The choice of filler for Guinea pigs

Before buying a tiny pet, it is important to take care of his comfort and buy all the necessary things.Cushion, combined with the fillers, absorb moisture and eliminate odors.

  • Protects the paws of rodents. Safe surface without roughness and hardness, do not injure the animals.
  • Brings fun. Sharpening of claws and digging in the artificial "soil" imitate the conditions of life in freedom, without depriving the animal of the opportunity to satisfy natural instincts in the home.
  • Despite all positive sides, the use of litter may result in unpleasant consequences:

    To avoid these diseases need careful monitoring of the cleanliness of the house. It is equally important to pay attention to only natural materials that are not dangerous.

    The types of litter and fillers

    As litter use the following types of fillers:

    • paper;
    • wood;
    • corn.

    Cover the floor of the cells can be sawdust and hay, or to use the materials at hand and make a litter for Guinea pigs with their hands out of fleece or PVC. A good option would be a ready absorbent diaper offered by manufacturers.

    Let's consider the available options in more detail, dividing them into 2 groups:

    • tissue;
    • ready fillers.

    Fabric bedding

    Litter, made of fabric, have a common drawback – they cannot be applied in isolation. These include.

    Mat PVC

    Ready mats for Guinea pigs striking variability of appearance. They suggest daily cleaning of feces and weekly washing at 30°. Protect the legs and prevent spreading of the filler.

    IMPORTANT! The fabric does not absorb urine, and passes it to the lower level. Mat and in the cage, always in need of additional layer.

    If the pet is overly interested in the Mat, trying to get under it or chew, try to flip it to the other side. In the absence of a positive result, the Mat is PVC better to remove because its components are hazardous to the digestive system of Guinea pigs.

    The PVC mats are easy to buy the right size


    Choose one hundred percent polyester different from each other by the sides. Before use litter involves 2-4 wash:

    • increases the permeability of moisture;
    • giving a finite size pewsey tissue;
    • demonstrating the presence of possible pellets.

    IMPORTANT! Pet can get tangled up in the exposed threads, so the fleece pad should have a perfectly smooth surface.

    It looks like cage with fleece fabric


    A separate item, select diapers, which is an exception among the fabric options and suggesting the possibility of using as the sole filler.

    IMPORTANT! Note instances from the gel absorbent, successfully eliminating any odors that is for the toilet.

    The diaper creates difficulties when cleaning, but quickly breaks, involves only one application and it is worth a considerable amount (500-1000 rubles for a set of 10 PCs.).

    Absorbent diaper quickly destroyed by rodents

    Ready fillers

    Among ready-made fillers isolated.


    Used in combination with wood, as, in spite of absorbency, quick soak (it will have to lay again after a few trips to the toilet).

    Paper litter is safe for paws


    Pressed sawdust and other wood waste glued together in special granules. Wood filler implies the presence of the second layer. This litter will not be without sawdust or fabric coverings.

    IMPORTANT! Choose only the cellulosic granules or those that are made of natural wood. Animal definitely try them on taste, and other materials pose a danger to the digestive tract.

    Wood filler absorb odors


    For the production of filler use of corn rods, but despite the natural materials, the final product has poor absorbency and absorption, so it is better to use other options.

    Corn filler is hypoallergenic


    Use kitty litter made of silica gel can be, but the classic clumping options should be avoided. His eating is deadly rodent due to intestinal obstruction.

    Silica gel litter is dangerous for life pet


    One of the most popular options, with low cost and availability. Absorbs moisture and is suitable for the bottom layer. Choose large specimens (small is fraught with the accumulation of dust) and remove the sharp pieces before you pour them into the cage.

    Sometimes a Guinea pig eats sawdust, leading the host into confusion. This behavior is normal, if the animal is not trying to destroy all the stocks in a cage. Sawdust, caked on bits of food that are safe for the organism of Guinea pigs.

    Sawdust require frequent changes

    Wood chips

    The cheapest and affordable option with high absorbency. Requires careful sifting and removal of sharp slivers.

    Guinea pigs will be happy to dig in wood chips


    Eco-friendly material, used exclusively as the top layer. Hay for rodents is food that contains a number of useful vitamins. Such a filler for Guinea pigs will have to be changed regularly to prevent the development of harmful bacteria.

    Hay as filler, closest pig to the conditions in the wild

    The advantages and disadvantages of existing fillers

    If fabric cushions all clear without a detailed analysis, the prepared fillers require more attention. Consider their differences on the example of the table.


    fillthe calves

    Pros Cons About the relative cost per litre ( € )
    • hypoallergen-ness;
    • good absorbency;
    • safe for paws
    • too fast wet;
    • does not absorb smells;
    • only suitable for mixed use
    Charcoal (granular)
    • economical consumption;
    • security;
    • absorbs unpleasant odors;
    • easy to utilization;
    • good absorbency
    • noisy;
    • only suitable for mixed use;
    • requires frequent cleaning;
    • is fraught with the development the foot to me
    • hypoallergen-ness
    • poorly absorbs odors and moisture;
    • the accumulation of moisture form mold and maggots
    Cat (silicagel)
    • good absorbency and absorption of unpleasant odors;
    • easy to utilization
    • expensive;
    • the risk of swallowing
    • softness;
    • good absorbency;
    • the availability and low cost;
    • pleasant smell
    • quickly become wet;
    • fraught with allergies;
    • not absorb odors;
    • can injure sharp splinters;
    • suggest frequent cleaning of the cells and purification of fur
    Wood chips
    • cheap;
    • good absorbency;
    • provides an opportunity for digging holes;
    • can be used as the only option
    • involves frequent cleaning;
    • can hurt bitches
    • absorb odors;
    • successfully simulates the wild environment;
    • contains vitamins
    • the risk of digestive disorders;
    • can hurt with sharp blades;
    • the risk of harmful bacteria due to dampness;
    • does not absorb moisture;
    • used only in combination with other options

    Tips for finding the ideal

    With the features of available options the best solution is to combine, allowing to use the advantages and minimize the disadvantages.


    Occupy top place. All the disadvantages are eliminated with careful and regular cleaning. They can be put as the sole filler.

    Absorbent diaper

    The advantages justify the high cost, so if funds is an option that deserves attention. Is used as the lower layer are hidden:

    • sawdust;
    • paper filler;
    • fleece fabric;
    • the Mat is made of PVC.

    Wood filler

    Granules are the bottom layer and covered with the same options as the diaper.

    IMPORTANT! For reliability, the wood filler you can lay in the cage an additional layer between the diaper and a soft surface, providing a Guinea pig long term protection against odors and humidity.


    Choosing filler for Guinea pigs for the first time, follow these recommendations, and when re-purchase proceed from the individual characteristics of the pet. With increased love to eat the PVC or sawdust, these materials can and should be replaced for the remaining counterparts.

    For a more economical flow of filler can the bottom of the cage or rack lay a PVC Mat, and filler use only for toilet pan.

    The choice of filler for Guinea pigs
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