Makeshift houses for the Guinea pigs

In a cage for the little rodent doesn't have to be a house, but with this accessory, the life of the pet will be much more comfortable and enjoyable.In this Guinea pig will be able not only to sleep but also to eat a favorite treat or just to escape, fearing loud sound.

Therefore, your own house will be a shelter for the furry animal is a great gift in which he will spend most of his time while the owner is busy with their own Affairs.

What should be the home to Guinea pigs

Buying housing for your pet at the pet storeor making it yourself, you should pay attention to a number of criterion that this accessory should match.

The main requirements to the house.


The house should be large enough and roomy to pet freely could be accommodated, both in vertical and in horizontal position.

Wide input

The entrance hole of the house should be such that the animal could freely enter and exit and not get stuck in the aisle.


This is one of the main requirements when choosing housing for Guinea pigs. It is unacceptable that the details of the accessory has been covered with paint or varnish. Because a Guinea pig can try their "flat" taste, and the penetration of these substances into her body will lead to severe food poisoning.


Special attention should be paid to inspection of the external appearance of the structure. Objects should not protrude the tips of the screws or nails. It is also recommended to choose a house with no sharp corners and pointed ornaments in the form of towers, on which the animal can get hurt.

Good ventilation

For air circulation in the walls of the housing for Guinea pigs should be cut holes (preferably round or oval). But the presence of narrow cracks in the house is unacceptable, as they can be stuck on a paw of a rodent.

Important: for Guinea pigs it is better to choose a house without a bottom. So in the home the pet will not accumulate debris and it is significantly formed to carry out the cleaning.

Materials and handy tools for making houses

Ready homes for Guinea pigs in most cases made of wood or plastic. What materials or household items you can use in order to make a shelter, small pet?

Makeshift houses are made of:

  • sheets of wood veneer;
  • cardboard boxes;
  • a metal grating covered with a cloth;
  • old ceramic pots;
That way you can use the pot for flowers
  • thick cardboard;
  • sewer plastic pipes;
  • segments of children's designer;
  • plastic food container;
  • plastic kitchen drawers.

The most rugged and durable housing for a rodent is, of course, wooden house. Even considering the fact that the Guinea pig will use their own rooms for the grinding of the teeth, the product made of sheets of plywood will still last longer than a fabric or cardboard house.

But what material to make the house depends on personal preferences of the owner and his skill.

Wooden house for Guinea pigs with their hands

The most common housing option for the animals – the house made of wooden plywood. Build it himself is not too difficult, and the materials for its manufacture are each of the owner.

Simple wooden house

The stages of construction of house:

  1. To prepare the necessary tools and materials (sheets of plywood, a saw, a ruler, a pencil, some nails, a hammer and sandpaper).
  2. On the plywood to draw four rectangles for the sides of the product and one rectangular piece, which will serve as a roof. Dwelling size calculated from the size of cell and size of the animal. The most appropriate parameters: length – 45, width – 35, height -25 cm.
  3. Cut out all the details. In the front wall are cut with a wide entrance hole. On the side walls to make Windows.
  4. The edges of cut sheets zashlifovyvajut carefully to avoid burrs.
  5. With nails connect all parts of the house so that the accessory is not sticking out the ends and nail heads.
  6. The resulting wooden box nailed to the roof and "flat" for rodent almost ready. Purify the product from the saw with a brush and wipe with a dry cloth.
  7. Carefully inspect the house on the subject of protruding nails or rough edges and if all OK, put the object in a cage pet.

Important: the animal will use in-house and as a grindstone for teeth, so it is impossible to produce this accessory oak, cherry or plum, because they contained tannic substances harmful to animal health.

How to make a house out of cardboard boxes

The easiest way to please pet your own home is to make it from a cardboard box. This option does not require owner effort or special skills.

A very simple version of the house out of the box

For this you will need only a box (Shoe or home appliances, for example) and scissors.

On one wall of the box cut out a big hole, it would serve as the entrance to the "apartment", and on the opposite wall cut out. The side walls it is desirable to cut the boxes to house incoming fresh air. The product is installed in the cage bottom down and call the pet to a housewarming party.

A house of plastic pipe

You can make a housing for a furry rodent from the tee of a plastic pipe remaining after the repair or replacement of sewers. Well for this purpose to use an elbow or tee, but the fit and cut of the original pipe.

Versions of the houses from the chimneys

To a new house came to taste Guinea pig, it is possible to wrap the pipe with cloth, so the house will look warmer and cozier. Moreover, a covered matter, the pipe is safer for the animal, because it can gnaw the design and swallow the plastic.

Instructions for making fabric house

It turns out very beautiful house in a Hiking tent or hut.

Fabric houses

The basis for this product is metal mesh, which is bent in a semicircle and attached to a piece of cardboard. Then fit a metal frame with a thick cloth. That the house gets cozier under the fabric, you can put a piece of batting. To the rear also sew a piece of cloth, leaving open only the entrance. At the bottom of the house put a bed of fleece and comfortable shelter for the pet is ready.

Making house out of cardboard

To build such housing will need a few sheets of cardboard, pencil, x-ACTO knife or scissors and any non-toxic glue.

To build a house out of cardboard is not difficult
  1. On cardboard drawings, drawing walls and roof of the future product. The size of the house calculated from the dimensions of the pet. But in any case the length of the walls should not be less than 45, width 30 and height 20 centimeters.
  2. Cut out all the details.
  3. Connect the walls of the structure with glue and glued the roof.
  4. Leave the product on for a few hours, that glue has seized, and its a lovely fragrance and placed in a rodent cage.

Houses for Guinea pigs, plastic

Easiest and fastest option may be to consider making the house from a plastic container or an old plastic drawer for kitchen utensils.

Any plastic container in the economy can be adapted as a house

For this selected item of a suitable size and cut it inlet. Or cut out the openings in all walls of the box, making the inputs and outputs for pet.

Important: plastic is harmful to the body of Guinea pigs, so if your pet chews a plastic house it is better to remove from the cell, offering the animal the more secure option of wood or cardboard.

The choice of materials for the manufacture of the housing is wide enough. And to please pet their own house each owner will be able to effortlessly make this accessory your own hands.

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Video: how to make a house for the Guinea pig pumpkin

Makeshift houses for the Guinea pigs
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