Homemade rack for Guinea pigs

The decision to make a rack for Guinea pigs with your own hands will provide the animal a compact and comfortable abode in the apartment.On the Internet you can see different drawings and layouts, from very simple models to real palaces.

Old furniture can be easily converted into a rack

To pigs there is enough space for movement, it is better to make a two-storey shelving, or higher. The several floors will separate the feeding area to facilitate cleaning, will provide an opportunity to separate conflicting or opposite-sex animals. Economical solution would be to use as the basis for a rack of old or unnecessary furniture — cabinets, shelving units.

The necessary materials and tools

Make a rack out of wood the easiest way, this material is affordable and easy in handling. Natural wood will also be safe for the rodents, and for tenants. But keep in mind that the wooden Board will absorb odors and moisture, so it is important to take care of the special impregnation-sealants.

You can also make a shelf out of plywood, chipboard, corrugated cardboard, plastic or plexiglass. At great length, of the shelf the thickness of the shelves should be at least 2-2,5 cm, otherwise they will SAG. If you want to observe the life of Pets, it is better to make the façade of a transparent material — suitable durable plastic, tempered glass. To perform all phases of work necessary to prepare in advance a set of tools:

  • hand saw, hacksaw;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • ties, screws, nails;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver, drill;
  • metal shears;
  • pencil, marker;
  • tape measure or ruler, level of the building.
Tools required for the manufacture of a rack

To glue the joints and strengthen the small details prepare construction glue. For mounting opening elements — doors, hatches, better to buy special furniture in furniture store. For the device of ventilation Windows will need a metal grid with cells of 2 cm

The procedure of production

To get ready for work, is a scheme with all the specific sizes. For sample, you can take any drawing of a rack or shelves. Set your dimensions and check whether fit the rack in the designated space.

The drawing rack

IMPORTANT: When selecting a location it is important to note that the rack cannot be placed next to the batteries and other heating devices.

Don't make shelves too deep, it will impede the cleaning. Distance between floors should be sufficient to mumps if necessary, could stand on his hind legs. After the drawing is ready, proceed to the manufacturer:

  1. The final circuit is transferred to the material using a marker with a ruler. For cutting of wood, use a jigsaw or a saw-a hacksaw.
  2. If necessary, the frame is assembled from wooden bars.
  3. The base and ceiling of the second floor is treated with silicone sealant or other waterproof impregnation. Another option is to purchase plastic trays for the filler, but it is not always possible to find suitable size.
  4. To the base with screws, cable ties or screws to fasten the side walls. On the first floor level be sure to make a large ventilation window.
  5. The side Windows are closed mesh, which is attached with screws.
  6. Sets the overlap of the second floor, pre-made hole-the hatch ramp.
  7. The upper floor can be left open for better ventilation, no ceiling will also facilitate the cleaning process. It is important that the walls were higher than 30 cm, and the pig can't jump and hurt themselves.
  8. If you decided to close the second floor, you can use the drop-down door made of Plexiglas. All doors are recommended to be mounted to the furniture hinge.
  9. Inside the rack is necessary to place several shelters for rest and sleep, better one for each animal. The pig will also love the shelves and exaltation. Don't forget about the toys — otherwise the rodent will take up the details of your home.
  10. To ensure that the animals were easy to climb to the second floor, it is better to put a wire ladder and a ramp — flat wide plate with glued strips.
Rack with additional lighting

The rack must be positioned at a sufficient height not less than 15-30 cm, otherwise the animals will face drafts.

The solution could be the installation of the device on the bedside table, which is convenient to use for storing litter, hay and other supplies for the care of pigs. If the location of the rack the light is insufficient, it is recommended to make additional lighting. Attach on each floor, suspended fluorescent lights.

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Homemade rack for Guinea pigs
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