Causes of squeaking, screaming and crying hamster

Decorative hamsters, unlike Guinea pigs – demure by nature.The constant threat of being eaten is yet another argument to be quiet. Therefore, a screaming hamster is out of the ordinaryand requires the attention of the owner.

Years to keep these rodents at home, and never hear a peep hamsters. So the conditions were for the animals comfort. Have to strive for every owner.

Why do hamsters squeak, of course – they just do not know how to "talk" to another, the vocal cords of rodents reproduce this thin sound that we call noise. Part of sounds of animals, the human ear generally does not perceive. Another issue is that the owner should do if a hamster squeaks. First of all, try to find the cause of the anxiety of the pet. When the hamster is crying from the pain – intervention by a doctor is necessary, and if you are experiencing psychological discomfort, to help the animal can only the owner.

Behavioral causes


The most common complaint: the hamster at the pet store was so calm and quiet, and the house began to cry and squeak. The reason – a sharp change of the situation that caused the stress. A frightened animal is not only arms, but also constantly digging the litter, seeks to hide. To help the baby to adapt is only one way – to leave him alone for a while.

Remember, though the animal suffers greatly from the sudden change, animals can't cry and shed tears in the usual sense.

"Crying" hamster in the poultry market an infected respiratory infection, not missing his mother.

If a rodent lives in the house for a long time, maybe the stress cause by other factors: loud sounds of home appliances (vacuum cleaner, Hairdryer), a TV set or deafening by the standards of the animal music.

It is impossible to say with certainty why hamster squeaks in my sleep, because thoughts of the animal, not read. The animal may dream a nightmare, disturbing dream – echoes of past turmoil. The pet twitch foot, he easily wakes up.

If the hamster is moaning in his sleep and you cannot Wake up and even more so to take on hands, it will scare the rodent.

Protective behavior

When the animal is cornered and can not escape from the enemy escape, he will try to intimidate the predator. In a cage running just nowhere. If the hamster hisses or loud yelling when you are trying to take it in hand, he is scared and ready to fight. The next step it will stick in her tiny sharp teeth.

Untamed rodent squeals and twitches as if to try to get out of the cage. Gungari defensively, falling back and shrieking. Screaming hamster looks very scary, despite the tiny size.

It is very important to explain to children why the hamster screams. Otherwise, little owners and will not be able to make friends with your pet.

Video: protective behaviours hamster

Territorial behavior

These animals fiercely protect their territory and from peers, and from other rodents. If the owner unwittingly put two animals in one cage, there will be trouble. Before the fight the hamster makes sounds similar to the squeaking and hissing, very loud. The angry creature bursting and itching, to intimidate the opponent.

Some species of wild hamsters in South America is "songs" and fighting for territory. They make a terrible high-pitched sounds when defending their lands, scaring off the invaders and calling on the help of tribesmen.

Cosmetic Pets are far from wild ancestors, but if they are together, the desire to define the boundaries explains why drugarice squeak.

Health problems

Uncomfortable conditions

Sometimes the beeping means the hamster is screaming for help. In a cage is no drinking water, food, too hot – all this provokes the pet to Express themselves. Wondering why Peeps solitary Syrian hamster, check his conditions of detention.

Diseases of the respiratory tract

If pet is constantly making strange noises – snorts, whistles, snorts, this indicates difficulty in breathing. The rodent can be as banal coldsand pneumonia. You should contact your veterinarian.

Severe pain

If the hamster is crying from the pain, then it is prohibitive. The rodent may silently endure even a broken foot. The most common cause are suffering with colic. If your stomach is growling and growing in size, and the hamster is worried and plaintive whines, cause flatulence. Analyze the diet: there is food, causing fermentation (cabbage).

With a strong leg, the animal may die.

Discomfort and itching

With the defeat of subcutaneous mites itch is so strong that the animal squeals a little from the pain, becomes nervous and aggressive. If it is not clear why Djungarian hamster squeaks, and at the same time there are problems with the skin, test dog for demodicosis.


Squeak hamster – it is a signal that a caring owner should try to decipher. If a hamster squeaks, and you don't know what to do, and what happened to him, it should be referred to a specialist for rodents rodentology.

Do not deliberately tease a pet, to hear the screaming hamsters. While some believe that screaming hamster looks funny, for the animal is under a lot of stress, which shortens the already short life.

Causes of squeaking, screaming and crying hamster
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