Comfortable temperature for Guinea pigs

Comfortable microclimate for keeping cute "overseas" animals includes the temperature data and humidity level.They very poorly tolerate heat, but the cold is unbearable for them. 10 degrees – the lowest figure. Animals live at temperatures of this level, not falling sick, but such conditions are far from ideal.

It is also necessary to monitor the location of cell. It should be mounted away from batteries and radiators to the air is not dried. Summer is required to protect the pet from the heat and from drafts. If possible to cool the cell you can briefly put in the street and the presence in it of house allows to hide from sunlight or extreme cold.

The temperature of the Guinea pigs can be controlled using the cabin, sheltering from the sun.

A number of owners carry out the process of adaptation of the animal to cool. This requires extensive enclosure with insulated houses. With this mission, it is desirable to keep Pets group, that they can continuously run and play while in motion.

The necessary humidity

The degree of moisture in the air also affect the condition of the pet. Based rules:

  • the optimum level of 50-60%;
  • with over 85% of the rodent change heat transfer;
  • high humidity combined with the heat provokes a thermal shock;
  • similar conditions in combination with excessive cold causes hypothermia.

Adherence to these recommendations is necessary for the normal health of the animal. They do not require considerable effort, but at a comfortable temperature for Guinea pigs pet will delight the owner friendliness and energy.

Video: how to insulate house for Guinea pigs

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Comfortable temperature for Guinea pigs
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