Why do hamsters bite the cage

Hamster – nocturnal animal: during the day he sleeps, and night turns the wheel, makes noise, rustling.But if it ilisi there are wheel chalks for cleaning and the point of the teeth, the reasons hamsters bite the bars, incomprehensible to man.

Why a hamster bites the cage?

Primarily, this is because he is a rodent. Nature can not be fooled, the teeth of hamsters grow quickly, they need to be ground off on the means at hand. Iron bars – ideal to sharpen the teeth. For rodent – it is a natural process.

The second, less common reason why hamsters bite the cage: boredom, dissatisfaction with housing conditions. Hamster loves the drums and wheels, which can rotate, if they are not included with the housing the animal, be sure to treat toddler with these things. As soon as they learn to sharpen the teeth of the rods will be much less. The lack of motor activity often leads to bad habits, give your pet the opportunity to live life to the fullest and move as much as he wants.

If you did everything you could, and your pet is constantly chewing the bars, so he really enjoy it or do not like to live in a small cage. Therefore, before you buy the animal it is important to choose the right cage and equip it. The owners recommend putting hamsters hamster a twig of the birch – baby will enjoy a slight odor of wood.

Hamster to unlearn the habit

If the hamster is regularly biting the cage, you can cut yourself. But that's not the only reason to wean rodent the habit – the characteristic sounds interfere with a person to sleep at night, because hamsters are nocturnal animals.

In theory, many people know how to wean hamsters chew on the cage, but in practice it is difficult to do, because the instinct to break genetically. Upper teeth grow all the animal life because they do not have roots. In nature hamsters eat grains and roots, although they have few nutrients, but because of this diet well grind off the teeth in a natural way. They dig burrows, it also shortens the teeth.

Pets hamsters are concerned with the problem of finding food, caring owners are set for cozy houses. But the instincts of a rodent remain the same.

Hematology know what to do if a hamster bites the cage to try to wean the pet, to direct his actions in a different direction. Don't forget to add in food raw vegetables, fruits, crackers and other hard foods. The grinding of teeth is a necessary process, because if not, cutters hurt the mouth of a hamster, so that he could die.

Important: the grinding of the cutters should happen naturally, only in extreme cases, this can be done by a veterinarian.

Another danger – the hamster can chew through the cage and escape. To avoid this, buy pet mineral stone and special branches. It's inexpensive, but brings the maximum benefit. In pet stores sell treats for hamsters – fuzzy is more like there are dried fruits and nuts than metal rods. Let's hard treats no more than once a day before sleep – gungari will be busy and will not interfere with your sleep. Avid Hematology made Goodies with your hands.

A few ways to wean a hamster biting the cage

The hamster can gnaw through the cage and escape. To avoid this you can use the following tricks:

  • Spread the bars of the unpleasant-tasting substance, but not a chemical and is harmless to health, for example, lemon juice or aloe. The kid will try it that it was tasteless and for some time will refuse from harmful habits;
  • To spray cell spray "Antigryzin". It can be purchased at the pet store, acts on each hamster individually, may not produce the desired effect;
  • Note that, at what time and in which place cells of the rodent sharpens teeth. If doing it near the exit of cells may want to take a walk, and if starts to chew the bars when you sit down to eat or open the refrigerator door, and a hamster that he sees or hears is likely to want sweets.

Watch the pet, it will help to understand why it spoils the cage. To understand the hamster is more complicated than dogs and cats, they are "able" to speak and using your voice to tell about their desires.

The subtleties of weaning pet

Hamsters – cute animals, your host they deliver a minimum of hassle. The inconvenience can consist in discrepancy of biorhythms of the human-animal – most people are active during the day, while hamsters in the night. Gnashing of teeth on the bars can Wake a host by night, but in this situation it is important to remain calm, not to show aggression towards the animal. It is important to understand the protest or hobby, and then draw the appropriate conclusions.

To hamster not to chew on the bars or did it less often, pay attention to the arrangement of the cells – it needs to be spacious, wheel, tunnels, slides. Drugarice suffer from delusions of escape, so gnaw in the output area. The Syrian hamsters in nature are calmer, they can chew "nothing to do". When you noticed that your pet suffers from this habit, suggest they at this moment a twig or a stick, try to replace one habit for another. Be soft persistence, learn to recognize the desires of the pet, and you will notice results.

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Why do hamsters bite the cage
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