Enclosure (corral) for the Guinea pig

Guinea pig is an unpretentious rodents.Limited space could be detrimental to the animal. The best solution is to make the cage for the Guinea pig with your own hands. It is capable of any breeder in the home.

Why an aviary?

Small cells will never give your pet to meet their needs in the desired activity. Moreover, the grating in the cage can cause a risk to the teeth and lips of the animal – the Guinea pigs gnaw the metal bars. The owners wonder why this happens, because everything you need is there. Water and food in unlimited quantities.

But they do not realize that the animal experiences stress from confined space and falls into psychosis. The tightness is depressing on his psyche. A Guinea pig may become lethargic. Sometimes begins there are many, or, conversely, loses appetite. Therefore, experienced and caring breeders, equip the apartment, the so-called pens for your pet. So rodent don't feel like a prisoner, to be purchased or made with their hands spacious enclosure.

If you have free space in the house can arrange that this type of enclosure

What are the cages

Cages can have different "interior". You can make a kind of tunnel and pipe, so that the animal could at him to run and hide. This is often made from cork oak. Guinea pigs like different bridges. They can be made from the bark. In the pen can be positioned ceramic toys, wicker baskets.

On the floor in the aviary is better to put an absorbent diaper. Will fit the old linoleum. You can distribute pieces of the old natural rug. Not to forget all of this in a timely manner to sanitize.

It is important to know that plastic items banned. Rodent can begin to chew on a toy and hurt yourself.

Walking a Guinea pig can be arranged through the fence purchased at a pet store

Country aviary

In the summer, frequently pet out in the country. To animal feel comfortable there, it has to be built the corral. The animal can be outdoors and feel safe. Are driven into the ground pegs and stretched mesh. When the pig is in a cage, for her to make sure that it won't be disturbed by uninvited guests – dogs, cats. Also a source of danger can be birds, so the owner should be constantly on the alert.

Make cages out of wood. It looks like a box without a top. It is usually spacious and insulated with a special material (e.g., expanded polystyrene). The bottom make retractable so it's easy to clean. The wooden surface of the box is impregnated with anti-rot and protects against a variety of pests.

Holiday option cage for Guinea pigs

Inside it is forbidden to do, as Guinea pigs all love to try on the tooth and can harm yourself by poisoning.

The paddock should be set in the shade. If the wind or drizzling rain, the animal should be carried out in house.

What will it take to make the home paddock

To make a corral for the Guinea pig with your own hands don't need much effort. For this we need to prepare:

  • scissors with wide adhesive tape;
  • a line with a pencil;
  • sharp knife;
  • the metal mesh;
  • piece of thick corrugated cardboard;
  • the coupler for the cable.

To a corrugated cardboard not subjected to exposure from moisture, it should be completely pasted with Scotch tape in several layers.

The size of the enclosure and procedures

Before you begin production, you must decide what will be the pen size.

Owner should know: the spacious cage for Guinea pigs, the pet will be freer.

On this basis, the minimum dimensions are:

  • for a single animal is 1 meter 80 cm;
  • for two animals – one and a half meters 80 cm;
  • three Pets will require about 1.7 m by 80cm;
  • if pigs four or more – 2 m 80 cm

During construction it is necessary to consider that the height should not be less than 15 cm.

When dimensions are defined, you can start working:

  1. Mark and draw the shape of the enclosure (base).

    Drawing the base of the enclosure

  2. Measure on each side of 15 cm to Connect lines. These will be the sides of the pen.
  3. To cut neat, focusing on the layout lines.
  4. Assemble the frame around the cuts.
  5. Folded edge.
  6. Part of that act, to bend. Glue them with tape.

As a result, you should have a box without the top. Now need a metal grid, she's going side:

  1. The mesh is cut into blanks of the desired size. Wall height should exceed the pallet twice.
  2. To process the edges to avoid chipping and no sharp corners.
  3. Parts connect using a cable tie.

    A grid connection with tie

  4. Does not bind very tightly, or on the other side of the enclosure will be skewed.

The pallet is made of corrugated cardboard is embedded into the body of the metal, so the size should closely match.

So this is the final version of the enclosure

Don't forget that corrugated cardboard should be completely pasted in several layers of wide adhesive tape, to be protected from various contaminants.

Also the bottom should be further lay the rubber mats – they can be washed often.

A good idea is to buy plastic pallets, as long as they fit in size.

If the design of the enclosure plastic is used, it must cover Mat PVC to pigs not chewing

For the owner it is important to remember – no matter the enclosure bought or made their own. The main thing that pet was happy and he was comfortable.

Video: the idea of cages for Guinea pigs


Enclosure (corral) for the Guinea pig
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