Why do Guinea pigs itch

Guinea pigs are very active and cheerful rodents, distinguished by a very good-natured character and good health.But if a Guinea pig is itching and Bouncing, then it should be alerted. When I get a hair appear scratches, wounds and alopecia on the body — an animal is sick. It is recommended urgently to show furry pet veterinary specialist. The doctor finds out the reason of such behavior of the animal and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Why pet itches

A healthy rodent should have a soft thick coat, clear dry eyes, cheerful mood and good appetite. If a Guinea pig is itching, the most common reasons of such behavior can be:

  • ectoparasites;
  • stress;
  • allergies;
  • shingles;
  • addiction.

Differential diagnosis of these diseases should be conducted in conditions of veterinary clinics. Rodentology competent, will prescribe a remedy for every disease. Treatment of the animal in the home is dangerous intoxication of Guinea pigs, or the worsening state of the animal.


The main symptom of infection of Guinea pigs parasitic insects is severe itching. Because of him funny animal often jumps up and is constantly itching. He bites himself and appear on the skin of non-healing wounds, scratches, sores. What to do if Guinea pig is heavily combed back and rapidly losing weight? What about when she is constantly brushing her body and chewing on the fur? Such behavior small animal requires immediate treatment to the veterinary clinic to detect the type of pathogen and timely appropriate treatment. Have furry Pets often.

Subcutaneous mites

Guinea pigs are affected by different types of subcutaneous mites, but the hardest flows trixacarus – mange Guinea pigs, which delivers a strong concern family pet and can be a cause of death of your pet. The causative agent of the disease is a microscopic subcutaneous mite.

The disease is accompanied by:

  • education strong scratching, alopecia and ulcers in the spine and limbs;
  • refusal of water and food;
  • lethargy and depression;
  • loss of coordination;
  • abortion.
Ticks embedded under the skin, causing itching in the Guinea pig

In such a situation, an urgent need to see a specialist. The diagnosis is confirmed by detection of the causative agent in scrapings of the skin, for treatment prescribed a course of injections Otodectin or Ivermectin.

Vlasiei and lice

They are parasitic on the skin of the animal: lice feed on blood and vlasiei – particles of the epidermis and skin a furry pet.

Lice from Guinea pigs transmitted to humans, causing a head lice.

Parasitism of insects appears:

  • lethargy;
  • the feed refusal;
  • anxiety pet;
  • the formation of scratches and wounds on his body.

Adults can be detected in the dog's fur, they look like rapidly moving points of light. Eggs of parasitic insects like light dandruff that cannot be removed from the fur of a Guinea pig.

For diagnostic use microscopic examination of the coat in the conditions of veterinary clinics, the treatment is based on the use of Otodectin and Ivermectin.

If a Guinea pig is itching from the lice, it is dangerous to humans

Video: how to deal with blasedale Guinea pig


If a Guinea pig is itching, she may have caught from other Pets

Most often they are transmitted Guinea pigs from pet dogs and cats. Parasitic insects feed on the blood of rodents.

The bites of ectoparasites cause:

  • severe itching;
  • anxiety and anemia have a furry pet;
  • animal often scratching the skin;
  • gnaws himself and refuses to eat.

To detect the fleas or their waste products can be often comb when combing the fur of a pet. For animal treatment veterinary specialists of prescribed drugs on the basis of permethrin.


The Guinea pigs are very susceptible Pets.

A stressful situation can cause hair loss, excessive scratching of the skin and wykonywanie fur. and sometimes stroke and even death a small animal.

Stress factors:

  • a change of scenery or the owner;
  • sudden movements and loud noises;
  • annoying attention of Pets and children;
  • careless extraction of a small animal from the cage;
  • injury or shares of a new kindred.

A frightened pet:

  • rapidly going bald;
  • scratching the skin and eats the hair;
  • refuses food and water and favorite treats;
  • does not respond to external stimuli.
When a Guinea pig is itching from stress, it actively falls wool

What if my favorite pet is itching on the background of stress?

The best treatment will be to create a quiet atmosphere. You can place the pet in a darkened room and offer treats. The little beast to calm down and stop itching without the use of drugs.


Violation of conditions of feeding and maintenance can provoke allergic reactions. It manifests itself by rapid hair loss furry animal, brushing and wykonywaniem wool. In the animal, inflamed skin and eyes, a runny nose. Rodent sneezes, possible shortness of breath.

The cause of allergies from furry Pets can be:

  • the use of a new excipient;
  • shampoo for bathing;
  • low-quality forage, hay or water;
  • treats pet products is prohibited;
  • plants, or poisonous herbs.
Often a Guinea pig itches from allergies, if it does not fit one of the foods

What if a funny animal vigorously scratching themselves from atopic dermatitis?

Treatment of allergies in small animals based on the exception stimulus, and the use of antihistamines.


A Guinea pig is constantly scratching himself and going bald with lesions of the skin. Pathogenic fungi cause trichophytosis and microsporia, called by one name "ringworm".

Sick animals are dangerous to humans and other canines.

In pathology:

  • on the animal's skin around the eyes, nose and limbs are formed by characteristic rounded outlines inflamed area of baldness;
  • rodent often scratch themselves, worries and gnaws the fur.

In the absence of timely treatment:

  • there is enlargement of zones of defeat for their merger;
  • the animal rapidly going bald;
  • the skin is covered with sores and ulcers;
  • weak animals and young animals may die from secondary infection.
Bald circles when microsporia have a characteristic shape

What to do if you have a small pet on the head and limbs appeared licinia spots on the body?

The disease diagnosis is performed in a veterinary clinic, for the detection of the pathogen are applied to irradiate the affected areas with a wood's lamp and microscopic examination of a scraping of the skin. To treat a sick animal appoint antifungals, the duration of therapeutic actions and outcome of the disease depend on the extent of the pathological process.


Guinea pigs are social animals. In the absence of company, or lack of attention to the beloved master is able to suck the hair out of boredom. When the content in an overly small cage animals can begin to itch. Addiction can be eradicated with the acquisition of the other your pet, the increase in the size of the home, from installing all sorts of accessories to ensure the leisure of a small mammal and increase the time of exercise and active communication with your little friend.

If a Guinea pig is itching from boredom, it is necessary to have a kindred

Do not waste time and to self-medicate, if a favorite pet is scratching the skin, it jumps up and bites his fur. When the body of domestic animal there are scratches and wounds — to seek out the reasons later. Restless behavior Guinea pigs at home can be a symptom of diseases Guinea pigs. Some of them transmitted to humans. To protect his family and save your beloved animal, it is recommended to go immediately to a veterinary clinic where the animal is examined and the appropriate treatment.

Why do Guinea pigs itch
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