How to name a Guinea pig: a list of names for boys and girls

The selection of a name for the pet is important and exciting event.If the nickname is good, pet will extend in the column, straining ears and whiskers, sending a glance in the direction of the owner.

The name for Guinea pigs need to find a way that she reacted to him

When choosing nicknames, make sure you do not:

  • choose a too long and complicated names. More precisely, it can be done, but only as a presentation in front of guests. In normal times, the animal should be called a shortened name. Otherwise, the pig can not remember his name;
  • to use the same name for multiple Pets. So easy to confuse ourselves and the pigs. About training in this case can not remember, because rodents do not realize when they are accessed and will not be able to execute commands correctly.

If an independent choice to do is still difficult, it is not necessary to wrestle. Consider some of the most popular and interesting variants, starting from the above recommendations, and will try to help you with the right choice.

Nicknames for different breeds

To beautiful coronatum having long hair and "crown" will suit the majestic names, emphasizing their presentable appearance.

Royal names

Richard or Elizabeth will point out the lion heart, strong character and dedication in achieving the goal.

Philosophers and sages

Kind of reminds coronata wise old man, ready to tell about the mysteries of the universe and to lift the veil of existence. Remember the school course of Ancient Greece, with Socrates, Plato or Aristotle or pay tribute to the magic and magic, focusing on Merlin, hottabyche or go to Gandalf.

In the Guinea pig, who feels the Queen should be the appropriate name

For good old classics you can not be creative, calling pet Nubbin or piggy. For hairless breeds, in need of a permanent body, it is possible to choose a funny name: Merzlyakov said, Baldy, Hippo. Female pigs having fancy ruffled appearance, suitable Shaggy or Rattrays.

American Guinea pig – the most common breed that does not have some unique differences. Better for them to start from the color and character:

  • Blackie;
  • Turbo;
  • Butterscotch;
  • Silent;
  • Fast;
  • Vanilla;
  • Slowly.

IMPORTANT! All the pigs are divided into 3 groups: long haired, Shorthair and hairless. Play on this distinction, trying to highlight distinctive features of specific breeds.

How to name a Guinea pig girl

Names for Guinea pigs girls are difficult to fit into 1 article, since everything depends on the imagination, as she is known, is boundless. The easiest option for female names – select one of the letters of the alphabet:

  • A – Alice;
  • B – Bead;
  • In – Wendy;
  • Mr. Gerd;
  • D – Haze;
  • E – Eve;
  • W – Gum;
  • Z – Zelda;
  • And – Irvi;
  • K – Karma;
  • L – Weasel;
  • M – Maysa;
  • N – Nora;
  • About – Omega;
  • P – Pawn;
  • R – Tails;
  • With Silva;
  • T – Trixie;
  • From Winnie;
  • F – Fania;
  • X – Hochma;
  • C – Peel;
  • H – Curci;
  • Sh – Sheltie;
  • E – Annie;
  • Yu – Jung;
  • I ASMI.

As you can see the choice is rich even in the list with one option for each letter. In addition to the alphabet, you can refer to other categories:


White girls will approach a snowflake or jewel, black Panther or night, a red Squirrel or orange, and sand – cut fries or a Cookie.

White Guinea pig called snowflake


Always bustling small workaholic can be dubbed in honor of the famous bee Maya, and sweet lover to sleep with Sonya.


Tiny females can be called Baby or Babe and big Bomb or Dam.


Here you can choose not only the favorite food of the animal, and its: Fish, s'mores, Strawberry, Kiwi, Curry, Mint, jellybean, and others.

It is possible to resort to celebrities, calling the pet's name favorite characters from the series or the movie: Hermione, Arwen, Marple, Cersei.

A Guinea pig can be called Hermione, if she looks like this character

Choose a name for the Guinea pig girls, based on its individual characteristics. Animal will be grateful is a beautiful and euphonious name, and friends will be amazed by the courage and creativity of the owner.

How to name a Guinea pig boy

Names for Guinea pigs boys are chosen by analogy with the female. Select the letters of the alphabet:

  • A – Alex;
  • B – Bead;
  • In The Raven;
  • Mr. Hamlet;
  • D – Smoke;
  • E – Evgesha;
  • W – Jora;
  • Z – Zoltan;
  • And – Irvine;
  • K – Kermit;
  • L – Laurel;
  • M – Gauze;
  • N – Norman;
  • O – Orpheus;
  • P – Petrushka;
  • R – Roll;
  • S – Salamon;
  • T – Tosh;
  • From Wilfred;
  • F – Filka;
  • X – Hromcik;
  • C Citrus;
  • CH – Chun;
  • Sh – Server;
  • E – Edgar;
  • Yu – Yippie;
  • I – Yarik.


Black boy can be called Charcoal or black, white – Snow or ice-Cream, red – konopatka or the Sun, and the gray – gray, or Cardinal.

Grey Guinea pig can be called Smokey


The little animals fit croche or Gnome, and big – Atlas or Zeus.


A fat and lazy animal name Rounder, and fun of the conqueror and the conqueror installed labyrinths – Caesar.


You can choose your favorite brand of chocolate bar dubbed the pig Snickers or Mars.

When choosing a name for the Guinea pig boy, remember your Hobbies and pick up something cool:

  • programming Bug, the Compiler;
  • the draw – Bar, Easel;
  • music – guitar pick, Tom-Tom;
  • sport – Gainer, Protein;
  • dances – Polka, Rumba.

To roam and gamers. A formidable and courageous males would suit the name of the Herald or Illidan. You can conversely do not strive for similarity, but to call it ridiculous demure Creeper or Enderman.

For a fun Guinea pigs can pick up a funny name

You can choose the easier options, chelovekov fluffy male. Add your name, and name make the middle name, after receiving Ivanov, Georgy Valentinovich. In this case abbreviate to the nickname Zhora, to a pet quickly remembered her and always responded.


Are paired names of the owners of 2 Guinea pigs. When choosing nicknames repelled from those same categories.


The most popular option is black and white, showing the color contrasts. Nicknames are gaining momentum and Japanese words, so we can christen Pets KURO and Shiro.


Here you can use the English variation of the big and Mini, can and Japanese – Akuru and Chibi. It all depends on the language proficiency, so some translations may sound very unusual.


Play on opposites: very shy and Insolent, Fussy and Sweet.

Twin names can complement each other or to oppose the Guinea pigs


With two sticks and a Twix idea doesn't work, but as nicknames for one pet it's a good option. Here goes milky and Kohi (coffee with milk), Apple and a care bear (the famous Apple pie with cinnamon).

Well-known characters in movies and TV series

Here choose your favorite works of cinema and entertainers:

  • movies – Harry and Ginny, Luke and Leia, Jack and rose, Kili and Tauriel;
  • series – Aegon and Daenerys, Xena and Hercules, Mike and Dean, Chandler and Monica;
  • cartoons – Finn and bubble Gum, Dipper and Mabel, Homer and Marge, fry and Leela;
  • anime – Naruto and Sakura, Usagi and Mamoru, light and Misa, Shinji and Asuka.

Naming a pet, do not look at others. Only self-effort can come up with the best and most unusual nicknames, causing funny associations and pleasant memories with family.

Severe Guinea pig can be given the ominous name of the Greek deity

IMPORTANT! Don't forget about the participation of children. Youngest members of the family are always full of ideas, so their options are very difficult to beat.


Nicknames for Guinea pigs is a real flight of fancy that allows you to create and choose valuable and meaningful Association for a specific person. Acquainted with the rodent living in "Warcraft", don't be surprised the simple name of "Morra". High probability that this is a short version of the famous rune blade "Frostborn".

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How to name a Guinea pig: a list of names for boys and girls
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