How to walk a Guinea pig on the street

Contain Guinea pig quite easily.Better to do it in the summer when it's warm, no strong winds.

How to walk a Guinea pig on the street

For the first walk ideal Villa, there is no fear that the animal will run away. You should make a pig with cage. To put it on the grass and open. Do not remove the rodent and let him make the decision to leave. Let it sit, adapts to freedom. If there is a concern that animal at any time can return to your normal house.

The ideal time to experience street – evening. At this time, pigs have observed the peak of activity.

Because the pig is very shy, she may not want to walk and begin to show concern

Make sure that there wasn't a lot of people, it can cause the animal unnecessary anxiety and panic. You should warn children not to touch the pig at this crucial moment for him. On the plot allocated for the rodent, it is possible to distribute pieces of litter from the cage, lay some treats – this will inspire confidence in your pet, it will be easier to leave the familiar home location.

The first range, as a rule, be prolonged, and the animal returned to the cage. Not hold a Guinea pig against her will in the street, next time she will be bolder, she'll love to frolic on the grass. It is desirable to make a special boom in the form of a grid, that pet had not escaped.

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Walking with a leash

To walk the Guinea pigs in the street using a harness – leash, although it is unusual and strange. But if you pick up this accessory is correctly sized, then you will appreciate a lot of positive moments. First, the animal is a relative freedom, and the owner is relaxed in the safety of your pet. Second, the walk will do a joint, you will be in one "bundle". Usually rodents like such fun.

Harness for Guinea pigs

About walking on the street need to say that Guinea pig – loving animal and do not tolerate drafts. So in the fall or cool spring will refrain from street promenades and wait for the summer sun to your pet is not ill.

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How to walk a Guinea pig on the street
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