Grooming Guinea pigs

Some breeds of pigs have very long hair that tends to tangle.It is sufficient to use a conventional trimmer and remove the required length.

Also you can trim the hairs around the nipples, if a young female became a mother, it will ease the process of feeding young pigs. The appearance of tangles experts recommend to try to comb out with brushes and combs, however, if the node is badly matted, then it is carefully trimmed using nail scissors.

Exhibition shearing is best left to a professional grumer. Also in the salon should contact if a rodent is extremely nervous and doesn't like being sheared.

The main recommendations to haircuts:

  • procedure 1 time per quarter;
  • eliminating strands that look dirty and unkempt;
  • Dating session to the onset of summer.
Haircut Guinea pigs carried out using the scissors and clippers hair

Types of haircuts

The grooming salons offer a variety of options of haircuts for Guinea pigs:

  • concise summer under the machine;
  • the formation of elegant bangs;
Haircut bangs
  • the frizz hair on curlers;
  • creative haircuts.
Unusual haircut

Before the session it is necessary to discuss with the master all the wishes, and take into account the possibilities offered by the structure of the wool of a single animal.

Combing and grooming

Most movements at home haircut can be prevented if you regularly brush your pet. To teach the pig to the sessions of grooming is necessary from childhood.

The hairs need a little to moisturize and to parse a sparse comb for Guinea pigs or a soft brush designed for preschoolers. The signal for completion the procedure the appearance of Shine on the fur.

The combing with a sparse comb

Matted the mats need to soak and rinse shampoo for cats, and then try to sweep. At the end of the combing fur, it is recommended to dry with a dryer, however, you must remember that not all animals are willing to tolerate a directed flow of air and the whirring of the machine.

Grooming with a soft comb

In addition to regular combing is also necessary to trim the claws of a rodent. For this you need tweezers with a short blade or special kogterezki. Cut off the claws is required if they begin to wrap and interfere with the movement. The usual interval between sessions: 1-2 times a month. It is necessary to remove the end of the claw so as not to damage the blood vessel inside.

Proper and timely pet care – a guarantee of their long life, good health and attachment to the host.

Video: how to care for the coat of a Guinea pig at home

Grooming Guinea pigs
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