Why hamster sleeps all the time

Often we are buying their children comic Djungarian and Syrian hamsters.And sleeping chubby kids day for a very long time, sometimes cries of concern from the owners. Long a sleeping hamster is a physiological norm or one of the symptoms of the disease are a funny animal.

Why do hamsters sleep during the day

The ancestors of our Pets were wild rodents of the family Khomyakov. In their natural habitat hamsters are nocturnal and sleep all day before night hunting. Instincts are passed down to our Pets. It is not necessary to disturb the sleep of hamster in response, he may bite or be sick from stress.

How many hamsters sleep in the day

Physiological norm of sleep pet animals is 8-12 hours, some individuals can sleep up to 15 hours a day. Our Pets don't need to worry about food, so their treatment consists of feeding, games, and a long sleep. After stress, especially when changing situation, or an illness, small furries and can sleep up to 20 hours several days in a row.

Like sleeping hamsters

Sleep cute Djungarian depends on the individual Pets. Furry animals go to sleep and Wake up in a completely different time. If your a heavy sleeper sleeps for 14 hours a day, but eats well, active sports and reciprocates affection – You have no reason for concern.

Why hamster sleeps all the time

With complete immobility of the baby maybe two States – death and torpor (hibernation). When dormant rodent rolled up, there is shallow breathing and pulse, but the body is not stiff, as in death of the animal. Of petrified rodent displays warming and improving the light regime.

But if your child sleeps the whole day, not very active in the night, not eating and not playing, most likely, the animal got sick. Animal, malaise tries to hide from people or lie in wait. Watch the hamster needs to pay attention to changes in behavior pet:

  • pet sleeping longer than usual, the animal may stay asleep longer after a change of scenery, or in old age;
  • the animal eats little and drinks or completely refuses food, do not eat even treats;
  • pet stopped to lick his genitals clean;
  • the manifestation of unusual hamster aggression;
  • lethargy during waking hours;
  • difficulty moving around the cage;
  • wool dull, sticky, easy to fall, with the appearance of bald spots – the physiological rate in older animals;
  • wet fur on the neck and chin, which speaks about the problems with teeth;
  • discharge from eyes, nose, wet tail;
  • the changing nature of the litter, he may become overly dry or liquid up to his absence.

Getting sick can any hamster regardless of the conditions of detention and care. Preferably in time to pay attention to change the behavior and appearance of your rodent and to take all measures for the recovery of the baby.

First aid a sick hamster

If the pet is sick, You should:

  • to isolate the rodents from other animals in group content;
  • to create a sick animal calm;
  • wash and disinfect the cage, the house and all the toys sick Jungaria;
  • to throw away food and bedding;
  • in the absence of appetite and thirst give to lick water drops from syringe 1 ml without needle or wet fur around the mouth to prevent dehydration, forced to pour the liquid it is impossible to prevent pneumonia;
  • sneezing and discharge from nose – keep baby warm with a cotton ball to remove the discharge;
  • when constipation is to wipout 1 ml of liquid paraffin and a massage of the abdomen;
  • in acute diarrhea, wet tail, discharge from the eye injuries – immediately take the animal to a veterinary clinic.

After first aid, and the lack of improvement after the first day it is advisable to consult a specialist. Our Pets hamsters – animals with high metabolic activity, and therefore the disease development can be rapid. The baby may require surgical treatment or administration of veterinary medicines.

The speedy recovery of the hamster depends on the observation of the owner and the timeliness launched treatment. Pay attention to duration of sleep of your pet, his activity and appetite, and may your Pets never get sick.

Why hamster sleeps all the time
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Please help!My hamster sarisky, he is 3 years and we are a good friend. But in the last bremo he is sleeping curled up and when I try to Wake it the nervous and of but!And when he goes back into this pose from gorgets!What's this mean?😢