Treatment of abscesses and tumors in Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs have become deservedly popular Pets for their friendly disposition and simplicity in the content.They can be under the skin or in internal organs. In the absence of timely treatment of the tumor can cause the death of a pet.

Tumors in Guinea pigs

Oncology is one of the most common pathologies in Guinea pigs older than 5 years. It often leads to death. Tumors have fluffy rodents due to heredity, genetic predisposition, frequent stress. May play a role obesity and the use of the diet of the animal foods that contain preservatives and dyes. Cones in the Guinea pig may appear anywhere on the body, head, mucous membranes and internal organs. Tumors are benign or malignant nature.

Benign tumors are characterized by the formation of a connective tissue septum that prevents the germination of abnormal cells in healthy tissue. During intensive growth of the sores there is a strong compression of the surrounding tissues and organs, resulting in complete immobilization of the animal. If timely treatment of this type of cancer can be successfully treated surgically.

A benign tumor of the connective forms a partition, in contrast to malignant

Malignant neoplasms are characterized by a growth of abnormal cells in healthy tissue and formation of multiple metastases in the internal organs. Cancer Guinea pigs is an indication for the euthanasia, you can leave a Guinea pig to live your life with quality care, nutrition and the constant use of painkillers.

In Guinea pigs you can often discover the tumor in the following parts of the body.

Breast tumor

Pathological degeneration of cells of the mammary glands occurs in males and females in old age. The tumor in the Guinea pig stomach is most often benign, with the pathology reveals a dense lump in the abdomen, not attached to the subcutaneous tissue.

Breast cancer is characterized by:

  • edema;
  • durable fixation of tumors with soft tissue;
  • the formation of fistulas and abscesses.
The tumor in the Guinea pig on the side may be associated with breast cancer

A tumor on the neck of a Guinea pig

May be an abscess, inflamed lymph node or lymphosarcoma is a malignant education. Sometimes the swelling is caused by enlargement of the thyroid gland. To determine the nature of the neoplasm should contact the veterinary clinic.

Swelling in the neck may be associated with the thyroid gland

The tumor in the Guinea pig on the side and back

Evidence of the development of tumors in the internal organs. Such tumors are most often malignant nature. Lump on the side can be a symptom of cancer of the lung, colon, liver, spleen or kidneys.

Pathology is manifested:

Tumors on the side Guinea pigs are rarely benign

Tumors on the skin

Are benign growths of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, in Guinea pigs is most often found on the butt and genitals. If the male has swollen testicles, it is necessary to address in veterinary clinic. Large testicles can testify of puberty, the presence of hair rings or subcutaneous neoplasms, requiring urgent surgical intervention.

Tumor of the testes in Guinea pigs requires the urgent intervention of a veterinarian

Tumor on cheek in Guinea pigs

Can be benign or malignant tumors. The owner can notice that a pet has swollen cheek, thick palpable bump or bone growth. Often the animal loses appetite and becomes aggressive.

The swelling on his cheek in the Guinea pig it is possible to notice visually and to the touch

Bone tumors

Manifested by thickening of the limbs and ribs, in Guinea pigs most common osteosarcoma – tumors of malignant nature. In the absence of metastases in the internal organs experts sometimes resort to amputation of the affected limb.

The tumor on the bone of a Guinea pig is in the form of protuberances on the ribs or other bones

Tumor of connective tissue

Lipoma, or Wen in Guinea pigs are benign growths that are found in the form of dense lumps under the skin. In the absence of growth and causing the animal discomfort doctors recommend not to touch the cancer growths.

Rapid growth or loss of motor activity due to increasing the size of the Wen are the indications for surgical removal of the tumor.

On the side of a Guinea pig you may receive a lump

Upon detection of a nodule on the body of the pet should immediately contact the veterinary clinic. After cytological examination of biomaterial specialist will decide on the nature and usefulness of the treatment.

Abscess in the Guinea pig

Swelling on the body Guinea pigs can be abscesses, which are formed by damage to the integrity of the skin as a result of injuries, fights with other dogs, or the penetration of pathological microflora of the closest foci of inflammation in infectious and non-communicable diseases. Ulcers are localized in the internal organs, muscles, dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

External abscesses occur when the penetration under the skin pathogenic microbes. Around the damaged tissue by forming a protective capsule that prevents the spread of the inflammatory process in healthy tissue. In the initial stage of the abscess is observed the formation of red painful bumps. As they Mature it thickens and turns to a conical swelling, filled with pus. Capsule breaks alone or opened in the conditions of a veterinary clinic, then comes the cleansing of the abscess cavity and wound healing.

Improper treatment of an abscess at home buds grow inwards. This leads to the breakthrough of abscess in healthy tissue. Pathogenic microflora penetrates into the blood stream, which could lead to sepsis and death of the animal.

Abscesses in Guinea pigs occur when skin damage

Small abscesses in Guinea pigs can be treated independently. To accelerate the maturation of the abscess use iodine mesh on the affected area. Sometimes bandage with ointment Vishnevsky. After opening the abscess needed daily to clean the wound with chlorhexidine solution followed by the imposition of anti-inflammatory ointments on the wound surface until complete healing of the skin.

Abscesses in the neck, teeth, muzzle and large ulcers are subject to removal in a veterinary clinic using local anesthesia, suturing and postoperative treatment of the wound. Before surgery be sure to a survey of pet, puncture of a nodule and cytological examination of punctate.

What to do if Guinea pig lump grew on the body? As soon as possible contact the veterinary clinic. It will determine the nature of the pathological build-up, and prescribe treatment. In benign tumors and abscesses the prognosis is often favorable, cancer Guinea pigs are impossible to cure. The sooner a comprehensive examination of the pet, the more chances to save the life of a family pet.

Video: operation to remove the tumor in the Guinea pig

Treatment of abscesses and tumors in Guinea pigs
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