Breeding and mating of Guinea pigs at home

Guinea pigs have become very popular Pets because of their sweet nature and low maintenance.The owners of the furry rodents are also encouraged to pair Pets in the spring months. Home comfortable environment Guinea pigs mate year-round. But the youngsters received in the summer from large dairy females, is considered to be more healthy and suitable for further reproduction.

In their natural habitat, Guinea pigs live in large flocks consisting of one male leader and 10-20 females. In the pack part of the female whales responsible for the General raising of offspring. Other females guard the territory from neighbors or predators, heralding the approach of danger with loud sirens. The ability of males simultaneously fertilize several females used in plural breeding Guinea pigs, when one cage contained one male and 10 females.

Inexperienced owners are fun Pets, it is recommended to create a single heterosexual couple. Cute rodents become a real family. The male is gentle for the female. Animals care for and love each other all their lives.

If a male and female friends, they will create a couple until the end of life

Why pigs do not breed

Often, Guinea pigs do not breed. Even during estrus, the female would not let a male because of the banal lack of sympathy for male. Exposure time or attempting to sazivanja in this case will not succeed and be the cause of frequent fights between Pets.

Militant female can bring the adorable kids from the other partner, provided folding friendly relations with a new male.

Breeding Guinea pigs at home safely occurs when:

Changes in temperature, too dry air, a violation of the conditions of care and feeding, diseases and congenital developmental abnormalities affect the processes of mating and conception.

Female Guinea pigs may not like the partner and she does not admit it mate

At what age is a valid pairing

Puberty of Guinea pigs occurs at the age of 4 weeks and females at 10 weeks in males. Sometimes there is very early sexual maturity 3 weeks in females and 8 weeks in males, so at the age of 3 weeks is necessary to isolate the young from the mother, forming groups by gender.

Early binding of Guinea pigs has:

  • the General weakening of the body female;
  • pathological course of pregnancy and delivery because of the underdeveloped birth canal.

Therefore, the reproduction permitted by healthy adult individuals weighing at least 500 g at the age of 10-11 months for females and 1 year for males.

To reduce the first time a female preferably in the range from 10 to 12 months. Late first pregnancy is threatened by complications in childbirth due to ossification in the pelvic ligaments.

Despite the fact that Guinea pigs can successfully mate at the age of 6-8 months, veterinary doctors do not advise the pairing of young females to 10-11 months.

Early pregnancy has a negative impact:

  • on the skeletal growth and muscle mass of the animal;
  • threatens the pathology of pregnancy and childbirth;
  • lack of milk or maternal instinct mommy;
  • fatal rodent.

Healthy females are considered twice yearly coating of a female to produce offspring. More frequent mating undermines women's health adult animal, resulting in:

  • spontaneous miscarriage;
  • abortion, premature birth;
  • the birth of non-viable babies;
  • late in the toxicosis and death of females.


When confirming the fact of occurrence of the long-awaited pregnancy , it is recommended to relocate the male to six months by the female, to the future mother managed to bear and bring up newborn piglets, and to restore health after pregnancy and childbirth.

The female is able to get pregnant again within days after giving birth.

Hormonal changes the body during a new pregnancy may cause the death of the just born litter or the mother.

Hybridization between closest relatives of Guinea pigs is highly undesirable because of the risk of giving birth to weak or non-viable broods with congenital abnormalities.

Pregnancy in the Guinea pig left pig in the usual state, and to the right is a pregnant female

How to choose and prepare the Guinea pigs for mating

Reproduction at home Guinea pigs bears fruit only if the rules for selection and preparation of the pair for mating, maintaining the norms of Dating and sazivanja animals, the creation of optimal conditions of feeding and housing for mom and her furry brood.

What individuals are allowed to reproduce

Allowed to breed healthy well-fed individuals, born in the summer from large dairy females, about the same age, who should have:

Breeding should be undertaken only healthy individuals with docile nature

Not allowed to breed fluffy rodents suffering from:

  • bad habits;
  • aggressive nature;
  • problems with teeth and eyes;
  • chalye adult Guinea pigs and Dalmatians;
  • sick, weak or excessively fat individual.

Sperm Guinea pig loses its activity as obese and severely lean animals. Newly recovered animals are kept in quarantine for more. Overfed or starving Pets a special diet is prescribed for weight adjustment.

When to start breeding

Start breeding Guinea pigs is possible only after establishing a 3-4 week quarantine for newly acquired animal. This measure is necessary to adapt purchased Guinea pig. As well as the exclusion of infection of Pets with a new partner hidden diseases.

Acquaintance pair

The next step should be introduction fun Pets. To successfully keep Guinea pigs it is recommended to monitor the behavior and reaction of animals to each other. To meet relatives can quite a long time, therefore, the owners of small animals is recommended to be patient and to keep furry rodents to establish friendly relations. Familiarity focused on addictive Guinea pigs to smell of partner. A quick pairing of rodents with the exception of this stage is fraught with bloody fights, sometimes with very unfortunate consequences.

At the initial stage of Dating, couples are encouraged to set next to two cages with Guinea pigs at this distance, they could see and smell each other, but could not bite off the limbs of the partner through the slits between the bars.

For fun you can use a cage with a divider

The next step should be introduction of animals on neutral territory, preferably in a closed room, unfamiliar to both individuals. For this method, it is recommended to prepare sufficient amount of food and produce animals. Most rodents will take food, not paying attention to the partner.

Joint food intake will help to establish the relationship between pigs

But when there are fights it is urgent to separate the animals. Guinea pigs wrapped in towels and waiting for this stage for a few days.

Rules sazivanja

If rodents are calm enough to eat on neutral territory, you can proceed directly to the stage of sazivanja Guinea pigs. This process requires the observance of certain rules:

  1. The ideal option would be the animal room in brand new spacious cage, odorless, with a size of about 1 m2. You can put animals in the same thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the cage.
  2. Before pairing, it is desirable to buy out both partners in the lavender shampoo or wet the nose of each rodent a drop of lavender oil to mask the smell of a strange new neighbor.
  3. In the cage should not all floors and ladders, to avoid injuries of rodents during possible fights.
  4. Before placing a new individual in a cage it is recommended to RUB its fur in the hay with the scent of another rodent.
  5. You need to put it on the floor of the cell a sufficient quantity of hay and treats to distract the animals from the showdown.
  6. The host for the first night needs to be all around the cage with Pets and be prepared to separate them.
  7. If a rodent gets the hair raising on the neck, Guinea pig trampling paws and teeth grinding, it is urgent to remove the aggressor from the cage before the fight.

    A fight is brewing — please put pigs in different cells

  8. If Guinea pigs sniff each other, pushing, hum, jump and shove the wool – it is not necessary to intervene. Animals get used to each other.
  9. If you experience bloody fight should urgently hands in thick gloves or a towel to separate the fighters for a long time in cells located in different rooms. Aggressive animal in this condition is to bite or scratch the owner within days after the attempted sazivanja. It is recommended to wait a few days and start the first stage of Dating.
  10. When establishing friendly relations can be observed touching concern and love Guinea pigs, but even in this case, you must be prepared for possible fights.
  11. Pets intensively fed juicy fruits and greens.
  12. Before the estrus is recommended to seat a couple for 2-3 days, the sperm of males after such measures become more qualitative and tenacious.
  13. Successfully chafed pair can breed after the first estrus or not to give offspring within six months.
  14. If you are unable to remove the rodents or female over 6 months not pregnant, it is recommended to change partners, maintaining quarantine standards, and the Dating sazivanja.

Estrus in Guinea pigs

A male can only impregnate a female in estrus, which is often repeated in females every 15-17 days.

Lasts for the period of sexual desire in just 48 hours. The most favorable for conception are the first 10-12 hours from the beginning of estrus.

During estrus, the male shows increased attention to the DOE

Inexperienced owners of pet rodents often wonder do Guinea pigs month. Menstruation fluffy favourites do not exist. To understand what a Guinea pig wants male, only by inspection of the loops and the behavior of rodents.

Estrus in young Guinea pigs starts with 4 weeks. Early puberty first estrus occurs as early as 3 weeks of age. It is desirable to prevent the breeding females with the first heat. The body of a female has not reached physiological maturity, and early pregnancy can result in the pathology of birth and death of female with a brood.

During estrus in the female body ovulation occurs. This hormonal process is accompanied by secretion of mucus needed consistency to improve the sliding of the sperm and successful attachment of a fertilized egg in the uterus. Loop females can only open in heat or giving birth. At this time the female can be successfully fertilized. The owner of a Guinea pig, it is recommended to learn to identify the onset of heat in the home pet to schedule a time the next mating small animals.

Signs of oestrus in the Guinea pig

The behavior of females

A female in heat wagging ass in front of the male. Lifts front of him the back of the body in a fixed position spaced from the front legs. In the absence of a cage partner, the occurrence of heat in the females it is possible to determine the characteristic behavior of the animal while stroking on the back:

  • rodent hums;
  • arches her back;
  • twists the rear part of the body.

The behavior of the male

Male actively courting female. It emits a loud mating song of the trumpet sounds, trying to come on to a female.

Change loop

In heat, the vulva is the females are enlarged, an opening of the loop. In the Guinea pig observed a white bloodless separation, the fur on the back of the body becomes damp.

When a female is ready to mate she actively turns the rear part of the body in front of male

Upon the occurrence of estrus chafed the pair mating several times a day at any time. The sexual act lasts for a few seconds. Two days later closes the loop from females. Partners no longer actively interested in each other and attempt mating.

2 weeks after mating to diagnose a successful pregnancy, which in Guinea pigs lasts about 10 weeks.

With the right approach to breeding Guinea pigs at home, even for inexperienced breeders can obtain adorable furry piglets, ready to explore the new world with the first minutes of his life.

Video: how to mate Guinea pigs


Breeding and mating of Guinea pigs at home
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