea pig Cuy contains as a pet. However, the large rodent is not as popular as its smaller congeners.


The Motherland of the breed kui are the countries of South America like Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia. This rodent is a wild animal living in rocky and mountainous areas with abundant vegetation. Animals are grouped in flocks of 10 individuals, chief among which is the most healthy, hardy and strong, and male.

Guinea pigs kui live groups in South America

Large Guinea pigs in South American countries are agricultural animals, giving a delicious, high-quality and cheap meat. The excrement of large rodents are used as natural fertilizers, what is the added value of kui.

Anatomy, appearance

Giant Guinea pig Cuy in comparison with other rodent species has a massive skeleton and a wide skull. Many individuals paws have extra toes, and such a defect is called polydactylism. However, abnormal fingers operate and did not interfere with the rodent. Giant Guinea pigs have a weight ranging from 1.5 to 4 kg. Animal is inclined to completeness, therefore, quickly gets fat.

The giant Guinea pigs Cuy in the photo often extra toes


As a result of breeding work were bred 2 subspecies kui: Creole is characterized by an elongated body, long muzzle, but a wider forehead. Rodents are large, but slowly gain weight. The weight of an adult usually does not exceed 1.5 kg. Feature of the breed is innate nervousness that complicate an increase in the animal population. This breed was developed in Europe.

Improved mostly in Peru. Unlike individuals Creole breeds are not as elongated muzzle. The skull of a rodent broad, massive forehead. Improved muscle mass kui is growing rapidly, thanks to the six-month age the animal reaches adult size. Body weight is 3-4 kg.

Peruvian Guinea pig Cuy in the photo has a gorgeous coat

In turn, improved the breed of Guinea pigs kui is divided into several types:

  • English has short and smooth coat, the color of which varies from plain to spotted;
  • the Abyssinian is short the coat, with a large number of vortices;
  • Peruvian has a nice appearance thanks to long sleek hair;
  • Merino is characterized by short and massive body, and tousled hair of a small length.

In comparison with other types of kui, representatives of the type Merinos medium-sized. All pigs kui have a small lifespan due to the propensity for heart disease, triggered by obesity. On average most marine lives not exceeding three years.

The photo shows the Abyssinian type of kui is difficult to confuse due to the wool cover in the form of rosettes


Cuy is a Guinea pig with a difficult character. The animals are shy, nervous and unfriendly towards others Pets, especially to their relatives. If the owner of the rodents decide to contain in a cage with 2-3 females, it would be a bad idea, as Guinea pigs will quickly come to blows.

Fighting animals often end in severe injuries and even death.


Large Guinea pigs grow rapidly, becoming sexually Mature in 3-4 months. Experienced breeders of rodents trying to breed a female animal in the first heat, because young individuals are less prone to obesity. Rodents with excess weight not suitable for breeding, as the bearing of offspring associated with obesity can lead to death.

Important! Huge Guinea pigs are impossible to knit with representatives of other species as a result of improper breeding causes birth abnormalities in the offspring, manifested by numerous diseases.

Giant Guinea pigs kui grow very fast

Care and maintenance

Gilt kui is a uncommon pet. Low their popularity stems from the fact that to find a purebred of the breed kui in Europe difficult. Another disadvantage of animals is the short duration of their life and not the peace-loving nature. If the same person decided to make a home large Guinea pig, he must know the peculiarities of feeding and keeping such animal at home.

Pet requires a spacious cage, due to his size. As bedding use sawdust, designed for filling of cells of rodents. Also pet you need to create a paddock for walking.
Feed the pet in moderation, considering his tendency to obesity. In the diet of kui include high-quality plant foods: fresh cut hay (grass), vegetables, herbs, unsweetened fruit, twigs of trees. Grain and feed rodents are not allowed to give, because this food leads to adiposity.

A Guinea pig needs to strike while in a large room because it is larger than its congener home

When the content is large Guinea pigs should not ignore the care for its claws and fur. To maintain the cleanliness of the coat of the animal should be bathed 1 time per 1-2 weeks, using special shampoo. Every six months the rodent trimming the claws, using a special tweezers.

To maintain the pet clean, you need at least three times a week to change the bedding in his cage. Ignoring this rule will lead to the emergence of the odor emanating from the animal. With proper care and feeding of the giant pig will be healthy and active pet.

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Giant Guinea pigs kui — the world's largest
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