How to train your Guinea pig and make friends with her

Guinea pig — pet friendly and trusting.This is evident in the behavior: the animal ceases to run and hide. From a week to a month will require that the pet has started to show interest and initiative to communicate. In complex cases, domestication may take 5-6 months.

Adaptation on a new place

To teach a Guinea pig to hands impossible, until she feels safe. It is therefore important to give the animal time to settle in the new place. To help settle can ensure pet comfort and peace of mind.

The principles of adaptation to home:

  • near the cage of unacceptable noise;
  • drinker and feeder needs to be filled;
  • we need to organize the shelter: a pile of hay, which the animal can hide;
  • the new inhabitant of the house is to keep other Pets;
  • people it is advisable to refrain from trying to pet and hold the animal on his hands.

The first time, Guinea pigs will avoid contact. In the presence of a stranger, she may even refuse to eat. Not to confuse the critter, you can cover the cage with a thin cloth hiding her several sides of the structure.

To tame a Guinea pig, put her in a cage in the shelter of hay

Guinea pigs have sensitive hearing. Loud and harsh sounds can greatly scare her and cause stress. The cage should not be installed near sources of sound. In the silence of the animal will quickly become accustomed to new surroundings.

Adaptation of Guinea pigs after purchase requires sensitivity from the owner, even if the pet is not showing signs of anxiety. During this period it is better not to touch the animal without the need. When cleaning the cage and filling the trough, it is desirable to avoid abrupt movements. During this period it is better not to touch the pig without the need.

You shouldn't let her walk on the floor of the apartment. To explore the large space easier gradually. The pet can not guess to get back in the cage alone and scared when it start to catch.

Methods of domestication

If your pet does not pay attention, he will get used to human presence and will become less fearful, but to interact with the owner will not learn. To tame a Guinea pig, you need to wait until she's completely comfortable in the apartment. You should pay attention to the behavior of the animal, not the time frame.

Step by step guide:

  1. You should start to accustom to the owner. The owner need to periodically talk to the animals, using a gentle and soothing tone. To reinforce positive associations, if the escort is left with the Goodies.
  2. When the pet behaves calmly in the presence of the owner, you can begin to accustom him to the hands of man. For this purpose, through the open cage door to offer the pig a treat. You need to let the animal sniff his hands. Odors play an important role in the animal world.
  3. From the moment when the pig without the fear of taking delicacies from the hands, you can begin gently stroking it. You should avoid touching the rear part of the body. Animal it may be taken as an attack.
  4. Later, the interaction is already possible to continue without reinforcements delicious gift. Gradually stroking the pet can be more confident, to note what he likes and what not.
  5. When the animal get used to the strokes, you can try to hold.

To make friends with a Guinea pig, at first to avoid uncomfortable situations for her. It is unacceptable that human actions have caused pain. The correct way to hold and stroke the Guinea pig so that the animal liked it.

To train your Guinea pig to the host by using Goodies

The animal that hears his name getting a treat, getting used to it. In the future, to call the pig to himself, it will be enough to sit down, to lend a hand if it's something there and quietly pronounce the name.

What if the pig is scared

Befriend a young specimen is lighter than the Mature animal. Pet, acquired by adults can be used to master long. Animal from the store is often a loner, as not all visitors show tact in the handling of animals.

To grown Guinea pig was not afraid, you can try to buy treats with it. It is useful to talk with your pet by stroking it on his knees. Need to move the cage closer to his favorite place of the owner. Close to spending more time pet will understand that to it threatens nothing.

It is understood that Guinea pig is not given into the hands not only out of fear. The cause may be an independent character, or the presence of the animal other plans.

The domestication of Guinea pigs should be postponed if the animal is doing something very important

Not every pet wants to sit on his lap. If the animal pulls of the owner for the clothes or the skin of his teeth, so he wants to break free.

Is that a Guinea pig not long is hand set in a cage house. For solid walls, she feels protected from his people, and out of the host society is not getting experience with him.

Most often afraid of Guinea pigs eccentric people, with a loud voice and lively gestures. The animal sees this behavior as a threat. To fix this, you need to train yourself to move near a pet's smooth and quiet.

When the animal is afraid of the master he tries to hide. To burrow in the hay, or climb to the far corner of the cell. Touch can trigger a desperate, sharp squeak. That Guinea pig ruffled, often not caused by fright, and poor health. If the behavior noticed by this habit, you should consult a veterinarian.

Favorite affection for Guinea pigs

To stroke a Guinea pig so that she was nice, easy to learn, if you focus on the reaction of the pet. Many animals like stroking the bridge of the nose, scratching near his ears.

If the pig's head pushes the arm, so she was not comfortable.

Sometimes the fingers just close animal review and it pushes them like I would have done it with branches.

Guinea pigs like it when they scratch their neck

Some Guinea pigs like to be stroked on the sides like cats. It is understood that this gesture the animal can afford to trust completely. It is not suitable for the first stage of Dating.

Almost all Guinea pigs love being petted, and scratching my neck. In this zone, the animal high sensitivity and act cautiously. If the pet raises his head until his stroke, so he likes and he holds his neck.

How to keep pet pig

Right to take a Guinea pig on his hands so that she could lean on the host.

At small dimensions, the animal is quite heavy, position the weight can cause pain.

Teaching a Guinea pig to learn to keep her hands properly

One hand behind the front legs and covers the chest, a second carefully holds back. Hold the Guinea pig firmly, but not squeezing. Body type in this species is not adapted to the downs. Blow, even from a small height can cause serious injury.

Only after between master and pet relationship established you can move on to the next stages: learning teams and collaborative games.

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How to train your Guinea pig and make friends with her
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