Sebaceous glands in Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs — quite clean Pets.At this point, is sebaceous gland in Guinea pigs. It gets sore at the lack of hygiene. This leads to the formation of tumors, abscesses, fistulae or cysts. For owners, it is not studied anatomy and physiology beloved baby, it is a surprise. Owners of animals need to know where are the sebaceous glands of the animal. You should understand how to correctly clean and treat which symptoms require urgent appeal to the veterinary clinic.

How to find the sebaceous gland in the Guinea pig

Marker of sebaceous gland in furry rodent located just above the anus. In this place in most animals is the base of the tail. Sebaceous glands of Guinea pigs produce specific secret, by smell which animals determine their own and outsiders. The little animals the location of the sebaceous glands are covered with hair. If it to push, seen a hairless patch the size from 0,5 to 1,5 cm, covered with greasy coating.

Healthy sebaceous gland has a color and texture, like the skin of a Guinea pig. In normal condition special care of this body is not required. Bathing the animal 1 time per month, it is advisable to lather the region of the sebaceous glands to wash the foam and dry well hair pet.

When inflammation of the organ of secretion can be detected the appearance of dark stains and matted hair near the anus. The skin in this place is red, it formed secretion. If untreated, the inflamed glands, the accession of secondary infection. It is fraught with the formation of abscesses, cysts, fistulas and tumors. Diseases are treated only by surgery in the conditions of veterinary clinics. Advanced cases can cause the death of your beloved pet.

Cleaning the sebaceous glands in the Guinea pig

To clean the sebaceous glands in the Guinea pig necessary if the skin in the anal area red. Hygiene is needed, when there were diaper rash and secretion of allocated secret. Cleaning on the secretion consists of several stages:

  1. First, it is recommended to thoroughly redeem a furry pet. Use toshimune for washing abundant fatty raids from the back of the animal's body.
  2. Then a cotton swab dipped in any oil without smell (olive, peach, coconut, baby), you need to soak and gently remove the dried crust secret. To remove residual oil, you can gently wet the coat and skin with a dry cloth.
  3. With redness of the skin is recommended to treat the area of the sebaceous gland with a swab dipped in the chlorhexidine solution. Repeat the procedure for several days.

Often wash greasy not recommended. Sebaceous glands throughout adult life, produce a secret. This is manifested by the formation of minor segregations in the field of body secretion.

Cleansing the sebaceous glands of Guinea pigs should start with washing pet

Regular simple hygiene and cleaning sebaceous glands favorite animal is a sign of health and good mood cheerful pet.

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Sebaceous glands in Guinea pigs
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