Interesting facts about Djungarian and Syrian hamsters

Usual Pets, if you try to know more about them, discover many exciting secrets.Most myths about them are not true.


This authority distinguishes rodents from other animals. They even are born sharp-toothed. But not everyone knows interesting facts about hamsters on these bodies:

  • teeth hamsters do not have roots;
  • they each individual of all four pieces;
  • growing teeth in hamsters life;
  • so they fit in your mouth, they regularly grind on a stone.


An amazing discovery was made by a zoologist of the University of Oxford Kingdon, exploring the phenomenon of African hairy hamster, which is called toxic. This rodent kills of predators, exceeding its size and strength.

It turned out that the hairs have a hamster fur coat is arranged unusually. Outside they have microscopic holes, reminiscent of a carved lattice. Because of this, the hairs absorb the liquid and hold the inside. Rubbing the coat with the juice of poisonous plants, a hamster becomes dangerous for those who try to bite him.

Cheek pouches

This is the main distinctive feature of all hamsters. In these animals hide food and everything that will interest them. When they reached their shelter, the hamster throws brought and hides.

Drag over the once-in-cheek bags of a rodent capable of wear equal to a fifth of its weight.

The cheek pouches are necessary for the hamster to collect the inventory in norco

Except food animals attract different shiny objects. Moreover, the greedy hamster, hiding in the cheek heavy metal nut can starve to death on the spot due to excessive weight of burdens, but to spit out the discovery is not solved.

With cheek bags rodents great swim. They are gaining in the air and therefore easily retained on the surface of the water. However, to dive, they will not.


Hamsters can breed from 2 to 4 times a year. The female Dzungaria can be fertilized on the day of delivery. Pregnancy lasts 16-18 days, and feeding calves – 21.

One offspring did not prevent the other, the female can delay the onset of childbirth.
Usually in a litter is not more than 8 homyachat. However, in the US in 1974, on February 28, the Miller family was surprised when their pet brought from 26 cubs.

Interesting facts about common hamster: the warrior-cannibal

In addition to the domesticated species of these lovely pussies in nature, there are still their wild relatives. The steppe hamster (common) – a real storm not only fields and gardens, but animals. They tell us about that, attacking a dog or a rabbit, these rodents win... and eat the fresh meat of the victim.

Hamster common

They do not shun the flesh of the defeated in the battle of sibling-rival. I create these fighting for the possession of females, for territory, protecting its reserves.

About hamsters steppe say that they attack even human. However, cases of deaths are not registered. Basically zealous owners just scare the person defending territory.

Interesting facts about Syrian hamsters: about food, friendship and kinship

These pet rodents are not as violent as the wild steppe. But, preferring a solitary lifestyle, they will not tolerate on its territory a stranger. Syrian hamster ruthlessly bite to death the weaker, which the inexperienced owner decides to settle for him.

There is for him the concept of affinity. If it is not time to relocate, will suffer even their own offspring.

Interesting about the hamsters and food discovery was made by zoologists: these rodents are omnivores. In addition to grains, seeds and fruit they need animal protein. In nature, animals get it, hunting for insects, small living beings, eating carrion. In captivity, they definitely need to give boiled lean meat, poultry, fish, otherwise, the pet becomes aggressive and bites. The female is perhaps for this reason, even eat their own offspring.

Interesting facts about Djungarian hamsters

Hamsters drugarice are unlike other types of hamsters interesting the body's ability to fall into a stupor (not to be confused with hibernation!). This condition lasts several hours and is most often associated with low ambient temperature. There were also cases when the hamsters fell into a stupor due to severe stress.

Interesting facts about hamsters Roborovskogo

Roborovskogo hamsters — the smallest among the congeners. Distinguishes them from other types of friendship and love to communicate. Get along well with each other in the same cell. The main condition – the presence of an equal number of females and males. While in the cage will be great to coexist one male and several females. Aggression in this case is not observed. Because in nature hamsters-males patronize not usually one female and several.

What breed of hamsters live the longest

Among the rodents can be considered a survivor species, which celebrated its fourth birthday. Normal life of Djungarian and hamsters Campbell from 2 to 3 years. A little longer live hamsters Roborovskogo — to 3.5 years. But there is evidence of longevity. There were cases when representatives of the dwarf breeds have broken the record in 5 years. Syrian hamsters officially declared a period of 3.5 years.

Internet legend has it that the oldest hamster in the world lived to be 19 years old. However, confirmation of this fact was found.

Records: fattest hamster in the world, the largest and the smallest

Of rodents that have cheek pouches, there are about 19 species. Among them are the tiny dwarfs – PeeWee from the UK, having a length with a tail of only 2.5 cm, But it is not a phenomenon of nature, and the physical deviation, because of which the animal in childhood stopped growing.

Hamster — dwarf PeeWee

In the wild hamsters Radde was a male about 35 inches in length and weighing little over a kilogram. This is the big hamster prepared for winter stocks not only in the pantry but also has accumulated on your sides.

Although the average Ciscaucasian hamster stands out among relatives: its weight ranges from 500 to 700 g. it is referred to as "the dog".

The most expensive hamster

The price of the animal depends on sells it to a private person, a pet shop or kennel, is there animal documents with a pedigree and how is a rare breed of rodent.

From private owners to buy a hamster can be 5 times cheaper than in the nursery. But guarantee that the animal is healthy, he's got good genes, no. The pet store sell animals after the veterinarian. However, to ensure a good pedigree of the sellers and there will not. Therefore, if you are the owner, it is important to present a purebred pet, it is better to pay more, but get what you want without cheating and with the supporting documents.

The most rare is the hamster Roborovskogo. Imported into Russia they were in 1970. But only recently managed to bring the species able to reproduce in captivity.

To purchase immediately a married couple. It will cost about 2000 rubles.

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Interesting facts about Djungarian and Syrian hamsters
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