How to treat a cold, cough and rhinitis in Guinea pigs

The contents unpretentious charming Guinea pigs at home sometimes connected with unpleasant trouble: the universal pet suddenly falls ill.If furry animal coughs, sneezes and refuses to eat, it is not necessary to hope that the body of the animal to cope with disease. The flu threat the rapid development of rhinitis, bronchitis and pneumonia. If untreated, the diseased pet may die within a few days.

What a Guinea pig can catch a cold

Nature has endowed animals and a strong immune system that is weakened in case of violation of conditions of feeding and maintenance. Cause of colds in Guinea pigs can be:

The family pet can catch a cold even from a man so sick, the owner needs to limit contact with the animal until complete recovery.

Colds do Guinea pigs may be associated with frequent bathing

How to understand that a Guinea pig has a cold

The first signs of illness from a pet is severe lethargy and refusal to feed colds in Guinea pigs manifested by the following symptoms:

  • the diseased animal sneezes often and constantly rubs his nose, breathing heavily, and coughing, sometimes listening wheezing;
  • the eyes become reddened and swollen, there is tearing, discharge from nose and eyes;
  • sick animal lies or sits;
  • the fur looks dull and disheveled;
  • observed increase in body temperature.

To successfully cure sick animals from the cold is possible only with timely treatment to a specialist.

Self-treatment is fraught with complications and deterioration of the health of furry patient. If a funny animal stuffy nose, it is necessary to clean the nasal cavity from mucus to ease breathing and prevent lowering of the infection in the bronchi and lungs.

In order to rinse the Guinea pig, you need 2 people. One captures the animal in the supine position. and the other holds therapeutic procedure:

  1. Drip into each nostril one drop of warm chlorhexidine solution.
  2. Dry nasal mirror gauze pad.
  3. Drip in nose infant drops immunomodulatory "Derinat".
  4. Put the animal on foot.

After the procedure, the fluffy rodent there is a reflex sneezing, cleansing the nasal passages of mucus, bacteria and viruses. Cleansing the nose should be carried out 3 times a day for 5 days.

Steps sneezing Guinea pig

When complications of rhinitis inflammation of the eyes, cough and wheezing a veterinary technician apply symptomatic therapy: wash the eyes with boiled water with the instillation of anti-inflammatory drops, watering the little patient expectorant decoction of herbs, dextrose with vitamin C and gamavit, a course of antibiotic or sulfonamides.

Snot Guinea pig

Cold at home rodent may be allergic in nature or be a symptom of the common cold, and infectious rhinitis, bronchitis or pneumonia. Allergic rhinitis is manifested liquid transparent secretions. Have a furry pet may experience watery eyes, red eyes, skin rash and hair loss. The most common cause of such colds in Guinea pigs is the reaction of the furry animal to the allergen. It could be a new filler, poor quality or prohibited feed, hay, plants, chemicals, dust or odour. Treatment is to remove the allergen and the use of liquid antihistamine for children.

I have the Guinea pigs can form a crust on the nose

When rhinitis in Guinea pigs is accompanied by lethargy and refusal of feed, you should immediately consult a specialist. Signs of a cold or infectious rhinitis can also be the following:

  • the animal snorts a nose;
  • constantly pulls the muzzle;
  • from the eyes and nose a Muco-purulent discharge.

To treat a runny nose in Guinea pigs is needed at the first sign of the disease, infectious rhinitis or the common cold fairly quickly complicated by pneumonia and can cause the death of a beloved animal.

Therapeutic activities I have the home rodent begins with the liberation of the nasal cavity of the animal from slime. The nose should be washed with chlorhexidine solution, and drip drops "Derinat". When purulent nasal discharge after lavage in each nostril two times a day to blow powder "Soap". It has antimicrobial bacteriostatic action.

Allergy in Guinea pigs can occur not only cold, but with watery eyes

If observed rhinitis conjunctivitis should twice a day to wash the eyes of a sick animal boiled water with subsequent instillation of anti-inflammatory drops. Often I have the home of rodents there is a cough, for the treatment of which is necessary to give expectorants herbal anti-inflammatory herbs: breast collection, mother and stepmother, nettle. At the onset of wheezing specialist assigns fluffy patient a course of antibiotics or sulfonamides.

Why Guinea pig coughing?

Cough home rodent is a protective reflex of an organism of an animal aimed at cleansing the respiratory tract from irritants, in Guinea pigs, cough is a symptom of the following diseases:

  • getting into the upper respiratory tract foreign body;
  • the common cold;
  • bronchitis;
  • pulmonary edema;
  • dental pathology;
  • pneumonia;
  • parasitic diseases;
  • heart failure.

Any kind of cough in small pet should not remain without attention of the owner. If your favorite rodent sneezes, coughs and wheezing should seek the help of a specialist.

What to do when bronchitis in Guinea pigs

The cause of bronchitis, the pet can be a complication of a cold or infectious rhinitis, the contents of funny little animals in a dusty or smoke-filled room, hypothermia, pathogens or parasites.

If Guinea pigs bronchitis, it is strongly coughs

The main symptom of bronchitis is a strong dry coughs, a sick pet is panting, refusing water and food, from the nose and eyes are marked purulent discharge. If untreated, furry animal dies from exhaustion or heart attack.

For treatment of bronchitis uses of antimicrobial drugs, vitamins, immunomodulators, expectorants, hormonal and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Guinea pig is coughing during meals

If your favorite pet is coughing, wheezing, beeps when you eat often choked food, touches food, there is loss of appetite, weight loss and profuse salivation, must be referred to a specialist for examination of the oral cavity home rodent. A similar clinical picture due to abnormal regrowth of the front and cheek teeth.

Dental disease Guinea pigs are treated only in terms of the veterinary clinic with the use of anesthesia, veterinary surgeon after a comprehensive survey of furry rodent produces grinding and grinding his teeth.

Pneumonia in Guinea pigs

Pneumonia in Guinea pigs can be of an infectious nature or be a complication of colds, rhinitis, bronchitis or pulmonary edema. Most often pneumonia occurs in debilitated animals and young plants in the spring and autumn, cause of pneumonia can be content furry Pets in the draft, raw or cold room, temperature and humidity, incorrect handling. Confounding is an unbalanced diet, lack in the animal body of vitamin C, a shortage menu, a small animal sufficient quantities of fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits.

For pneumonia Guinea pig lethargic

In Guinea pigs, found pneumonia, acute and chronic. The acute form dangerous strong current. The pet high fever, intoxication and exhaustion. He may die in 3-4 days from the beginning of the disease. In advanced cases, treatment is not always effective. The chronic form has no definite pattern. While it greatly shortens the life of your favorite pet. Pneumonia lowers the immune system a funny animal, which begins to get sick often infectious and contagious diseases, slightly losing weight.

On the development of pneumonia in Guinea pigs indicate the following characteristic symptoms:

  • refusal of food and water;
  • dry or wet cough depending on the shape and stage of the disease;
  • heavy hoarse breathing with whistles and gurgling of the animal occurs shortness of breath, when breathing typical surging flanks;
  • inactivity, lethargy, depressed animal sits, hunched, in one place or lies, does not respond to treat and the voice of the master;
  • small animal sneezes, grunts, sniffs his nose from the nose and eyes are observed stringy pus;
  • the nose is covered with dried crusts of pus, eyes are red, swollen, caking eye slit and accumulation in the corners of the eye purulent contents;
  • wool dull, tousled, matted;
  • Guinea pig often and long sleeps.

To treat pet need at the first sign of disease under the supervision of an experienced specialist. Insidious disease can have hidden symptoms. Often there is a significant improvement, followed by relapse, deterioration, and loss of beloved animal.


If the Guinea pig is wheezing, veterinary doctor prescribes a course of antibacterial or sulfa drugs. These include: "Baytril", "Sulfazin", "Sulfadimezin". Drugs are used of course only after determining the reaction of the animal organism to the drug. Simultaneously with antibacterial therapy is necessary to provide the patient with probiotics: "Linex", "Vetom", "Bifidumbacterin".

It is necessary to conduct daily toilet of the nose of the animal with the cleaning of the muzzle from the crusts of pus and irrigation with chlorhexidine. After drainage of a nasal mirror is recommended two times a day blow into each nostril powder "Soap".

When inflammation of the eyes, twice a day to wash the eyes of the animal sterile saline solution followed by instillation of anti-inflammatory drops "Ciprolet", "Cipromed".

To eliminate the need to drink cough pet charges expectorant anti-inflammatory herbs, or to give the animal a drop of a children's syrup is "Bromhexine".

After treatment of Guinea pigs in need of rehabilitation and good care

To restore immunity and increase the resistance to cold is assigned a watering Pets increased doses of ascorbic acid with glucose, gamavit and tinctures of Echinacea.

In the diet of a sick pet, you need to enter an increased number of green grasses, vegetables and fruits. In total abstinence from food is necessary to feed the animal pasty food from an insulin syringe without the needle. Small portions should be give 5-6 times a day.

Guinea pig breathing heavily and wheezing

Cough is a common symptom and not only respiratory disease, but also heart failure. This condition requires immediate first aid and long-term treatment under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Heart failure or a heart attack in Guinea pigs manifested by the following symptoms:

  • favorite pet wheezing when breathing very often and quickly breathes enough air mouth;
  • animal odd cough, choking, shortness of breath occurs;
  • there is a inactivity, apathy, lethargy;
  • fingers pet cold and blue;
  • may experience impaired coordination, seizures.

For the relief of heart attack and asthmatic syndrome is an urgent need to drip in the mouth 2 drops of kordiamin or korvalola. After bring to the nose furry animal cotton ball with scented oil. After injecting the animal an injection of aminophylline, dexamethasone and furosemide in the same syringe. Treatment of heart failure based on extended use of drugs. They support respiratory and cardiac function. The frequent recurrence of heart attacks and in severe cases it is wise to euthanize a small animal.

Heart drops when you cough you drip Guinea pig insulin syringe without a needle

The owner of the Guinea pigs you need to observe the rules of feeding and to maintain the health of the furry animal. In the event of feed refusal, coughing, sneezing or wheezing, you should immediately begin treatment . The success of therapy depends on the timely treatment by experienced specialist.

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How to treat a cold, cough and rhinitis in Guinea pigs
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