Entertainment and toys for Guinea pigs

Toys for Guinea pigs are not mandatory accessories, but they can be very useful.The fact is that due to weak muscles of the spine Guinea pigs are unable to move quickly and bend back in the running wheel for them, fraught with injuries and fractures.

For this reason, not suitable animals hanging from the ceiling of the cell Goodies on the ropes, rings and bells. To stand on its hind legs to reach for a toy Guinea pigs is difficult, so such things in their cage will be useless.

Then what toys need fuzzy animals? The best option for rodents are gaming accessories that you can play on the floor of the cage or specially designed for their arena. These can be balls, cubes, tunnels, ladders and various shelters.

In the store you can find here are options for the finished toy

Basic requirements for toys for Guinea pigs:

  • objects must not pose a danger to animals. It is impossible to give pigs toys with sharp edges, they can cut yourself. Also things should not be small holes, which can get stuck paw pet;
  • unacceptable the presence of small parts and decorations on the toys that the animal can swallow, risking to choke or get food poisoning;
  • also it is impossible to offer rodents accessories, covered with varnish or paint, because these substances are toxic to Pets;
  • if we talk about tunnels and shelters, they should be selected, given the size of the animal so that the animal could freely roll back and forth, not be stuck in a narrow passage or way too small space.

Important: game accessories for Guinea pigs should not have a sharp odor, otherwise the rodent may refuse even to approach his new toy.

Toys in the cage

Choosing entertainment accessories for the cage, remember that they don't have to be big and clutter up the space of the cell.

Toys for Guinea pigs easy to manufacture

Pet can offer:

  • tennis balls or balls for ping-pong. Guinea pigs love toys that you can ride on the floor, pushing their foot or head, so the balls are exactly like Pets;
  • for this purpose, also suitable for playing children's blocksmade of wood. Animals are not only to play but to use as additional markers for the teeth;
  • interested rodents and tube from a used roll of toilet paper or paper towels;
  • you can please pet small soft toy. He will be keen to sniff and dragged to his house. Just need to make sure the animal didn't come in the toy big holes. If stuff is sticking gasket, replace it with a new one;
  • will remain Guinea pigs indifferent to such a thing, as a rope, on which are strung a treat or a grinding stone. The subject put on the floor of the cage and after the animal enough with him enough, he'll eat a treat or eats the mineral stone.

Video: entertainment for the Guinea pigs rope with treat

Mirror pet

Having received such a gift, as a mirror, a Guinea pig will definitely not get bored. Furry rodent would spend hours near his mirror toys, with enthusiasm and interest in watching his own reflection. Especially this subject is relevant to Pets contained alone. Considering your silhouette in the mirror, pig will think that plays a tribesman. This exciting process will help her to have fun while the owner is busy with their own Affairs.

The mirror is suitable as a toy for pigs that live alone

For rodent will suit any old mirror of small size. Or you can offer a pet is an unnecessary cosmetic bag with small mirror. The main thing that this accessory had no sharp edges and chips, so as a toy is better to choose a mirror framed by wooden or plastic frame.

Amusement Park for Guinea pigs

If the size of the cells does not allow you to put a lot of useful items, the owner should arrange pet play area with entertainment and rides.

  1. On the floor lay the litter of an old blanket (towels, sofa cushion).
  2. The perimeter of the site fenced with mesh of such height that the rodent was not able to climb through it.
  3. Inside lay a variety of accessories: huts made of branches and bark, plastic or wooden containers with hay and tunnels-shelters. Several items can be connected by a horizontal ladder.
  4. Launch the Guinea pigs in their own amusement Park, they will be happy to investigate.

Important: to animals was even more interesting, on the floor of the platform, you can throw balls, cubes or paper tube.

Amusement Park you can think of any which only allows the imagination

Toys for Guinea pigs with their hands

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on gaming accessories for Guinea pigs. Because there are many life hacks that you can use to make toys for pet at home.

Sock full of hay

An old sock, not a pair, there are in any house. And instead of throw it away, we can build a great toy Siennica for the Guinea pig. In a sock stuffed with straw and put into the cage of the animal. The animal will have a lot of fun, gnawing at the toe of the hole to get to a favorite hay.

The barn sock interested pigs

Siennica from the tube

Alternatively, you can make a game Siennica from the tube from a roll of toilet paper. In a tube stuffed with hay and put in a housing pet. Guinea pig delight is to roll a toy on the floor from time to time oozing with straw. This Siennica is unlikely to last longer than one day, therefore it is necessary beforehand to stock up on tubes from toilet rolls, so as not to bore rodent interesting toy.

If you use the roll as a toy, make sure that the pig is not stuck in it

Paper ball

If not a tennis ball, its easy to make his own out of ordinary paper. Sheet of paper crumpled, making the ball, and give the rodent. Use paper from a child's notebook or take the parchment for baking. From Newspapers and magazines to make a ball is not recommended, as in printing inks for print media add lead. If a Guinea pig eats a ball, it can be poisoned.

What could be simpler than a ball of paper

The tunnel of the pipe

In this makeshift tunnel, the pig will be able to play and rest. All that is required of the owner is to find a piece of plastic sewer pipe (preferably a tee or knee) and place in the cage of the animal.

The makeshift tunnel, you can make softer and more comfortable, sheathing his material from old unwanted garment.

Tunnels from the pipes, really like Guinea pigs, because they can be used as shelter or as a place to sleep

Paper bag

Do not rush to throw brought from the supermarket paper shopping bag. It is wonderfully suited as a shelter for Guinea pigs. In the package, cut a hole and offer a beloved pet. The animal would be happy in it, listening to the rustling of paper.

Inside the bag you can put a piece of treats or hay to rodent actively examined.

Create a entertaining accessory for the Guinea pig with your own hands is quite simple. With a little imagination and creativity, you can make original and unique toy for your beloved pet, which no doubt will appeal to small rodents.

A rustling of package will attract the pet's attention

Video: toys for Guinea pigs with their hands

Entertainment and toys for Guinea pigs
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