Carrying and transport regulations of Guinea pigs

In the life of the household pests sometimes happen moving.This is a special device that will allow the animal to comfortably move a little adventure.

Container for transportation

Guinea pigs to move the road pretty hard. For a rodent this is a lot of stress, so the owner should care about the psychological state of your pet and to take everything to move as fast as possible and it didn't hurt. Even if the move takes very little time, in no case do not put the animal in a pack or bag.

Pet carrier for Guinea pigs – the perfect solution. It costs quite inexpensive and can be purchased at any pet store. Uncomplicated design carry is a container of small size of plastic. The top of his removable. Roof and walls are equipped with special vents for air flow. To make it easy to carry by a handle or two. Importantly, the pet device has the right size, and he could freely turn. Is placed within the litter. You can distribute some hay, put sawdust. Such an environment will help the scared rodent as comfortable as possible to push the move.

Pet carrier for Guinea pigs should not be transparent, the animal can be stressful

In the case of a sufficiently long transport the animal should be put in a container of rich food, which will allow to cope with the hunger, and quench your thirst.

The cost of bags carry affordable price, it can be purchased in the range of 500 – 1000 RUB.

Can I carry a Guinea pig in the train

To carry a Guinea pig in the train, paying a baggage check. When you buy the ticket indicates that there is a hand Luggage. But before that, the owner need to take care and to visit a veterinary clinic for help. This should be done three days prior to the trip. The document should confirm that the rodent is healthy.

Can I carry a Guinea pig on the plane

Transportation of Guinea pigs in the plane is accompanied by certain rules. One who transports an animal must obtain a veterinary certificate. The document has a pattern and is certified by the veterinary service of the airport.
Transportation of the rodent is paid separately from other Luggage.

According to the rules of airline flights a Guinea pig can go to carry in the passenger compartment

Carrying to put in the Luggage compartment is not required. Pet can be located close to the owner throughout the flight. The only limitation is that the rodent can be removed from the container, and especially to produce frolic in the salon.

Transportation of the animal in the car

Before you take a trip a Guinea pig in the car, you should be familiar with the following guidelines:

  • exclusively to transport the animal in the container;
  • not to let free to run around the car interior, otherwise it can cause an emergency situation;
  • to ensure that the rodent had enough of air;
  • do not give food a few hours before the trip;
  • to prevent solar overheating the animal, not to leave the carrier in direct sunlight.

If the pig is traveling in the winter, care should be taken temperature, rodent – loving animal and do not tolerate drafts.

A long journey in the car for the Guinea pig it is hard to carry

Carrying bag with your hands

Many breeders ask whether it is possible to manufacture the carrier with his own hands. There are several options. Someone buys a plastic bucket with a lid, punch holes for air entrance in the walls. Get a good fixture for the carriage of a rodent. At the bottom you should put a small litter and a bit of hay.

If your pet is small size, for easy transportation suitable plastic food container. It is also necessary to make air holes. But this carrier will help only for short transportation of the rodent.

To transport a Guinea pig for short distances it is possible to carry out of a cardboard box with holes for ventilation

The portable container is a must buy, if you have a living Guinea pig. And it's not a fashion accessory, but an important necessity. It provides safety for the animal and its comfort in traveling. Helps to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings.

If you like to do with your hands things necessary for the maintenance of Guinea pigs, you may be interested in articles about how to make a house with your own hands and how to sew a hammock at home.

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Carrying and transport regulations of Guinea pigs
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