Peruvian Guinea pig

With a bow on the head, fervent, flowing on her face with bangs and long luxurious fur, these animals are more like Maltese dogs and Yorkshire Terriers than Guinea pigs.The locals were breeding these rodents as a source of valuable meat. But if short-haired Guinea pigs, the Indians ate their countrymen, who had long hair was considered sacred and were worshipped as deities.

The first Europeans to draw attention to the long-haired rodent was the French colonists. Studying the life of the indigenous population of Argentina and Peru, researchers from France interested in unusual animals and in the early nineteenth century, sent several specimens to Paris as a gift to the Royal family.

Peruvian Guinea pig tri-color

Hairy Guinea pigs made a splash not only among the French aristocracy, but also among the Parisian breeders who enthusiastically undertook their breeding. The ladies of the court began to keep these beautiful animals as Pets, and for some time Guinea pigs even ousted the favorite aristocrat dogs and Persian cats.

In the thirties of the nineteenth century, the long-haired Guinea pig was presented at the annual agricultural show in Paris. Soon these amazing animals spread throughout Europe. European breeders Guinea pigs began breeding these animals, which helped to bring a new breed of these rodents with long hair and unusual colors.

Peruvian Guinea pig two-tone

Important: the French called the long-haired Guinea pigs, Angora and only in 1930 the breed was officially renamed to Peruvian. Consequently there is often confusion about the breed name of these rodents. Some breeders still consider Angora and Peruvian pigs are separate species although in reality it is one and the same species.

Peruvian Guinea pig: description of the appearance of

There is nothing surprising in the fact that long-haired beauties from Peru is so popular among breeders and fans of these amazing animals. They look impressive and aristocratic, so this breed is sometimes called the Royal.

Solid Peruvian Guinea pig


  • body animals have strong, rounded, with a straight back and broad chest;
  • the head is small, with round shining eyes, a rich, dark color. Medium length ears hang down. The forehead and cheeks pigs covers long fur, forming a kind of fringe and so-called "whiskers";
  • rodents have a straight long hair, soft and silky to the touch. On the back the fur is separated parted in the middle, so the long smooth strands hanging down on both sides of the body of the animal. On the tummy and feet fur is much shorter than the back and head animals;
  • color pigs Peruvian breed can be both one-colour and include two or three different shades. The most common color is white color of the coat combined with a reddish brown hue. Very rare are the rodents, with gray, with silver fur.
Peruvian Guinea pig and her cubs

Distinctive features of the breed.

From their relatives Angora Guinea pigs are not only luxurious silky fur:

  • compared to other breeds Peruvians are the largest. Adults weigh from half to two pounds;
  • with a body length of thirty to thirty-five centimeters, the length of the fur of the animals reaches forty to fifty centimeters.
  • short-haired Guinea pig to communicate with each other using only six sounds, while their long-haired relatives can publish up to ten different audio signals;
  • Angora rodents breed very much attached to his owner, recognizing him by scent and voice. And when ownership changes are experiencing severe stress may and a few days to give up eating;
  • these animals have a gentle calm nature and can sit for long periods in one place, which they like to exhibit at exhibitions and competitions;
  • Peruvians can not be called active and mobile. Most of their the time they spend in the dream and is able to sleep six to eight hours a day;
  • Angora Guinea pig moderate in eating and they require two times less food than their short-haired relatives;
  • rodents are very fond of treats and is able to show the cunning and ingenuity, to beg the owner tidbit;
  • they are easy to teach a few tricks: for example, to keep the team sound, encouraging a delicacy;
  • long-haired Pets against people behave friendly and trusting, but they are particularly affectionate with a loved owner;
  • these animals are considered more decorative, and not Pets, as their coat requires special care;
  • the average life expectancy of most breeds of Guinea pigs, from five to ten years. But long-haired beauties live no more than five or six years.
Peruvian Guinea pig rare color

Maintenance and care at home

If you do not take into account additional requirements for the care of luxurious fur of animals, their maintenance is no different from other breeds of Guinea pigs.

Palette of colors Peruvian pigs wide from white to black

Hairy the cat needs daily brushing, just so her long shining coat will look well-groomed and attractive. If the owner is not planning to show the favorite shows, the fur of the rodent should be periodically cut.

For a comfortable stay rodents need spacious, equipped with necessary accessories cage (a feeder, a drinking bottle, a Siennica and house).

Food animals should consist of hay, fresh grass and succulent feed. Because of the high fat content of grain mixtures of these animals feed is not desirable. Peruvians move a little, and such a diet can lead to the development of obesity.

Important: this breed is not recommended to buy as a pet for small children, as the child will not be able to provide the animal proper medical care.

Peruvian Guinea pigs beige and gray color

Beautiful and friendly Guinea pigs Peruvian breed will have to devote a lot of time and attention. Without proper care, these animals lose their attractive appearance and start to hurt. So, before I start this exotic and amazing pet owner should decide whether he is ready to take on this responsibility.

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Peruvian Guinea pig
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