How to understand what a Guinea pig is dying what to do after the death of a pet

Guinea pigs my whole life pleasing owners sympathetic character, and a touching affection.In older animals there is a natural aging process, resulting in the animal dying from chronic pathologies. Most often, the death of Guinea pigs occurs at 5-6 years of age, causes of death furry Pets in the home are:

  • cancer;
  • old age;
  • congenital malformations;
  • injury when falling from a great height and fights with other dogs;
  • infectious diseases: enteritis, pseudotuberculosis;
  • Salmonella, parasites, fungal infections;
  • non-communicable diseases: bloating, diarrhea, and pneumonia;
  • violation of the conditions of detention;
  • toxicosis on late terms of pregnancy;
  • abnormal pregnancy and labour;
  • eye and dental pathology;
  • heat stroke;
  • stress from fear or sadness;
  • operations;
  • poisoning;
  • the ingress of a foreign body in the airway;
  • stroke.

To 5 years in most cases, there are signs of aging: pathology of the eye and joints, the formation of tumors benign and malignant nature, furry animals are deprived of the ability to travel extensively and to eat independently.

Comfortable with the content and timely treatment of diseases some Guinea pigs save energy and cheerfulness until his death, survive to the age of 10 and fell asleep with open eyes, quietly die in my sleep.

Die Guinea pigs

Healthy Guinea pigs are cheerful, active reaction to the treats, shiny eyes furry Pets wide open, friendly creature, always ready to play with the beloved master. To understand that a Guinea pig can die the characteristic signs of death:

  • eyes dull, there is clouding of the cornea;
  • impaired coordination of movement, the Guinea pig is limping, hard moves through the cell, often falls to the side;
  • there is a complete or partial withdrawal from food, water and favorite treats;
  • pet often sits in sharbino position, lying on his side or back;
  • breathing frequent, superficial, heavy, sometimes with wheezing;
  • the animal is oppressed, does not respond to the host, tries to hide in the far corner of the cell;
  • can occur involuntary urination and bowel movement, the genitals is contaminated;
  • Guinea pig often and long sleeps;
  • observed breakage and hair loss, education of alopecia;
  • develop under the skin of numerous large tumors;
  • there is a thickening of the limb joints and fingers.

How to help a dying Guinea pig

One of the signs of aging Guinea pigs is hair loss

Unfortunately, cure elderly pet from old age in the last days of a beloved friend it is recommended to create an animal worthy conditions:

  • to feed an elderly animal soft cereal, juicy fruits, cereals, puréed food;
  • to keep the afflicted animal can get to the drinkers and feeders, you can feed and water the Guinea pig of an insulin syringe without the needle;
  • it is recommended to remove from the cage floors, stairs, houses, as low as possible to hang a soft hammock, and plant it in an elderly animal;
  • after a meal and twice a day is necessary to wash the face and genitals furry pet with a damp swab dipped in warm boiled water;
  • to put in the cage favorite stuffed toy;
  • often try to take on hands of the beloved rodent, speak gentle words and stroking the animal, the old Guinea pig is in dire need of the manifestation of human love and care.

If a young Guinea pig dies, it is necessary to call house veterinarian. First aid before the arrival of the specialist can save the life of a pet under the following conditions.

Emergency dental services can save a pet from death

The ingress of a foreign body in the airway

Manifested the characteristic symptoms:

  • Guinea pig choking;
  • gasping air;
  • you experience the urge to vomit;
  • oppression.

In such a situation, it is necessary to drastically lower the pet's head down or by yourself in the course of the esophagus try to push the stuck piece, after removal of an attack can I give furry animal with water from an insulin syringe or buy a piece of vegetable.

Watering the Guinea pigs from the syringe


Anaphylactic shock is manifested by edema of the larynx, in which a Guinea pig falls on its side and gasping. First aid is the watering double dose of liquid antihistamine for children.


Bloating of the stomach or intestines oppressed pet refuses to eat, lying on his side, the belly is much enlarged. To rescue a Guinea pig you need to give the liquid a carminative and to do a stomach massage.

Bloating Guinea pig

Heat stroke

The increase in air temperature in the room above +22, dry hot air can cause the death of your beloved animal. Overheating of the body of a Guinea pig appears:

Emergency assistance consists in wetting the head, ears and extremities with water, subcutaneous injection of Prednisolone and Sulfokamfokain in a dosage of 0.1 ml.

Cage with a Guinea pig should not be located under direct sunlight


About poisoning the animal show:

  • the urge to vomit;
  • diarrhea mixed with blood;
  • salivation;
  • loss of coordination convulsions;
  • oppression.

Pet urgent gastric lavage with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, followed by watering the decoction of oak bark or rice.


Respiratory disorders manifested by depression, feed refusal, cough, wheezing and whistles, trouble breathing. To facilitate the attack, you need to visit a veterinarian to make a beloved pet injection Prednisolone and Aminophylline to provide the room fresh air.

If the Guinea pig refuses food, becomes sluggish and inactive, an urgent need to show the pet's veterinarian.

A timely appeal to the specialist and prescribe effective treatment can extend the life of your beloved animal.

How to euthanize a Guinea pig at home

For conditions incompatible with life sometimes it is wiser to carry out the procedure of euthanasia cavies specialist at home or in the conditions of veterinary clinics. Themselves to euthanize the animal barbaric methods is not recommended, it is not a humane step towards ridding your beloved pet from suffering, and the cynical killing of the furry rodent.

The procedure of euthanasia may spend only a vet

Indications for carrying out euthanasia are:

  • the feebleness of the animal;
  • incurable diseases and injuries in which a Guinea pig can not live fully;
  • severe pain and neurological deficits.

Diagnosis animal needs to put a qualified veterinary specialist.

Humane euthanasia of Guinea pigs based on the use of drugs for suppressing pain sensitivity. So the death of a furry pet absolutely painless occurs during sleep. The owner should find out what veterinary services are service dogs, animals, and how much it costs to euthanize a Guinea pig.

It is most convenient to carry out the procedure of euthanasia at home, so as not to expose elderly or terminally ill pet additional stress from transportation to a veterinary clinic. Specialists usually ready to go home at any time convenient for the owner time.

The cost of the service of euthanasia at the clinic or at home makes about 1 000.

For dogs, Guinea pigs specialist uses light anesthesia, after which you can say goodbye to your beloved friend. The second injection injected the drug, which disables the action of the heart or respiratory organs. Veterinarian in 5 minutes after the procedure finds that the clinical death of a domestic animal and offers clinics for the cremation of the body of the animal. The owner can bury the corpse of a pet on their own.

What to do if a dead Guinea pig

If the Guinea pig lays on its back or on its side with open eyes, does not respond to the host and external stimuli, it means that a favorite pet has died. Dead Guinea pig – very heavy and sad for all family members. Especially for small children who need to explain why dead Pets, and try to save the household light memories of a furry friend. If the apartment contained other animals or Guinea pigs, you need to let them sniff the body of the dead animal. Pets will take the death of a friend and will miss him.

The death of Guinea pigs

How to bury a Guinea pig

Burial of the bodies of domestic animals within the settlements, on the territory of parks and squares is strictly prohibited in order to avoid infection of the soil and groundwater. The owner of the deceased Guinea pigs can be yourself with family members to conduct the procedure for the burial of the body furry rodent outside the city, placing the corpse in a makeshift coffin.

Veterinarians are engaged in the cremation of the bodies of Pets, the fact of the procedure is confirmed by the disc with the video services rendered. Such an option is considered safe and can be performed at any time of the year, in contrast to burial in the ground.

How to survive the loss of a Guinea pig

Affectionate pet during its short life, become a beloved friend of the whole family or real outlet a lonely man, so to survive the death of Guinea pigs is rather difficult not only for children but also for adults.

Save on your pet only a light and cheerful memories

After the death of a funny animal you should not blame yourself and doctors to try to discover the cause of death, this animal did not return. You must assure children that their little friend lived a decent happy life. Can the whole family:

  • to make a photo album of the moments of life, affectionate pet;
  • hang on the wall a photograph of the animal;
  • to plant in memory of a Guinea pig a tree or perennial flowers.

We would like a good word to remember the funny antics of the family pet, telling your friends stories from the life of the baby. Until the pain of loss, will not dry out the tears at the memory of a small animal, it is not necessary to make a new animal.

It is very important to love and spoil friendly Guinea pigs, often try to stroke the wonderful kids on the forehead and behind the ears, to treat treats and say sweet words. Funny rodents selfless love of the owners all my life and forever remain a bright spot in human memory.

How to understand what a Guinea pig is dying what to do after the death of a pet
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