Training Guinea pigs

Guinea pig – not a stupid animal.To ensure that the learning process was successful, a loving owner you need to approach it with great patience. So how to train a Guinea pig at home?

For good result, first of all, it is necessary to provide pigs a comfortable life and take care of his daily needs. Before you start training a Guinea pig needs to be tamed and know your name.

The principle of training Guinea pigs

Training Guinea pigs at home is quite simple. The basic techniques are patience, time presented a meal as a favorite treat, perseverance. Everything is based on conditional reflexes.

Observe the normal behavior of the animal and try to associate with incentives in the form of clicks and whistles.

If properly train a Guinea pig, she will learn a lot of tricks

To begin to train a Guinea pig have in a relaxed atmosphere. Better if there is no foreign. Should start when the host will feel that the threshold of distrust on the part of the animal passed, and he on the same wavelength with your pet. If the pig is afraid of nothing. Its perception is dulled.

The ideal period for education is two, three weeks since the appearance of the pig in the house.

You need to prepare in advance treats and a whistle. If a little friend is worried about something or in a bad mood, it was better training to be postponed until better times.

It is known that these animals do not like when they kept on weight. The pig feels much more confident on a hard surface. You should put it on the floor or put on the table. Immediately after the rodent will fulfill what you want from it, the owner need to use the whistle, and the hour to encourage your pet with a tasty treat. First, the animal may be a little scared of a sharp whistle, but despite this, the interrupt process is not necessary. Reflex take its course and the pig will understand that the sound and the treat means action on his part.

Ability to train the pet on an empty stomach

All the animals, and the pig is no exception, it is better to train hungry. The food is the best incentive. Just praise and caressing is not enough for a rodent carrying out the orders of the owner. Handful of treats will do wonders for them the pig will fulfill all the requirements.

To train a Guinea pig should be on an empty stomach

No need to overdo it and starve porcine hunger before exercise. But it is likely that feeding occurs on a schedule and therefore you should choose the time just before it.

The tricks you can teach a Guinea pig

A lot of what you can teach a Guinea pig. Time will pass and she will learn commands from simple to complex.

Team "to serve."

It is the simple command that the pet can perform. Done with the Goodies:

  1. Take a piece of lovely treats for the animal and raised above his head, but so that it could only get standing on your paws. At the same time say: "to Serve!".
  2. When a pig will pop up to give.

To do it regularly every day. It will take some time, and the pig will stand up on command "to serve", even without treats.

The command to serve is the easiest in learning

The trick with the ring

Pet could be taught the trick with the ring. Please prepare a Hoop with a diameter of about 20 cm you Can do it from the cut top of a plastic bottle, also suitable racket (tennis without lines). Be sure to make sure that the selected item does not bear the danger of chipping for your pet:

  1. Place the ring edge on the floor, hold one hand in the other hand take a treat and hold back.
  2. Call rodent by name and say a command "in the ring", it needs to notice the food. Just a little pig to push, they will need the help of another person. A treat for the animal will serve as sufficient motivation, and it will jump to get it.
  3. After the rodent jumped into the Hoop, the master should sound the whistle immediately and award the coveted delicacy.

To do this regularly as long as the pig will not run the command without treats.

Before you can teach a Guinea pig jumping through a ring, make sure of the safety of the equipment

The pencil trick

A Guinea pig can be taught to bring a pencil, that's pretty funny:

  1. Take a pencil, it is better if it is red. Snap to the edge and thread a piece of favorite food of rodents, can carrots.
  2. Open the cage, and just to put this pencil.
  3. To say clearly the command "bring a pencil". Animal little push in the right direction. A rodent will approach the pencil and try to eat delicious treats, but it will be tethered.
  4. Gently insert the pencil in the mouth of a swine that he firmly seized. Then call him by name.
  5. After he will be near you, feed a piece of carrot.

It's hard for the pig trick, therefore, will need patience of the owner. But after some time everything will work out.

After a long training a Guinea pig can bring a pencil or stick

Guinea pigs good trainable. It is important during training to pay attention to the safety of the pet. These rodents are delicate little paws, because the master should be very careful not to hurt your pet. Trained Guinea pigs is very fun and the joy of communicating with them will be even greater.

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Training Guinea pigs
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