Treatment of corns (of the foot to me) in Guinea pigs

A healthy Guinea pig prefers tasty food and active fun games.The disease is accompanied by severe pain and in the absence of treatment, may cause death of the furry animal. Treatment of the foot to me in Guinea pigs is only effective in the initial stages of the disease. Upon detection of strange growths on paws, blisters or purulent wounds on the feet of the pet as soon as possible to show the animal to the specialist.

How to understand that Guinea pig in the foot to me?

The foot to me or corns in Guinea pigs appear bright clinical picture. Diagnosis small animal can put a person without special education. A caring landlord is required to pay attention to the following symptoms, when a beloved pet:

  • becomes lethargic, inactive, refuses food and favorite treats;
  • squeaks, groans, draws one foot, lame in the movement and tries to sit in one place;
  • rapidly losing weight.

In addition, in the Guinea pig swells up and flakes the legs and feet skin is red and swollen. The paw pet lose their hair, thinner skin. In rodents appear bleeding ulcers, open wounds, calluses. The case may go to abscesses and fistulas.

The foot to me in Guinea pigs it is necessary to treat at an early stage

The causative agent is a pathogenic microorganism. They penetrate under the skin damage the integrity of the skin or by hematogenous from inflammatory lesion at the diseases of internal organs. The initial stage of the disease is manifested by formation of small redness, swelling, or dead areas on the pads of the feet. In this period, the pathology can be treated successfully at home. It is necessary to apply lotions decoction of calendula to the affected areas. The little creature should daily use the required dose of vitamin C. it is Important to review the conditions of feeding and keeping a furry pet.

Running stage or severe disease depending on symptoms of the clinical picture and the General condition of the pet requires lengthy medical treatment and sometimes amputation of the affected limb.

Why do Guinea pigs occurs in the foot to me?

Wild relatives of domesticated rodents don't get sick of the insidious disease, which can make that furry Pets are ill hard-to-treat disease through the fault of the owner. The main reasons for the development of the foot to me from the funny animals are:

  • rare and substandard cleaning cells of the Guinea pig. This creates a favorable environment for the growth of pathogenic microflora. Pet is forced to sit on damp substrate impregnated with urea and feces. Droppings corrode the tender skin of the feet opening the way for infection;
  • excessively long nailsthat can cause damage to the integrity of the skin pads on their feet;
  • the use of the animal's diet is mainly fatty foods. It triggers obesity and physical inactivity, which create excessive pressure and trauma of the feet;
  • limb injuries during fights, falls, bites;
  • the lack in the diet of the animal of vitamin C;
  • the content of porpoises in rough fillers or slatted floors. They contribute damage to the skin of the feet;
  • age. Pathology often occurs in elderly pigs. which caraudiodirect for independent movement;
  • allergic reaction arising from the use of the new filler. It promotes the formation of corns on the feet;
  • diabetes mellitus that occurs when metabolic disorders or elderly individuals;
  • inflammatory processes in the internal organs of the animal;
  • autoimmune diseases.

If the pathology is a weakening of the immune system and the accession of secondary bacterial and fungal infections.

Such a state is fraught with the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms in the lymph and circulatory system, development of osteomyelitis, sepsis and eventual death of your pet. The sooner the owner appealed for help to the vet, the more chance to cure a little friend without irreversible consequences.

The foot to me in the Guinea pig dangerous accession of secondary infection

How to treat foot to me Guinea pig?

Treatment of foot to me from the furry rodent requires an experienced veterinary surgeon after a comprehensive survey of the animal with the use of inspection, laboratory tests of blood and urine tests and x-rays to avoid the development of osteomyelitis.

Specialist appoints Guinea pig diet with increasing content in the diet of fresh green grass, sprigs, fruit and vegetables, to healing the sick pet should be drunk every day 1 ml of 5% ascorbic acid solution of insulin syringe without a needle. A sick animal should be kept on soft bedding to be changed daily.

For the relief of the inflammatory process is applied a course of antibiotic injections, most often Baytril, simultaneously with which, after consultation with a specialist is recommended to give your loved one an animal probiotics: a vet, lineks, Bifidumbakterin.

Inflammation when the animal was prescribed a course of antibiotic

Local anti-inflammatory therapy is a long-term daily treatment of damaged skin with antiseptic solutions with further application of dressings with anti-inflammatory ointments: Levomekol, Solcoseryl. After removal of the inflammatory edema, the skin needs to apply a zinc ointment for the same purpose, used Dermatol or Alu-Clay-Spray.

With the defeat of bones and the development of osteomyelitis to relieve pain Guinea pig pain medications are assigned, in advanced cases, a veterinary specialist may insist on amputation of the affected limb.

Painful disease it is better to prevent than to cure. The owner of a Guinea pig before purchasing small animals need to learn the rules of feeding and the content undemanding pet. A balanced diet, soft bedding, high-quality daily cleaning and maintenance of hygiene of the animal will help to avoid disease and maintain health paws furry pet family.

Treatment of corns (of the foot to me) in Guinea pigs
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