What should be in a cage in the Guinea pig: equip shelter pet

Rodents spend a lot of time closed, it is therefore important to equip the cage for Guinea pigs with maximum comfort for her.Household items should be securely fastened to the wall or positioned steadily on the floor. In the cell needs:

  • a drinking bowl;
  • feeder;
  • tray for hay;
  • a place of solitude;
  • toys;
  • the branches of trees.

The drinker does not allow the pet to spill water on the litter and wet. Update its content on a daily basis.

In a cage in the Guinea pig should be drinking

The amount depends on the number of animals in a cage. For the pack you can use several smaller drinking bowls. The option is doubly true for males, as the dominant one may not let the passive to the water. Should be in a cage in the Guinea pig and eating.

Is to purchase separate feeders for different types of food: green, juicy and roughage better place apart.

At home rodent need to provide the conditions similar to natural. Animal need raw materials for grinding teeth. In the cage should be placed twigs. It is desirable to avoid conifers. The trees, the fruit of which is the large bone you need to pre-dry. Additionally, you can use any mineral stone.

Hanging accessories will not cause injury if it is correct to determine the height and lock fastening. The presence of the hammocks do not have, but many pigs like to relax them.

House and alternatives

Guinea pigs are timid and modest animal. Near very attentive rodent becomes sociable and bolder, but it still needs a place of solitude. In the arrangement of cages for Guinea pigs includes the creation of a nook. The house copes well with this task.

In the group of rodents in the house can ignite serious struggle. Instead of the usual structure to deliver better canopy, or dense fencing material a part of a cell.

In the cage the Guinea pig instead of the house put the tube of pressed hay

The house can become an obstacle to domestication. Inside the animal feels isolated and sees the other inhabitants of the apartment. To a rodent faster to get used to humans, better to replace the house with a handful of hay.

Toys for Guinea pigs

The body of a rodent to move. Animal quickly develops the space of the cage and the interest fades away.

To motivate the pet to move in the cage Guinea pigs need to set up toys and change them regularly.

Many rodents like to get straws from a ball of hay. The device is not too convenient for eating. Its presence is not a reason to get rid of the special tray.

Guinea pigs comfortable in spaces like burrows. Therefore, toys in the form of tubes, which is sought after Pets. A few of these it is useful to acquire into the cells, which contains a few individuals. They serve as a good shelter, in the event of any conflict between the rodents.

Tubes and mazes make life interesting for Guinea pigs

Mazes can permanently be of interest to animal. Activity has a positive effect on the physical health of the pigs and helps to prevent obesity.

The best materials

To a pet hurt yourself, you need to secure the cage. The selection of equipment should pay attention to the materials from which it is made.

For the Guinea pig dangerous thin plastic, lacquered and painted surfaces, synthetic fabrics.

Rodents tend to try to tooth new items. Toxic substances enter the body and can cause serious disease.

Fabric accessories and toys like animals. The use in the cage Guinea pigs is acceptable, but requires close attention of the owner. If the animal is actively chewing on the matter, the item should be removed. Fabrics require regular cleaning, without the use of chemicals.

The cell should be only safe toys for Guinea pigs

Wooden fixtures will help the rodent to grind off the teeth and are completely safe. Suitable products of the vine, tube and array. The main thing that the wood has not been treated with toxic substances and does not contain resins.

A metal device will last long and safe for the animal. Under the feet of the pet should not be latticed surfaces, they contribute to injuries of the feet.

Make sure the animal is comfortable, if you watch how to use objects in the cell. The fact that no interest need to make more attractive by using treats, remove, or replace. With the situation you can safely experiment. Guinea pigs like changes and innovations.

Video: construction of cages for Guinea pigs

What should be in a cage in the Guinea pig: equip shelter pet
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