Accessories for Guinea pigs

In modern pet stores you can find everything for Guinea pigs — different companies represent a wide variety of accessories and toys.In this article, you will learn what you need for Guinea pigs, a list of all accessories presented below.

What you need for Guinea pigs

These furry rodents are known for their simplicity, but they require certain conditions. First Guinea pigs need properly-equipped dwelling place. It's a cage or an aviary, as well as the necessary utensils for eating and sleeping.

The cage or rack

For keeping pigs need a fairly large cage with a plastic tray, which is convenient to clean. To save space, you can buy your pet a cage-rack in two floors.

If the store is not the right option, you can own hands to make the cage, and the old furniture is easy to invent your own in the rack.


If possible, it is better to arrange for pigs and spacious cage-an aviary, with plenty of room for movement. To walk the animal outside in the warm months also use lightweight plastic or wire cages.

Cage for Guinea pigs contains all what you need


In the cage must be a safe shelter where the pet can rest and hide. If to choose a house with a flat roof, the pig will climb it to watch the others from the stand.

Guinea pigs need a fairly open house so that the animal was not wild in it


To make it easier to keep clean and comfortable for the pet conditions, it is important to choose the right filler. Best suited sawdust or corn granules that can absorb liquid as well as safe for rodents. For keeping pigs you can't use kitty litter.

Corn filler like popcorn


Pigs may drink more or less water depending on the amount of succulent feed. But it is important that the cage has always been a drinking bowl filled with freshly boiled or filtered water. These rodents will only fit outboard models with a metal ball.

Suspended drinker need a Guinea pig, it takes up little space in the cage


The diet includes rodents, dry and succulent food, so the cage should be two feeders. One for grains and granular mixtures, the second for the pieces of vegetables, fruit, berries. Each bowl must be stable for the creature knocked over her. It is better not to use plastic, which can be gnawing, and choose heavy ceramic bowls. Metal feeder for Guinea pigs is conveniently attached to the bars of the cage.

Guinea pig needs a trough, which rests on the floor of the cage

IMPORTANT: If you keep multiple animals, it is recommended to buy a wide cat bowls with low sides. Pigs will be convenient together to eat from a trough, not interfering with each other.

Holder for hay

The basis of the diet Guinea pigs is hay, so it should always be available in sufficient quantity. That animals are not trampled and not soiled hay, use a hanging metal or plastic holders. You can also make a barn for Guinea pigs with their hands:

  1. Of thick fabric sewn square bag, in the lower part of which make slits through which a rodent can remove the hay. To the corners of the pouch are sewn fastening.
  2. In a plastic container of suitable size are cut out of the slotted hole. One of the edges attached hooks to hang the barn to the bars.
  3. If you have experience you can make the barn wood, you will need strips of small thickness and a saw, hacksaw.

Fresh hay can prepare yourself, ready in packages sold in pet stores. Before you put in the holder, it is recommended to sort out.

The barn for Guinea pigs, you can make your own hands


Carrier will need in order to deliver an animal home from the store or from a breeder. Guinea pigs are very shy, so hard to tolerate the road — a safe shelter can help reduce stress levels. In pet stores you can get a disposable cardboard carrier with already slotted holes for breathing, you can also bring box from home. But it is better to purchase a secure cage made of plastic — it will be much easier when travelling out of town or to the vet.

Plastic pet carrier need to piggy did not feel the stress during transport

Optional accessories for Guinea pigs

Some products for Guinea pigs will help to make the lives of Pets brighter and more comfortable. It is a variety of toys, couches, adequate pension and other convenient fixtures.


Pigs like to occupy yourself with toys — at pet stores you can find different beads, coils, which are softly ringing or rustling when rolling. Better if the toy is made of natural materials, then the pet can chew on it without danger to himself.

Guinea pigs love toys, tunnels

Tunnel for Guinea pigs

To fill the need of your pet in motion, you can install in the cage or place for walking fabric or plastic tunnels. If you connect several parts among themselves, you get a maze, in which the pig will be a great pleasure to travel.

In pet shops sold many types of tunnels, it is also possible to make such a toy yourself:

  1. Done a few rings of metal wire, the diameter should be such that the pig could become stuck.
  2. Each ring is sheathed, for good fleece or other thick fabric.
  3. The rings are interconnected using lengths of fabric, at a distance of 10-15cm.
  4. The edges are sewn hooks to attach or hang the device for the bars of the cage.

As tunnels can use parts and pieces of pipe for the plumbing. Usually they are made of durable plastic that pig can't chew. Interesting design work, if the sheathing pieces of pipe with a thick cloth pretty colors.

To make the maze your own hands as you can from the cardboard boxes and heavy paper. Penetrate into the walls of the boxes the holes connect paper tunnels, install barriers and the shelter dog will be with great interest to explore a new toy.

Tunnels for Guinea pigs you can do with your hands

The bed for Guinea pigs

Pets often prefer to sleep in the house, but don't overlook soft beds and mattresses. These products you can choose pet store or stitch your own hands. Popular sleeping bag for Guinea pigs:

  1. From fabric cut squares, the dimensions depend on the size of your pet to the body length of pigs is added about 10 cm.
  2. Sewn inner bag is lined with soft fabric.
  3. The finished bag-the inside is wrapped in a thin batting, it is necessary to leave 10 cm from the side of the hole.
  4. The outer bag is sewn from a durable fabric, it is laid inner bag with synthetic padding.
  5. Left 10 cm of inside out turned inside out and stapled together.

In such a sleeping bag piggies feel secure, in the shelter, so it is sometimes used instead of house.

For jewelry, you can choose bright colors, but it is better to take fabrics that tolerate frequent washing.

Cozy couches Guinea pigs can use instead of a house


Pigs love to relax in the soft hammockthat is easy to hang in cage or aviary. To hang the hammock you need at a low altitude, not more than 10-15 cm from the floor surface, otherwise the pet may fall and hurt themselves.

The hammock should hang low

Clothing for Guinea pigs

Unlike dogs clothes pigs sew not for walking — suits, dresses and other stuff are only for decoration and image creation. A variety of costumes to buy or sew to order, you can also try to make clothes for Guinea pigs with their hands. The easiest outfit obtained from a conventional sock bright colors:

  1. Cut the upper part to the heel, cut a hole for legs.
  2. Edges are folded and neatly filed.
  3. The fabric is decorated to the taste of the owner — fit beads, buttons, ribbons.

To produce a more complex, original outfits, you will need designs and patterns. You can find them on the Internet or come up with yourself.

Photos of Guinea pigs in clothes is very popular, but it's fun for the owners, not the animals

Leash and harness

To walk the rodent sometimes use a harness — it is best to choose the model in the form of shirts tightly around the trunk of the animal. The most convenient retractable lead with lock, but the fit and ordinary leather or fabric cord.

In the picture the harness for the Guinea pig looks like clothing, the most convenient option


In free range in the home owners often want to secure coverage in the apartment from puddles. For this purpose, you can purchase or sew cloth diapers, which are fixed on the body of the animal by means of lock and loop fasteners. But the effectiveness of this method is questionable — the pig will try to get rid of the diaper, and change it will have too often. Best used for walking pet enclosed space that can be covered with diaper for puppies.

Diapers for walking — not the best solution, the animal they interfere too

Do I need a wheel for Guinea pigs

Some accessories are not suitable for these Pets, and can even be dangerous. Examples of these items include the wheel and the exercise ball for Guinea pigs. These rodents there is no need for motion, like hamsters or chinchillas, so you are unlikely to see as Guinea pigs run in the wheel. Most often it remains unclaimed, occupying a lot of space in the cage. If the pet will show interest in the wheel or the ball, he can easily get injured due to his clumsiness and not flexible enough spine.

Running wheel for hamster, but for pigs it is deadly

Video: top 10 most dangerous things for Guinea pigs

Accessories for Guinea pigs
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