Water and drinking bottles for Guinea pigs

Drinking is one of the items of the list of necessary things in the cagefor the mandatory installation before purchasing the animal.Accumulated bacteria can result in serious illnesses.

The main types of drinkers

Existing drinking troughs for pigs is presented in 2 versions:

  • ball;
  • bowl of ceramics.
For Guinea pig ball drinking bottle convenient, because does not take place in a cage

Consider their advantages and disadvantages in the table below.

The comparison criterion Ball drinker Bowl
  • dryness achieved by the pressurization of the structure;
  • small size allows to install in a small cell;
  • the possibility of using during transport, to carry;
  • suitable from the first days of life;
  • produces liquid dosed, eliminating the risk of zahlebyvayas.
  • the ease of washing;
  • exclude serious costs, as there are in any home;
  • does not interfere with the natural position of the body by drinking water.


  • the animal has to make a natural trough in an attempt to reach the ball;
  • troughs require regular and laborious washing;
  • with a long simple green water, and for cleansing drinking bowl need to remove it from the cell;
  • the volume, published by the touched ball does not allow to keep the cage in the bedroom;
  • drinker expensive.
  • constant dampness in the cell due to splashed water;
  • a rodent could die, without calculating the dose;
  • large sizes are not suitable for babies (can sink

Choosing between options presented by the focus on the pet and housing conditions. When the large cell is divided into play and dining area will approach the bowl, and with a modest size or a small age animal give preference to a ball Cup.

Bowl as a feeder for Guinea pigs allows the rodent to drink water in a natural position

IMPORTANT! In some shops you can buy metal bowls, which includes fasteners. Fixing will help eliminate the risk of spills during active play.

How to make a water bowl for Guinea pigs with their hands

In order to avoid marriage (not sippy cups can leak) and hazardous materials used by the unscrupulous manufacturer, try to make the sippy cups at home.


To create a ball of the Cup you will need:

  • ballpoint pen;
  • bottle, plastic;
  • Bicycle bearing;
  • saw suitable for metal;
  • sandpaper;
  • silicone sealant;
  • thin knife.
You can with your hands to make a comfortable ball trough


  1. Disassemble the pen to pieces, leaving the hull and remove the ball bearing.
  2. Shove the bulb into the housing. In a particular area, it will be stuck. Make it a note and remove the part of the handle with a hacksaw, as close recorded the ball to the exit.
  3. Check the permeability of air, blowing into the handle. If present cut the excess areas.
  4. Grab the bottle and puncture a small hole on the bottom that allows to insert the handle.
  5. Walk around the joint sealant, eliminating the risk of leakage.
  6. Tilt the tube to 45°. This angle prevents the water from draining when you click on the ball.

Among the advantages are: durability and reliability. The only disadvantage is the difficulty. If you are not experienced have trouble.

Bottle and cocktail straw

A simple drinking bottle for Guinea pigs from a plastic bottle will last long because of the tube

To create a Cup you will need:

  • cocktail straw (the presence of a corrugated area is required);
  • bottle of plastic (from 0.1 to 0.5 liters) with a lid;
  • hammer;
  • wire;
  • nail.


  1. Choose a nail slightly inferior to the straw size diameter, and rascality it.
  2. Puncture a small hole in the lid for the bottle, using the incandescent nail.
  3. Insert a straw in the resulting hole. Achieve maximum contact of the straws. Otherwise, all the liquid will flow out.
  4. Not taking out the straw, screw the cover back on and bend the straw at a 45° upwards.
  5. Fill the resulting Cup of water and suck it through a straw, removing excess air and providing free access for the liquid.
  6. Attach the resulting product with wire.

Among the advantages is worth noting the ease of Assembly and available materials. It is easy to find a replacement for damaged parts. However, the tube may be damaged quickly and a Guinea pig can eat plastic. Despite the existing drawbacks, a drinking bottle for Guinea pigs made with your own hands, will save and check the security of the source materials.

How to install a drinking bowl

With the installation of waterers is important to check the quality of the product. Hang the toy outside the cage, placed under the ball of paper and leave it for several hours. The wet sheet will indicate marriage. Consider the physiology of the pet. Drinking bowl for Guinea pigs is placed close to the floor of the cage to provide a natural position (the animal should not stretch on their hind legs).

We should not forget about psychological comfort. Place the Cup on the outside so that water changes do not violate the personal space of the animal.

What to do if Guinea pig is not drinking water from a drinking bowl

Sometimes the rodent avoids the use of intricate devices. In this case it is necessary to act on the situation.


If the Guinea pig is not drinking water from the drinker and refuses to eat, there is a high likelihood of poor health. Be sure to show the pet's veterinarian.

The lack of experience because of their age

When a sufficient amount of succulent feed for the health of your baby you should not worry. As a teacher can be a adult pet, as rodents quickly absorb new information and love to imitate.

Disorientation in a new place

If a pet has changed the location and frantically poked in search of some water, then push him in the right direction and watch. Having past experience, he will take the right actions.

Sometimes you have to teach a Guinea pig for a new drinker

Change the bowl to a ball Cup

To teach a Guinea pig to the drinking bowl with a ball in the adult age on your example:

  • demonstrate the drinker and allow time for self-study (smart animal often comes to the independent conclusion);
  • touch the ball with your finger, causing the appearance of water;
  • hold a wet finger in the pig;
  • if necessary, repeat the procedure.

IMPORTANT! Do not allow dehydration. If the pet is weak and does not compensate for the moisture in juicy food, then it will have to drink by force, but without the drinkers. For such cases suitable syringe filled with water.

Video: how to teach a Guinea pig to the trough


To teach a Guinea pig to drink from a drinking bowl is not so difficult, because in most cases the animal must take action and does not require human assistance. If the pet avoids the drinkers, the jog discussed the reasons and think about why he does it. Try to avoid substandard materials, follow the tips on proper placement and avoid water pollution.

Also recommend to read our article on how to organize and teach a Guinea pig to the toilet.

Water and drinking bottles for Guinea pigs
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